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Thread: T2 FM: Embracing the Enemy (Dec 20, 2000)

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    I'm doing this from memory ( ) Here's how I remember it, but it's been so very long....

    I somewhat followed that, but I confronted the guards in the winery with a flashbomb and a blackjack.

    I didn't notice I could climb the vines until much later; by that time I had gone in by the front door with a flashbomb and lots of leading those poor saps on a wild goose chase!

    Didn't know you could cut the wires; almost never draw a sword anyway in a mission, except for backstabbing haunts.

    Repeatedly attempted the part about foiling the assassin. Can't remember what all happened, but incapacitated the assassin many times many different ways, and finally found out it was impossible to stop Montague. Ran across him later in his tower, and didn't know it was him. Left him alive and several minutes later realized he was the one to get. That's when I discovered the vines.

    All in all, an excellent mission. Seemed like so many different ways to do stuff, although you say it was supposed to be more linear. I guess that means either of two things: I'm a dullard, or you're a genius, kfgecko. I'm opting for the latter!

    Great job!

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    I thought embracing the enemy was a great mission. Its one of my favorites. I didn't follow the route that was expected though. Just kind've forced my way up to Monty's level. One weird thing tho. The entire time I was making my way up to where Monty was, I kept thinking to myself that what a great way for Alex to get to his objective! I do all the work and he just follows me up. I nearly jumped out of my skin, when after killing both guards at the top of the stairs, a thief figure, I guessed Alex, nonchalantly comes walking towards me. I tried a gas arrow, killing him with my sword, and finally knocked him out with my blackjack. The whole time he just stood there. I went on to Monty room via the ceiling and started the verbal cue and shot Alex? again with a rope arrow (they are lethal!)totally in panic. The rest of the mission was easy, but was the first thief Alex, and if so is this a programming snafu?

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    That's really wierd. I have no idea what "thief" you saw... other than it must have been INSIDE Montague's office (with desk). Is that right?

    How did you get into the office if you didn't use the attic and slash the banner?

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    Maybe I wasn't clear enough, I worked my way up the stairs sneaking then all out assault. After I had killed the two guards (before the banner and the attic) that's when this thief char just walked right up to me.

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    I believe I did it the proper way, meself.

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    Originally posted by sap 'em:
    Maybe I wasn't clear enough, I worked my way up the stairs sneaking then all out assault. After I had killed the two guards (before the banner and the attic) that's when this thief char just walked right up to me.
    Wow... that is REALLY wierd! Cuz there are only 3 places where a thief AI was placed:


    1) in the basement servent quarters... is teleported out
    2) in the library... is teleported out
    3) on the balcony of Montague's office... is "trapped" in the office (he can't get through the locked door cuz he doesn't have a key.)

    The only thing I can think is that there was some malfunction and Alex #3 was somehow phased over to your position... every other AI is hostile.

    Wynne, bless you.... I was getting worried that *NO ONE* experienced ETE the way I intended....

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    Embracing the Enemy: Bug?


    I just "finished" Embracing The Enemy on the hardest difficulty. Loved the level, but I may have run into a bug at the very end.

    I've gotten the wine and fulfilled that objective and taken Alex back to the vineyard. Wandered around, waiting for the mission to end. Dropped him - that fulfilled the objective to take him along. But still no ending - is there another place I'm supposed to go? I'm in the South East corner where the scarecrow is, and I've covered every inch of it.

    Your mileage may vary

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    Greetings Melissa,

    I ran into the same problem & this is what I did to get the mission to end:

    Drop Alex near the scarecrow (objective should complete) walk west, away from the Choice Vineyard towards the entrance to the winery, then come back to the vineyard.

    I hope it works for you,

    Cry Havoc & .........

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    Yep. That's the way to complete it.

    I should probably fix this but I don't think I ever will. For now, please use this work around. It has to do with the fact that the convict script doesn't reevaluate for a "after all is done, then go here" objective till you reenter the room.

    Sorry 'bout that. My regrets.

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    embrace the enemy.. where's M hiding now??

    spoilers to come

    I'm playing embrace the enemy... I've just flashbombed and blackjacked Alex to keep him from killing Montague when it turns out Montague is the bad guy. My new objective is to kill Montague but he was invulnerable to gas and couldn't be knocked out so I had to let him flee. He ran out the door, locked it behind him and the alarm rang.

    So now I'm wandering about, trying to find Montague but the guy seems to have vanished into thin air! Would someone pleeease tell me where to find him?

    Great level! Loved the "puzzle" with the rat

    /me for president

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    Go up on some roofs and look around for a well-lit building with some guards outside - he's in there. That building's tough to get inside, but very rewarding when you do =D

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    actually its pretty easy to get into
    At first i thought i had to take out those guards in front but i realized i could climb up on the shed and walk around to the vines, i think, then i knocked out the dude inside and i threw him out the window so it looked like he commited suicide

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    LOL, that is exactly what I did stitch, except that trying to take on the guards wasn't my first idea of how to get inside.

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    I know it's a few months since this thread was first posted but I would also like to thank kfgecko for Embracing the Enemy.

    This is my favourite fan mission of those I have played so far.


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    I liked ETE

    I wish there were more items to steal though, and more gaurds. I mean here I am, running in a well lit hallway and nobody sees me or chases me. It was a really nice story and some good graphics too.

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    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I have just finished ETE and unlike other new forum members I used the search function

    Great FM! Congratulations to kfg, this was one of my favourites. The quirky letters conveying images of diarrhoea were amusing to say the least

    I have a few loose ends that i need tying up if anyone knows the answer:

    I accidentally killed 'Squeak' before knowing about his role in the setting. Does he lead you anywhere (a loot stash?) as hinted at by the theft of an earring?

    The gourmet cheese was inedible. If you give this to Squeak, does anything occur?

    Does Katie star in the FM in person or is the letter in which she's talked about the only reference to this missing child?

    What is beyond the 'ununlockable' sewer door at the end of the passage near Monty's bedroom?

    Any answers would be appreciated

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    I haven't played this one for a long time, so I can't answer most of the questions, but the two about "Squeak", I can. The answer to both of them is "Yes".

    No need to apologize for resurrecting an older thread. That's very acceptable and keeps things organized.

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    Well now, I think:

    The ununlockable sewer door is an escape route from the tower where you ultimately confront monty.

    Katie appears to be a background story about Monty being a scumbag, doublecrosser and child abuser to boot. I guess that the shackles in the room with the doll are related to her.

    When you drop the cheese near squeak he takes it and runs off to a hidey-hole. Follow him and there's a piece of loot to find.

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    Thanks for the help guys.

    Katie thing was quite unnerving, but little side storylines enhance the whole experience tenfold for me and add character and usually humour to the FM. The doodles of the tower guard were quite funny as well as the whole bowel movement situation. Top stuff.

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    Great game! I liked that I was able to sneak rather than confront the guards.

    I was a little confused about what to do about getting the body back to the vineyard

    but I figured it out.

    I tried too early in the game to get the bottle of wine. I made it all the way to the back and realized I couldnt open the door.

    I felt challenged in places and the scenery was great.

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    Embracing the Enemy

    I'm playing on easy and I don't find the key for the metallic door in the room upstairs.I can't figure out where it's hidden.
    Another thing : is it possible to get into the dungeon ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    if its the door im thinking of that you are stuck on, you dont need a key for it
    check for a secret panel in the cieling of the room with the door

    as for the dungeon, well i recently played this mission and am not sure what you mean by dungeon??

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    Thank you for your help.I've just finished the mission.
    By dungeon I mean the keep i.e. the big tower in which Lord Montagu is killed at the end.
    For me this mission is one of the most beautiful in regard to external architecture.
    Bye !

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    Embracing the Enemy, Nice!

    Just wanted to say that I haven't played a FM in two years until today, when I played Embracing the Enemy. I was so impressed, especially with the level design. PC gaming has been in a rut for the last couple of months, so I decided to crack open another FM to pull me out. It was just what I needed to indulge myself until we start getting some new great pc games out again!

    Gonna go look for some more that I've never played. . .

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    This is one of my favorites, too. Really nicely done and I liked the thief darting in and out of view ahead of you, and the climbable vines, too.

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