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Thread: Fan mission update 'Raid at Washout Central'

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    Fan mission update 'Raid at Washout Central'

    I've updated this mission all the objectives should now tick off. the zip is here, Washout Update

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    Can I just recommend this mission to everybody? It's very..... wet. Very, very wet. Damn good attention to detail I might add. Practically every edge had water dripping off it!

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    Will all the people who reported bugs be mentioned as beta-testers?

    ! SANITY WARNING: This message makes no sense at all!

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    belboz, I just finished playing it on expert level. It's a very entertaining mission. I loved the rain! But I couldn't complete the optional objective. Could you help me out?

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    <font color=#F7F7F7>What did you mean by Lord Percival's butler going 'underground' after he stole the gems? Does that mean he went into the sewers? Could you give me a hint where to find him?

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    Hes in the sewers some where. If you are on expert he's north of the water pumping station, you have to go though the part of the pumping station that is in the sewers. The easiest way to get there is to use the manhole in the yard outside the office in the water pumping building.

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    Thanks, belboz. It's a truly fine mission, and I'm not just saying that.

    I did find the butler finally on my own, and I've managed to find all the loot except for 20. Now I'm trying to figure out the 'red star' business.

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