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Thread: New Fan Mission " Lord Binclair "

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    New Fan Mission " Lord Binclair "

    The work ist done the level is finish,
    I hope all people have a little fun
    with the Level.

    Full english and german support !!!!

    Game: Thief: The Dark Project
    Level Name: Lord Binclair
    File name: miss15.mis
    Difficulty Settings: Yes
    Equipment store: No
    Map / automap: Yes /No
    New graphics: Yes
    New sounds: Yes
    EAX support: Yes
    Multi language support: Yeeeeeeeesss, English and German

    " Lord Binclair "

    Size 5 Mbyte

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    I already like it. Added it to my <A HREF="">"Voting System"</A>.


    "Why do you go so slowly? Do you think this is some kind of game?"
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    I don't know about you, but I really regret using the name "Beggingham Keep" in my mission The Library.

    Have you checked into Bloodstone Prison? Rated "4.5 Silver Hammers" at TDP TEG
    Have you visited The Library? "gem of a level" "tons of replay" "1.5 to 2 Silver" - TDP TEG

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    Darth Paul

    Wow, this is a huge level!

    Just played my first game (lost my last hitpoint in the radioactive pool ). The gameplay and architecture are cool!

    One complaint - the constantly changing objectives feel a bit Brother Murussy. And I don't think Garrett's ever done so many good deeds in one day. But hey, it was fun

    "Use the force, taffer!"

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    amazing level voneins. you don't give yourself enought credit. 3 hours of thiefing bliss..

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    for Tels:
    thank you, I am curios what kind of evaluation the level becomes.


    for kfgecko:
    the name is caused by a TV-Serie from the 70 years "Die Zwei"
    In gemany a realy successful TV-Serie.
    With Roger Moore and Tony Curtis. Roger Moores name was "Lord Sinclair",
    but the banners in the Game have all a "B" (Bafford) that is the reasen I
    called it "Lord Binclair".

    I think that the Level itself is more important than the name however is.


    for Darth Paul:
    the Mis-file size is 13,4 MByte I think it is the biggest
    at this the time for thief 1, (without optimization 19 MByte), if I do a
    level again, he will become not so big with security however.
    Because the bigger the Level becomes, the more problems you receive as Leveldesigner.

    The goals are not changed, only new added (Max 4 times)

    I think Garrett, is realy a good boy, or ? ; -))

    Hey "Use Force" and "Darth", I think you are a Jedi Knight Fan,
    Jedi Knight is my favorite Multiplayergame to.


    for pop:
    I dont want to give to mutch credit to myself.

    If you have had fun with the Level.
    A few hours the daily worries could forget.
    You has relaxed.
    Then is this exactly what I want to do, and then I am truly content.
    Many Thanks.


    To all Leveldesigner: please, please make Language Support, please.
    If you play a Level in your own language it will be make realy more fun.
    If you need a translater ( english to german ) i will do it for you.
    Or mayby Tels (he speaks realy a mutch better english than I)
    From german to english I dont can do it, (realy ugly my english).
    The translation of my level is done by a girlfriend (born in Ireland)

    If you dont now how to do, then look in the Levels :

    Gilder (A noble death)
    Lord Binclair

    If you still have problems, i will help you.


    Be a good Thief with a good heart:

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    I like it much better than Montrose. There are some technical problems, though.

    1. Many wall lamps are heading in the wrong direction.

    2. Sound rooms (those purple things) are too large, causing sound to propagate too far.

    3. TOO DAMN DARK! I had to re-light with objcast at ambient 30.

    4. There appears to be a redundant unusable door in the large manor at the end of the street; apparently the door was cloned on top of itself.

    5. Is Garrett supposed to start with a single lockpick?

    6. Some of the torches have an effective illumination range that is too far. Torches should illuminate Garrett only out to about 20 to 30 feet max.

    As for game design, I like the large size and many places to explore. I don't like excessive tile floors. Some areas that are lit with mushrooms should use extinguishable mushrooms where there are enemies present.

    Excellent job overall.

    Go ahead, make my day! Click here! ==&gt; Visit my DromEd junkyard!

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    1: Ups, I didnt notice these bugs. Bad betatester, me.

    3: Tone up your monitor:

    5: Yes.

    6: I never noticed that, you sure thatthe torches are the problem? I hadnt any problem with the light in this mission.

    Manor at the end of the street shoudnlt be accassible until later, anyway. But as I told von.Eins, people WILL visit it, just because it is there and one of the first things they find, and then wonder about it.

    Anyway, von.Eins pretty maxed out DromEd with this mission, so bear with the leftover bugs. ) I know how many work went into this and how "bad" the versions before were )

    "Why do you go so slowly? Do you think this is some kind of game?"
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    Spoiler for a spoiler!

    Never seen this before in any original or FM. Look in every barrel. There's a lot of ordnance stashed in barrels.

    (Although ordnance seems hardly necessary. Blackjack & sword seem to be enough so far.)

    Where the heck is the other lockpick??? Can't get half the doors or chests open without it.

    Neat level. Jawol! Sehr ist gut! (Very old, rusty German.)

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    Viper6, check under stairs....

    von.Eins, that is a seriously fantastic level, one of the best I've ever played!

    I hope A Little Mouse found his cheese

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    The Stranger

    Where the heck is the other lock pick? I wasn't aware that that was a feature, rather than a bug. It kinda killed the mission for me, because there were some chests I couldn't get into.

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    The way the level is structured means that as you find one thing you're looking for, it gives you access to something else, which leads to something else...I had a bastard of a time finding the lockpick, but once I did, I stormed through the rest of it, you get a great feeling of progression I found.

    If you really want to know where it is
    under the stairs that go down to the garden outside Lord Binky's wine cellar is a tunnel. It's in the room at the end.

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    Do you people NEVER look at the map provided with the levels? ) I forgot that too, so there *hehe

    "Why do you go so slowly? Do you think this is some kind of game?"
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    I am a little surprised that some people not look at the map,
    but i am realy surprised that some people dont look at the goals
    ( one lockpick a bug )


    Viper, thanks for the nice german words.
    The Blackjack is my absolutely favorite tool.
    hehe, you dont can open the wooddors without a key ore a lockpick,
    you dont can do it with your sword ;-) you must have the lockpick,
    if you dont find them, then look at the map there is a hint.

    Fluke, thanks for your evaluation.
    The Little Mouse words are not the only Easteregs.
    For Gilder and for Torben ( Theo was here ) there are some to.
    And there are some of other kind
    The Gilder and the Torben levels are the levels I learned the most.

    Stranger, please look at the map there is a hint.

    I worked a 1/2 year at the Level and it is the first level i ever public.
    -The clock in the livingroom have the gong of the clock in my kitchen
    the pendulum of the clock, i worked 2 hours at this, can you find out
    what it is ?
    -Hey I am in the Level, find me.

    At this time most of you like the level I think.
    Thanks for every reply.
    You people makes me happy, gives me the pay for the long work,
    much thanks.

    And if you find the Level was good enough to vote for him,
    then do it please on Tels site.

    Be a good Thief with a good heart:
    take the german DromEd tutorial

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    Maybe the confusion stems from the fact that the objective says to find your "Skeleton Key", rather than to find the second lockpick. I happened to stumble on it by accident at the beginning of the mission so it wasn't an issue for me.

    I often don't think to check the map myself. I guess I'm wary from all of those fan missions where trying to check the map crashes the program. If I don't happen to notice the map box checked in Thief Loader then I'm very afraid to hit the 'm' key. In my case I have to reboot my computer. Thief has never been so nice as to drop meinto Windows when it crashes. When Thief goes on my system it takes everything with it.


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    So that's why I can't find the stupid skeleton key!

    Put the 2nd lockpick in a logical place.

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    wooden doors must be bashable. if you don't want the door bashable, then make it metal.

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    von.Eins, I've already voted for your mission.

    And as for the map, um well, I looked at it plenty, I looked so hard I missed the damn clue written right on it. Yes, "what an arsehole" is the phrase you're all looking for!

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    The Stranger

    For your information, I DID look at the goals. The goals were written incorrectly. A lockpick is not a skeleton key.

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    Sorry guys, I take the heat. I betatested it, I know what a "skeleton key" is ("Dietrich" in German) and I didnt catch that error.

    Xarax: It never occured to me to bash that door until shortly before the last betatest run. I NEVER bashed doors, since in the original game I didnt even know that you can bash doors in. So, take that as a "heh, its a challenge".

    Nothing is perfect, and I know how many hours of work did go into that.


    "Why do you go so slowly? Do you think this is some kind of game?"
    The Keepers Archive - Demo missions, mini-FAQ, automatically generate levels and thiefy artwork

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    I found the lockpick right away. The first thing I did was jump in the water as thats a good place to start for secret passage ways. After I ended up at the stairs I stumbled accross a guard who chased me under the stairs. I had looked at the map already and knew there was something there but not sure what.

    Good level by the way.
    My only complaint would be the tiled floors, a bit too much unlesss you have some moss arrows. I only had a couple, unless I missed some.

    The observatory was first class. The highlight of the mission for me.

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    I found the lockpick the exact same way.

    I didn't mind all the tiled floor because you provided a *LOT* of moss arrows (if you just knew where to look). I had several left over in fact. But then again I've become somewhat notorious for liking really hard missions.

    I echo the sentiments expressed here: FANTASTIC mission. The outdoor areas were first class. I was disappointed the final mansion (where you're supposed to go when you're done) wasn't filled in with more rooms and stuff to explore. But considering the size of your mission, ~13 Mb!, I can see how hard it would have been to cram anything more into it.


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    Sorry for the Lockpick / Skeleton key thing.
    But my english is so bad so realy bad, that
    i doesnīt learning one ! word for the german
    word "Dietrich". Sorry for this :-(
    And the girl who make the translation for me
    doesnīt play the game. Sorry.

    The bash door thing.
    I have the same opinion like Tels.
    First I play Thief i donīt now that you can
    bash the doors, and I donīt like it,
    but I like the Wooddoors, that the reason
    I make Wooddoors you can not bash.
    (only if you hit them 100 times)
    Woodoors gives a livingroom realy more
    warm fealing as a Metaldoor.

    Kozmala, you find the observatory was first class, realy thanks.
    Have you find the eastereg by the observatory ?
    The biggest eastereg in the Level.
    By the way, have you found guard Egset the sleeper ?

    Bruny, you think the outdoor areas where first class, thanks.
    But If you play the outdoor areas in the first beta you doenīt
    want to say this, the polyrates where extremly high in some
    places, realy high, by the cemetery you have a
    Diashow (i donīt now the english word) with realy
    low framerates, ask Tels he has test it.
    Your are disappointed by the endpoint, i can understand it,
    but it is only the endpoint and you see the size of the
    Mis-File 13.4 Mbyte, one time the game must end.
    I had realy problems with the size.
    One problem was the max objects, thats the reasen I make
    a loot of tables and other thinks by hand with brushes.
    The other is the loading time.
    If I make a new level, he will become not so big with security however.

    Thanks for every reply.Realy thanks.
    You people makes me happy,
    gives me the pay for the long work, much thanks.

    And if you find the Level was good enough to vote for him,
    then do it please on Tels site.

    One hint at last: If you want to explore all
    locations you must play expert.
    In expert are less arrows and healing in the level,
    but 2 more big places to explore.

    Be a good Thief with a good heart:

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    Found the stinking @#$%^* key!!!

    Thanks for the tip folks. Actually, the key wasn't under the stairs. What was under the stairs was a little crawl space that you had to be right up against, and on all fours to see. In a little room at the other end of the crawl space is a table with the other key, and more ordnance and goodies.

    But wait, this is a handy room for other uses. Open the door to the room, now that you have both keys, and leave it open. Peek out to see two guards at the other end of the alley. Go back out the way you came in, go through the small archway to the guard facing away from you. Whack, with BJ. Now his buddy is after you. RUN to the door you just opened, crouch and get into the crawl space. Get back just far enough so that your light gem goes out. No guard will see you or try to follow you into that crawl space. Guard then walks back to his patrol route, you follow, and Whack! Down goes another guard. Actually, you can stack 'em up like cordwood using this little "Rathole" technique.

    I'm playing on expert because there's lots of neat stuff to see and do in this mission on expert. Just got into the Observatory area, and it's crawling with guards. I'm frustrated at boinking and gassing, dousing torches, and waiting for just the right moment, or making a little noise (flipping a bird) and lureing them into Rat traps. I'd rather pull out trusty old Excaliber and crack a few heads, or drop 'em where they stand with a broadhead. But I can't kill anything ('cept a spider). AArrrgh!

    How do I go into this with DromEd, and edit or remark out the mission failed - game end sequence so I can pillage to my hearts content if I want? Dromeders??? No lectures please. I have to be Mr. Nice all day.

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    I believe adding


    to your user.cfg file will do what you want. Then run DromEd, load the mission and play on...I am no expert though, so don't get your hopes up!

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