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Thread: FM "The Varyx Obelisk": Where are my keys?

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    Golden Skull

    FM "The Varyx Obelisk": Where are my keys?

    I found two keys, the basement key and the control room key. After using the control room key they both disappeared and now they are missing in my inventory. What the hell happened to them?

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    Golden Skull

    ... and the link to the walkthrough @ The Circle doesn't work, by the way

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    Golden Skull

    This is really strange! I restarted the mission and this time the first key wasn't on his place so I didn't find it. And another key disappeared again after using it. Is this a bad joke? Perhaps a conspiracy? (Because the walkthrough doesn't work )
    Please help, I'm losing my mind

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    Golden Skull

    OK, now I have a new problem. I found two doors and one key, but the key doesn't open any of the doors. So I don't know how to proceed. Has nobody else played this FM? Strange.

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    Golden Skull

    Cool, I found a walkthrough in the FM's zip file.
    What a nice monologue thread

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    Keeper of Metal and Gold

    Many of the objects are randomly placed around the world (random between a few designated possibilities), so as to add replay value. Yes, they keys get "used up", I actually liked it because it kept my inventory uncluttered.


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