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Thread: Flight Unlimited links

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    Flight Unlimited links

    I've done some searching online for resources. I haven't finished yet, but I thought I'd post what I've got so far. Some of these are pages of more links and I generally didn't follow the ones that appeared in those lists.

    Given a bit of time, I'd like to create a vaguely authoratative page of links to Flight Unlimited resources.

    If you know of any good sites, please add them to this thread...


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    Shadowcat... I salute you.

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    /me bows

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    Hey Shadowcat, idea; this thread will eventually die and float away like so much flotsam, so why not create a TTLG domain like and post those links as an html page people can keep for easy reference?

    And then have a link to it under the ttlg classics section bit on the ttlg front page.

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    Absolutely; like I said, this was only the result of a few hours browsing. It just seemed better to post some of the links up right away than to wait until I had time to follow up and expand/refine/categorise/describe/etc all of the URLs.

    I'll definitely go for a more official page once there's a bit more information, but in the meantime hopefully a few people will find this thread useful

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