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Thread: Upcoming FM - Post Here

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    Upcoming FM - Post Here

    Anyone have any FM they're working on or planning to work on post it here. Post the plot ( entire, if you want ), descriptions, status, project release date ( if possible ), webpage links and others. Also, is your FM for Thief 1 or Thief 2.

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    Previously Important
    Registered: Nov 1999
    Location: Caer Weasel, Uelekevu

    The New an Improved version of "Benny's Dead" (for T2) is going to be ready for Betatesting by the weekend. Depending on how the Testers fare, I expect that I'll have it ready for General Comsumption by August 1.

    This, of course, assumes that the briefing can satisfy my perfectionism... But I have no qualms about releasing a Benny's Dead v.1 that doesn't have a briefing... (I'd rather not, but I will if I have to. I'll just release a BenDed v2 with briefing later on.)

    The plot for BenDed, as well as teasers for the rest of the Metal Gear: SQUALID missions, can be found in the sig link. But pay no attention to the supposed screenies: They are from an Earlier, and Completely Unsatisfactory, version of BenDed which I scrapped entirely a week and a half ago. The New and Improved BenDed bears as much resemblance to the original as canaries do to cheese...

    (Builder, give me the Strength to hold to my promises...)

    The Lunacy reveals itself at The Spidermellon Patch

    Metal Gear: SQUALID, just around the corner...With Any Luck.

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    My mission is Ginyu Fortress. Been working on it since April. It really meant to be a mission to try out DromED features. I haven't decide to release it as a mission or a demo mission. It no Eye-Candy mission or a mission meant to get a good rating, it a mission I created to add some fun and challenge.

    Story : The story for the campaign is found on my webpage, it pretty long. But Garrett had no weapons and no money since everyone fled into the underground city. A recent cave-in in the armory that holds a special Sword. Garrett makes his drop in the armory to pick up the sword and make his way back to the front entrance while gathering some money.

    Layout : There was going to be a Ice Land for the Pagans, but I really suck at outside in DromED. I added the Mechanist Installation in the cavern. The Hammer Temple located by the Palace uses 3 skins of the good old Hammers. The Palace itself is still being layout with the hotel rooms and lobbies. The Catacombs and Cathedral is already layout.

    Status : Overall it probably 60% and of course not counting the Bug-Kill stage. Nothing is really finish except the Hammer Temple which is about one room from being finished. The Mechanist Installation is probably the newest thing and only got about 10% of it done. The Palace is pretty much connects most segments of the level. It consists of hotel rooms, conference rooms, lobbies. The Catacomb itself it finished. Although the Catacomb is really small. I've been working on the Cathedral to help find a perfect eerie feeling.

    Description : Like I said before, it was a test of DromED for gameplay. I tried making more use of the Scouting Orbs. But I took off the Noisemaker since they provide little use and put in a Shock Arrow which is just a flashbomb and knockout arrow.

    Difficulty : Well, I tried some new stuff and advancing some old techniques. Two workers walks diagonal down a giant stair with two lanterns. There are more of other situtations but hard to describe. It's pretty easy, but I've still planning patrol routes, idle directions and so on.

    Release Date : Unknown

    Webpage : On my signature. New screenshots won't be posted till end of this week cause of Summer School.

    Now you have master Thief, looking for some challenge? Try to loot the Ginyu Fortress 60%
    • Explore the haunted Catacombs and the Cathedral.
    • Sneak through heavy guarded Palace
    • Wander through the Mechanist Installation in the network of caverns.
    • Solve the mystery of the 'haunting' at Ginyu Fortress
    • First Mission of a Series with a developing plot into next

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    For Thief 2.

    Plot : I'm not going to get into the plot too much because it will be revealed within the mission itself. The plot and setting will occur before the events in the original Thief. You're going to a city located in the mountains that contained a strengthening Hammerite civilization at the height of Hammerite expansion. However, something happened that caused the collapse of the city and many deaths. This was a wealthy city, and noone dares venture into this place because of rumors and failed expeditions. A little of the plot idea and tie-ins with Thief can be seen in the first little promo movie on the site.

    Status : I'm literally 10 to 15 percent done right now. It may not seem like much, but I originally started the mission about 8 months ago, then stopped after about 2 months of work, then started again by porting to Thief 2 after another 3 months. Then, since then, I've been working on and off for a while. I stopped completely after the rush of LGS's closing, but I've gotten back into it now. So, 10 to 15 percent done is because of that past. It's also my first mission, so right now I;m finishing up and going over what I started with, and the rest of the mission should go much smoother.

    Description : Screenshots and the movie are the only description I'm going to give unless I think of a good description some time that doesn't give away any part of the mission.

    Release Date : Christmas 2000 (Off the top of my head.)

    Webpage :

    I'm sorry... I didn't see... where you went...
    Fissure - Thief II Mission

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    AARRGH! I just hit the wrong button & clared my whole damn post! !@#*$!#$@!#!!! Well anyways what started as my first mission has worked its way into a loosely connected series where Garrett has reluctantly entered the employ of a mysterious noble from outside the city, charged with tracking down a potentially dangerous new Hammerite weapon. Over the course of the series he'll see the City's war with Blackbrook come to his front doorstep, the rise of the Mechanists, and whatever other wild tangents I go off on . THe first part, "The Burrick Ranch," should be ready for beta testing this weekend (if i can find anyone that is), followed closely by "One for the Road," (my actual first mission) with "The Abbey of St. Yora" & "The Shipyards" also in the works. Yeah, like anyone cares LOL

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    My first mission was the 'Careless Hand'
    My new mission is being developed using Dromed 2.
    Its working title is 'Karrassina-The New Threat'.
    It is to be set after the demise of Karras and the robotic army. There will be a new threat to life in the city of Karrassina, which lies below sea level built by the mechanists upon land reclaimed from the sea, like the polders in Holland.

    It is a city level a water twist.

    The city is half done as far as basic architecture and streets are concerned,
    There are no AI, few lights, very few objects. The most detail so far has been given to the city sea defence and the initial objective,---Gain entry to the city.

    2 months so far, expected around christmas.

    Development time is on and off due to work commitments and a particular female who doesnt understand the Dromed art.

    Hey! Seezie you minze plumzies....

    No! Plumzie taker, gimme 'em backsies!

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    I hope you like being scared, as that is the main goal of my FM.

    Sumerian tradition and folklore will be all over the place like a whore and her herpes infection. This mission is a combination of the Undead, humans and some....things.

    It's 60 percent done. Main problem now that's giving me a real headache is to integrate pieces of the story to form a cohesive, meaningful picture. It's a city level that's like THC.

    Now if only I can get Garrett to throw a batarang without Dromed doing the kamikaze thing...

    The Hunter lurks in the shadows hunting but can't find any Burricks in this Metal Age. Maybe he should get another job...

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    Fat Burrick

    My mission is called Frostbite and involves some running about a small city, then into a house, then into the city again, then into a bigger house, then into a vault and stealing the_______ then thats about it! might be ready by late July early August

    Official Burrick and head bodyguard of the SPCB

    Watch out for my Thief 2 FM, "Frostbite" ETA July 2000... but before that check out my page .
    Icq 79208427

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    Willow Island

    Sequel to 'Hammerhead' and second cousin to 'Shunned'. At the end of Hammerhead you stowed away in a Hammer Cargo Barge bound for Willow Island. On your way to fence some goods. The mission opens just after your arrival at the Island. The only problem is your stuck in the bowels of a Hammer facility and have eaten nothing but mouldy bread in a week.

    The mission has been split into two due to engine limitations (Infinite block of solid streching in all directions? pah!).

    Part 1: 95% Complete (looking for beta testers)

    Part 2: Complete on paper only.

    Novelty selling point:
    Has a working mine car system (with Indiana Jones style sequences)

    Creator of Willow Island, Hammerhead, Shunned & The Docks.
    Download the Dromed2 Menu add-on now!

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    Well, having just finished my first FM, I'm wondering whether to plunge back into the pool of despair that is DromEd.......

    Well, the summer holidays are coming up, gotta have something to do

    I have an idea for a FM that I might do, or turn it into a campaign. I was thinking about a pseudo 1984 mission, ie taking the plot of 1984 and inserting it into the Thief universe. For the first mission, having our hero Winston Smith stuck in the bowls of the Ministry of Love, and trying to escape. I'm hoping to stay pretty true to Orwells universe, and try to capture the feel of the atmosphere of the futureistic London city, always under the eye of Big Brother. If I can pull it off, it should be quite something......

    But can I really be bothered???

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    Lorgan's Web. Hoping to release it in August, if I ever get the time to finish it up (and don't hit any more crushing size problems).

    Plot: Garrett hears about a job that's just too good to be true. It requires an exceptional fence to get rid of the goods, and since Cutty died in prison, he doesn't know anyone who can handle this big of a job. So he winds up with a partner (always a mistake), and just before the job is supposed to go off, disaster strikes! Then... well you'll see...

    It's an open city mission, much like Highrock or Calendra's. It's based on the city from the OM Assasins. Been working on it since January.

    I'm almost done with the 'decorating' (lighting, loot placement, controls, etc). Following that (within a week), start AI placement, patrol routes, then finish up with the conversations and a little re-skinning of the AI's. Then a bunch of play testing (I can't wait to play it!!), then I'll hunt for some beta-testers.

    This is a HUGE level. (OK, its my first mission and I went overboard, against all advice.). There are about 25 buildings in the city you can enter, as well as the main mansion. There's some sewer access, as well as 3 areas of rooftops to explore.

    I keep hitting cell limits (around 52K), and I'm fast approaching the object limits. But I'm virtually done with portalizations, almost done with objects, and I'll use the techniques Totality mentioned from CC to reduce my object count. (Inverting tables, RequireAll chairs, Ambient sound debris, etc).

    Hmmm.... maybe September, with what I'm thinking of for conversations. Oh, and it's for TDP and TG.

    Darkness is always faster than light. No matter how fast light travels, it always finds the dark waiting for it.

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    wow i hate this heat and i think im getting sick .

    well im sort of working on a mission, the building part it 25% then ill go back and make it look nicer, its just a get in steal get out type mission, we dont have to many of them

    my site

    Dont be scared of death, death is a part of life,....but when death becomes life then get scared

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    Well, Apache keeps teasin me about my "it's not a level & I'm not gonna do 1 again.." level that's about 10megs optimized (people have told me it's a really big map...) with about 50+ rooms over 4 different areas.

    Architecture/Texturing is 95% (I keep getting sidetracked thinking "Wow, I should add this to here" though...haha)

    Lighting is 75%

    Schemas/Conversations 25%

    Objects 30% (worried about the 2500 obj coun t myself...that's the limit right?)

    *Hey, question for everyone - in T1 Dromed you could use command "compress_br_ids" to clear obj #'s of objects that were deleted and thus, opening space up. When I enter this command in T2 Dromed it says unknown command or something like that - is it done automatically when you portalize? It appears to be doing so.

    AI's & goals 10%

    Release date? - I'm not gonna do that to myself If I put a date - then I be up late getting stressed again and wanting to see how far I can throw my puter......haha

    probably....probably late August

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    Well since you asked...

    My first mission is entitled "Brother's Keeper". This is the first of three planned missions (all continuous plot). I tried to take these missions very seriously, being my first fan missions I am constructing, but I had fun naming the characters after friends. I am doing my best to create a realistic and emursive environment.

    Plot: We pick up with our faithful hero Garett after T2. The City is beginning to become under the control of Night Watch, the remainder of Truart's forces. They got the skills, the man power, and the law behind them (even though they are lawless). They basically have control of the City. Garett is hard up for info, and the Keepers havent been seen anywhere at all since T2. This means it's time to get in touch with them.

    Mission 1: Follow and then infiltrate a prominent Keeper's mansion to obtain information on what's keeping the Keepers busy and out of sight.

    Mission 2: Untitled. You're going back to the mountains near Cragscleft, but to infiltrate the (cant continue, it destroys the plot of mission 1 ) Needless to say, I believe the title will be "Karas' Abomination" The Keeper's got a secret...

    Mission 3: As much as you hate it, you are the 'one'. Coop with the few remaining alive Keepers to restore order to the City, capitalize on the full potential of the abomination, and take Thief story line into the 'Technology Age'.

    I'm taking my time and trying to make my first crack a silver mission. Gotta get people's interested peeked ;-)

    Looking like late August for the mission completion, but room brushing the exterior is gonna take me FOREVER

    Well, back to DromEd.

    Vigilance is our shield...

    All your answers to my stupid questions are not in vain. Current project: "Brother's Keeper" taking place immediately following T2. First of three planned missions. Garett is hard up for information, and no one is talking. Follow a Keeper to his private mansion looking for answers. Percent done: 55%. ETA: Early August 2000.

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    Arggh, sorry, forgot to add one more line for the initial post.

    Is your FM for Thief 1 or Thief 2?

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    Thief 2 FM called S.S.D.D.
    Plot...Cutty's younger brother has opened up a shop in town. You need to pay your respects and see if he has any tasks that need your special talents for. That's all you'll know until you are in the game.
    FM Type-Human
    FM Style-Break and Enter
    ETA-I'm hoing for around Sept 1st

    Need one-on-one help. I'm just a click away.
    Or Check out my ever going web site.
    NativeArt Design

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    currently working on 'TTGM:Errand Boy' should be released with 'TTGM:Murder in the Docks' whenever they get finished. Its for thief 2, the story line for the first one is the keeper's have something they want you to do for them, and the second one concerns the escape of a certain looney from shoalgate jail.

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    My mission will be my first it is called
    Secrets at the Warehouse

    story: Garrett is known to know what is happening in town and that is how he finds himself in my new mission.

    He hears that the loyal warehouse owned by Karras is getting a very large shippment of something very important, so important that lord Velote has paid for some extra guards. It is also rumours of a few special forces of the Gual was also hired, it must be good cause the Gual don't come cheap. but what is that important..

    Garrett heads to the local pub where it is told that a few guards of the warehouse goto after work.When he gets there he stumbs onto guard, that tells garrett alot of infomation but not what you want to know like what is the shippment and what are the Gual are hired for. Futher in the night you buy him a drink and ask him to draw a map, he draws you a map of the warehouse which is not that helpful but better then nothing....
    It is for thief 2, it is about 30%-40% done
    and for the release date: unknown at this point....

    and for the pics you can go to my webpage which is in my signature......

    and I was also thinking of making a small level before "secrets at the Warehouse" on how garrett heard the secret shippment.

    but that will come after the release of SATW... cause i want to make a prequel..(is that the right spelling)

    To find the secrets of the warehouse thee must go through the portal

    <a href="">The Portal to my Site</a></p>

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    Embracing the Enemy...

    I'm not releasing the story yet cuz I don't quite have it polished the way I want it yet.

    In development: "Embracing the Enemy" progress: 21% |######--+--+--!--+--+--+--+--|
    My Thief 1 missions: Bloodstone Prison (rate it!) and The Library (rate it!)

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    Seeds of Doubt

    This is a Thief Gold mission. The web page has some early screens which have most likely changed a bit by now. The description there is vague but the story will develop in game

    Should be ready for beta testing soon

    Seeds of Doubt for Thief Gold - Coming soon (i hope)

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    People v. Tom Cord - a Thief 1/Gold mission

    My first mission. This mission will feature:

    [*]A protagonist who is not Garrett.[*]An extremely extensive storyline in a relatively confined space.[*]No technical wowzeramas.[*]AI and object placement that makes sense and looks good.[*]No brushing errors. (This is my big goal, really. )[*]A compelling story.

    I am about fifteen percent done - the easy part, in other words. I have a briefing/teaser (among the smallest ever!) completed and I may release it with some screenshots once I have the place a little more set up and populated.

    I am not really sure what to do with this mission. It is not really a mission that will be well-rated by any of the reviewers, because it aims at a different mark than technical innovation, immense size, hours and hours of uber-Thief-gawd gameplay or anything like that. I am only a mediocre Thief player myself, and the most important thing in this mission is the story. I am interested in using DromEd as a vehicle for a fun plot rather than as an action first person sneaker game.

    In fact, I often think of PvTC as an interactive fanfic, and my overall goal is to make the story so compelling that it, not the prospect of snagging more loot or getting through Lytha-style will keep the player going.

    I don't know where that means Tom Cord will end up. He may languish in the unreviewed area or he may get stuck with two bronze hammers and a swift "This level is short, easy, and there's too many scrolls and books with too many confusing plotlines in them." Neither seems completely satisfying. Anyone with any thoughts, I would welcome them - lord knows if I am going to change things, now is the time to do it.

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    Well, seeing as how my mission is coming along nicely, I may as well post something here.

    Title: The Cathedral of Chaos, the first mission in a series named, "The Chaos Cycle." It is for Thief 2.
    Architecture: 50%
    Lights: 0%
    Objects: 0%
    AIs: 0%
    Briefing: 0%
    Plot: 95%
    This is what will be in the readme, but may be subject to change in the future.

    ď ĎTell Me.í
    I can still remember saying those words over a month ago, and I can still remember the eagerness of the Keeper as he led me to their books.
    They showed me some of their writings, they told me all of what I had not seen happening in my dealings, and they told me what I had missed. That was before they slowly sifted me back into their Keeper society, and tucked me back where I couldnít cause anyone any more trouble. They treated me like an Acolyte, spoke down to me like a child, and scolded me like an amateur pickpocket. I never saw more than what they thought necessary, I never learned more than a hint of what they had within their holdings.
    I went out on the town to do a job, to relax, and found myself on the wrong side of a Keeperís foul temper. Not just any Keeper, but the First Keeper. I attempted to read the prophecies in the forbidden section of the Library, and was escorted back to my chambers before I could see the title on the spine of the first book.
    This is how they treat Garrett, the Master Thief? This is how they dispose of the One, the shadow that tricked the Trickster, who meddled with the Mechanists, rectified the rust, and stole every dime from the City in the process?
    I think not.
    Tonight, Iím no longer a Keeper ĎAcolyteí. Iím no longer a slave, a man held by neutrality, a man who hides knowledge from others and receives little for himself. Tonight, Iím cutting the strings; Iím removing the bonds. Tonight, Iím leaving, and no Keeper will be able to stop me.Ē

    The expected release date is July 30th for beta-testing. That probably won't be possible, so a more realistic date may be August 15th.

    Beware the coming of the machines...
    Check out my Tutorials on creating the Soulforge Machinery, all with working demos included.
    Coming Soon
    The Chaos Cycle, a FM series featuring the Keepers and their struggle with the lasting legacy of Karras...
    The Sanctum
    The Chaos Cycle News

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    Gonchong, did you do a working mine cart before? I remember playing an FM a long while back that had a mine cart system. Damn, what was the name of that FM?


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    I'd like to see it! Think, think!
    The Docks had minecars but they didn't do anything.

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    Brother McEla

    The Final Crusade 2 (Thief1)
    Well, now that Garrett knows where the Iron Clad Hammer is going he rests a while before returning to business. Apparently the Hammers have gotten an upperhold on Bafford, turns out they got their hands on one of his Dreckboun 'associates', who spilled his guts about his bosses intentions. They got the damn thing for free and Bafford, scared shitless, handed over the newly won properties to various underground crimebosses. Now he's just plain old 'Baffy' again, Garrett said it wouldn't last long..
    You win some and you lose some, if it was too hard getting the trinket the last time it's going to be damn impossible to get this time, they took to St Carenth's Cathedral, virtually the last stronghold for the order, last time the problem was shortage of space to maneuver, this time it won't be a problem of location but the hammerited guards and unknown, unmapped areas.
    Even though Wells has been proven trustworthy Garrett still suspects that Wells knows something about the hammer that Garret doesn't. In addition to the relic he needs to find out more about it just to make sure Wells doesn't hide something important or valuable.

    The architecture is about 60% done, I still haven't placed any AI nor ambients but there will be time for that later, I've been experimenting with Sources & Receptrons (tm) and other technicalities such as a smelter & the miss03 script, if it doesn't screw up it'll be ready sometime during fall. I can promise more tricky architecture, an automap, a few secrets and surprises here and there. It'll tell more about the Sentinels then you'd want to know. It'll present more of an challenge than TFC1, if I just stay insane for a little while longer.

    (On a side note; Heheh, if you stack the crates to get on the rooftops and look around polygons shoot up to 1000+ and everything get's screwy. 500 is the probably the highest in normal gameplay areas. I've outdone myself, I'm so proud.)

    More to come..


    Search nationalgeographic's homepage for 'Bumhog' and Charismahog'.

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