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Thread: TNT 2 Ultra help - READ THIS NOW!

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    TNT 2 Ultra help - READ THIS NOW!

    I have a Pentium III 600BMhz with 128 RAM, 52x CD, Diamond Viper 770 Ultra (TNT 2 Ultra), SB Live! Value, etc. I have the game on the full-install or the highest install possible, whatever that is. The framerate is fine, but whenever I enter a new area with lots of action there is half-second lag. I have new drivers for my video card. What is the problem? The game shouldn't lag on this system! PLEASE HELP ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    alright try these:

    1)b4 starting the game, hit ctrl-alt-del to bring up the active proggie list. look thro the entire bunch and shut down any proggie that's obviously just useless for SS2, eg viruscan etcetc. the SHORTER that list is the better.

    2)in SS2 itself goto video options and see if u got the smack there right. correct hardware/ drivers etcetc. a 800 x 600 should be easy on ur tiger comp.

    3)if it is not neccessary, as long as the drivers for ur hardware is directx6.1 and above, use the factory-supplied drivers, and not those u d/led from the net. u dun need directx7 to play; 6.1 will do just fine. logic for this is that : SS2 was designed to operate under 6.1 [or 6]; to have 7 is really to overkill.

    4)disable screensavers, disable the cd-drive autochecking, wipe the monitor screen, clean the mouse, brush the keyboard, unplug and reconnect all ur computer cables, shower before playing and use shampoo, feed the cat, walk the dog, please the wife / beau, have a nice meal, kiss the SS2 cd, pray to SHODAN via the SS2 box and ask her to let a poor avatar like u to do ur damn job taking out the Many [don't mention u taking her out in the end or ur problems will continue, i assure u].

    5)if all else fails crawl 3 times around ur computer on ur back and drink Coke mixed with Pepsi. don't forget to chant SS2 rules along the way.



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