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Thread: New FM: Ranstall Keep

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    New FM: Ranstall Keep

    Read about it <a href=">Here</a>

    Download via these links:

    <a href="">Mission (5 meg)</a>

    <a href="">Briefing (6 meg)</a>

    <a href="">walkthrough</a>

    <a href="">Loot list</a>

    Or grab it off from these links (faster download for most people)



    I just thought I'd mention it as it has been announced on yet

    oh.. and becasue of the high level of objects in it it may only be compatible with TG

    Tried the Thief FM Ranstall Keep yet?

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    hiya just dl'ed it, but i have a question... is it posed to be non thief loader loadable? if so, i can only run it in dromed?

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    bad ass mission man...

    very cool.

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    Fully TL compatible

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    Excellant mission.At first I thought it was ok,but after I went underground and into the Keep,I quickly changed my mind.Nice bit of trickery with the magic stone.I fell for it the first time.I also liked the group of patrolling Hisses.Nice to have a group like that for some William Tell action with fire arrows.

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    Keeper Geoff

    This level has really good design, but i was wondering- is it supposed to be in black and white? All of the textures, guards, etc, are in black and white... different shades mind you, so i have gotten kinda far, but the lack of colors is annoying. The only things i havent noticed to be in black and white are Garrett's arm (when hes about to blackjack) and his arm and the bow (except for the bow-sight and arrow) Just wondering. When i first started the mission, I thought it was some sort of flashback, you know black and white seeing into the past... when nothing happened and i killed those 3 hissy guys, the lack of colors is, as i mentioned above, annoying. Is it supposed to be like this (HIGHLY unlikely) or is there a problem with my comp/video card (voodoo3 2000) that you might be able to help solve. thanks in advance, Geoff

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    it's the same on my puter, and the torchs are also gin color

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    Actually It IS supposed to be like this!
    I know 'casue I'm a beta tester. Its for the old black and white horror effect BTW.

    Go to my website! Download some of my demo missions! One has a working smelter.

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    Sorry its taken so long to answer, I was enjoying someone else's birthday. Anyway, Doom's right, unless you want to take five minutes to apply this <a href=>colour fix</a> to it.

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