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Thread: Logs?

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    I have read the Logs,I don't understand - how are all the enimies in System Shock 2 made? Especially the Arashnids -
    don't call me stupid.

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    You might want to go over to the Shock 1+2 General Discussion forum to talk about this (or better still if you're going to ask about plot-sensitive information, the Shock 2 Hints and Spoilers forum):

    Shock 1+2 General Discussion:

    Shock 2 Hints and Spoilers:

    There is one log in particular that is very useful in understanding how the Many creates the annelids (The Arachnids are one of the few "pure" annelid enemies in the game - when you first meet them in Hydro you hear the voice of the Many say "Life grows within these walls that has never seen the surface of the Earth" or something) using biomass and the particular costs associated with producing certain creatures. The log is to be found in The Body of the Many and it's by Prefontaine (I forget its precise name). Have another listen to that one.

    The other enemies are created via different processes. The midwives, for example, are part-human. They were designed to nurture and care for the annelid eggs because they were too toxic for non-cyborg humans to be around.

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