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Thread: T1 MISSION : 'Lord Edmund Entertains' (11/12/1999)

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    how did you get in?

    I hope that was only a water arrow cause if not... well, never mind.

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    I don't remember any "hype" about LEE, but I do recall a very fun, well-knit mission.

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    Okay, spoiler time:











    Go to the room with the sleeping servant, and open the window. Climb on the roof, and look around up there for a little bit.

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    Make sure you eat all his turnips, first. It's got nothing to do with the plot (or the mission objectives), but it's just kinda Evil to eat all of Baldric's beloved turnips while he sleeps. Eat 'em, then chuckle devilishly as you slip out...

    BTW, the LEE hype was pretty much all post-hoc, wasn't it? I mean, everyone who DLed it fedback immediately that they had really enjoyed it and proclaimed it A Fine Mission.

    At least, that's what I did...

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    I meant no disrespect, just stating that my regard for the mission didn't meet the level of anticipation that was created by the reviews I read before playing. That's all.

    I will return with commendations on the candle flames and the large moving statue. Those ideas I thought rather cool. And the rather ingenius creation of a stove. Some interesting ideas, nonetheless.

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    Lord Edmund FM: Duh, am I dumb, need hint.

    Got Lord Edmund knocked out and they key from him and Lady Beatrice or whatever her name is, but no key for third lock to his vault. Can't get in with lockpicks, either. And there's a door near his bedroom that I can't open, and one in the shop outside in the town that I can't open. What am I missing?

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    "I have a key, and she has a key, but where the hell is his key?"

    It depends what difficulty level you're on, unfortunately. But start your search in the guest rooms. If you need a way in, look to the fireplace.

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    Actually, the door you want to open can do so in a variety of ways...I personally did not know about the fireplace thingie, but I did find simple brute force can get you in... .

    About the door in the shop in town...well, once you solve one, you'll solve the other. It's as simple as that.

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    Dark Knight

    You can get into the jewellers and kit yourself out before you go into Edmund's if you know how

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    Lord Edmund Entertains!

    Hi- the bloke who wrote LEE! and the Vigil is getting a lot of people stuck lately :-)

    Can anybody help me with this most excellent mission? I have unlocked both Edmund and Lady Bernhard's locks, and I'm pretty sure the Duke's key isn;t around to find. do you get in to the vault? Those voices are driving me maaaaad.......




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    The Duke's key is in different places, depending on difficulty (I think). On Normal, it's in his room at Edmund's place. On Expert, it's in a shop, I believe.

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    Oh, ta very much for the hint :-)

    I remember seeing the key earlier , but not being able to reach it. Now I can finish an excellent mission :-)



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    LEE Loot list?

    I decided to replay LEE, and playing on expert I'm coming up short of gold. Even (cringe!) taking the orphan's money and ring, I'm only at 1875, and there is supposed to be 2008 available. I've looked in every nook and cranny I can think of, so I need Help, please.

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    FM Lord Edmund Entertains

    HELP! Could any person kind enough to enligten me as to how to find the key(s) to the two doors on the podium side of the chapel? I've been searching thru. everywhere in vain.


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    On the far side of the mansion on the second floor there is an open bedroom window. Use it to gain acess to the roof. Scoot around the edge of the roof to the opposite side of the court-yard. You enter into a bedroom with a sleeping man. The man has the key to both doors, his bedroom door is infact the door at the top of the stairs. Before you go downstairs hit all the switches in the altar in teh chapel and get a secret room (third switch triggers the slow moving GIANT statue across the room to pull away revealing a passage), watch the traps. The way across the room is written down in the guards quarters (the bedroom you used to get to the roof). Also where you got the key to enter the building I hope you grabbed the key in the weapon-smiths shop along with a gas arrow or two. Youll need em.

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    The same guy who has the poem that tells you how to get around the trap in the basement has a window that opens to a ledge that goes around the courtyard. Go around that ledge and than into the room on the other side.

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    Thank you so much for your advice.

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    Keeper of Metal and Gold

    Edmund was the first Extraordinary FM I played. Previous ones were good and fun, but Edmund felt like an OM (if a bit smaller)


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    Lord Edmund help

    I can't even get into Lord Edmund's house in Lord Edmund entertains. Please don't tell me I have to gather all of the crates and build a ladder to the roof.

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    Nearby building.

    Open window upstairs.

    Rope arrow.

    Hunt within for a key.


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    FM: Lord Edmund: missing key?

    help please,
    I gathered Edmund's and lady's keys, but I cannot find duke's one, either in his room, or in the fireplace, just as suggested in other posts
    I'm playing "normal" level (did not find the key in the shop too)

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    you did not find the key in the shop? what? it should be behind the metal door. you unlock it with the key you found in his room.

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    No, on level "normal" the key is in the Duke's sleeping room.
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    thanks for the advice, I missed that;

    for sure I've played normal level, and the duke's key was in the shop

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    Stuck on LEE

    How are you supposed to get into the mansion on lord edmund entertains?

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