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Thread: Why do my fu111 crash every time??

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    Why do my fu111 crash every time??

    I cant play my flight unlimited 3 on my computer and i wounder why??
    Can it be that it doesnt support the video card? I have a Geeforce2 card. Or is it the prcessor? I have a AMD processor not a pentium.
    I really like the game and i get so pissed of when it crashes. please help me someone.

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    Registered: Nov 2000
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    Maybe there`s a birdie in yer engine?

    Post your computer-specs(+OS) so we know more?

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    If you still are having problems with anything in regards to FU3 or 2, and or your machine, you can get tons of assistance at the forum and they have a huge data base of downloads in their library.

    Jim B.

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