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Thread: Object texture palette (SS2 and T2)

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    Object texture palette (SS2 and T2)

    So I'm doing this in SS2, but the concepts apply to T2.
    Here's the situation: I've already generated all the terrain from SS1 in ShockEd and everything looks fine. I just made a "full.pcx" file with the original SS1 palette and put it in the folder with the extracted textures.
    Now I'm trying to add objects and their colors are all screwy. I created a "replacable texture" flat sign object (edited a SS2 sign's .bin) and slapped on one of the SS1 textures. It's using the wrong palette. Many, many of the object textures in SS2 have different palettes (I looked through a bunch of 'em), and they look just fine (obviously). How does the game determine which palette to use for each texture?

    Things I've tried already:<UL>[*]Putting the new texture in obj\txt16[*]Putting the new texture in fam\ss1 (where the terrain textures reside)[*]Creating a palette1.pal file[*]Creating a palette file and giving it the same name as the .bin file I'm using[*]Creating a palette file and giving it the same name as the texture file[*]Saving the texture in different formats (pcx, gif, bmp)[/list]

    To keep the, um, integrity of the original, I'd prefer not to have to convert all of the textures to the SS2 palette. Nor do I want to change the SS2 main palette, 'cause I don't want to screw up the main interface and such.

    Another quirk I've noticed: when I had the object textured with a terrain texture, the object had the right colors as long as the texture was loaded. If I removed it from the level (took it out of the terrain texture browser), the object still had the texture but the palette reverted back to default.

    Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

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    Well, it turns out that the colors look just fine if I leave the texture as the default (replace0.gif). Unfortunately, that would mean that I would have to make a separate object .bin file for each texture, which I don't want to do.

    So a related question: where does SS2 keep its default object palette? I replaced everything in pal.crf with SS1 palettes and .pcx files, but that didn't change anything. I'm getting sorely confused. Help!

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    I hate to keep replying to myself, but I'm getting closer...

    If I go to the menu Editors -> Mission Parameters -> Rendering Parameters, there's a box named "palette res". If I change the value in there, the colors change on my object. Problem is, I can't figure out where that parameter is pointing, or what kind of file it's expecting. Any insights? Please?

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    Try out "shockpal" in that spot. I know that changes recharger effects from red to blue. Thanks to HK for figuring that one out.

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    Got it!
    I put a .pcx image with the SS1 palette in the "pal" directory, then put the name of that image in the "palette res" field.
    It didn't seem to mess up any of the major colors in the rest of the game, though I haven't thoroughly examined every other possible object.
    Now on to my next hurdle, which I shall place in a separate thread.

    And thanks, Garboshnik, for making it look like I'm not just talking to myself here
    Your observation makes sense, 'cause there's a "shockpal.pcx" file in pal.crf

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