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Thread: Stupidest thing someone has done

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    Stupidest thing someone has done

    So we have said our stupidest thing, then what is the stupidest thing others have done?

    I was in Battery Park subway station, sneaking towards the train door control, suddenly the female hostage started the conversation, terrorists opened fire and all of us blown up to pieces. It is time of fleeing not chatting, lady!!!

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    Well, I was sneaking about the Sub Base on the sirface, when one of the snipers on the roof saw me. He shot me once, so I took cover, only to see the idiot strafe right off the rof and fall into the water! I came across him an hour later when I was searching the depths, I can say his ammo was most useful


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    Coming out of Smuggler's to hear several MJ12 Troops talking, I got out my flamethrower, opened the door and set fire to anyone who came in. I found that most of them, whilst screaming and waving, ran straight off the edge and fell to the bottom of the elevator shaft

    I guess they can't really be blamed but it's very funny..

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    On Liberty Island, in order to conserve ammo - i simply take a potshot at one of the terrorists and then run for the nearest security bot. I make sure the bot is between me and the terrorists. Needless to say - thats some easy killing. The terrorists just shoot the bot and i only lose 1 bullet.

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    Agent Monkeysee

    This has been the subject of a couple other posts but here goes.

    I ran into this problem three or four times. When you meet Stanton Dowd in Hell's Kitchen, more often then not he panics before you get a chance to talk to him. I would find him in the ruins of the shipping district and he would be cowering in the corner. Suddenly he would bolt into the road bringing down the wrath of every thug, UNATCO agent and Security bot in the area. Luckily for him he's invincible. Unluckily for me I couldn't advance past that point w/o talking to him.

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    On the Champs Elysee, having stopped the bots and stunned all the flics, I made a start on the MJ12 personnel.
    So, I put a 30-06 round into the guy standing next to the attack dog near the computer shed, for some reason don't kill him instantly and he pulls out a LAW. The moment he fires one of his buddies runs in front of him.
    Result: mixed dog and MJ12 goulash
    Lesson: a LAW is a bad choice for crowded combat situations

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