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Thread: Saving I doing something wrong? Major Spoiler!!

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    Saving I doing something wrong? Major Spoiler!!

    Ok Paul says to meet up in battery park, and the pilot says he has to pull out of the park because of troops. So I figure I should try to clear out both the hotel level and the battery park level before letting paul go.

    First I barricaded paul in the hotel with boxes, cleared out the level (killed anna on the plane already) and now i'm trying to kill hermann in battery park. I'm having no luck so far in doing this, emptied my darts at him and am starting to empty my pistols (no rocket weapons), but at one shot at a time its very tedious, and I'm wondering if he is going to die at all or if I *have* to let him capture me. The chopper just left again (why?) and the battery park area is completely sealed.

    Basically I just want to know if there's a way to kill him in this situation, or if I should go back to paul or what.


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    Im preety sure you cant kill Hermann.

    The year is 2029. The machines will convince us that they are concious, that they have their own agenda worthy of our respect. Theyll embody human qualities. Theyll claim to be human. And well believe them.

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    At this point, you must either surrender or be killed.

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    If Paul is still in his room, youv basically failed at saving him. Hermann can't die. Basically how it works out is this

    1. Paul is invincible so if you stay and fight with him, he'll either escape, or youll be taken down (not killed captured) in both instances Paul will be alive and well

    2. If you do as he asks and leave him, he will die, thats basically the only way to kill him


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    No this isn't right. The only way that Paul seems to die is if you *leave* via the window. What I did was barricade him in, clear out the level of enemies, then go back in the window, remove the barricades and let him run out the door.


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    Letting yourself "die" in the hotel is probably the easiest way I know of to save Paul. If Paul still dies when you come back in through the window then it might be something to do with using that window to leave the 'Ton that triggers Paul's death. I'm not sure, just don't use the window. At all.

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    *chuckle* What I do, just to get it over and done with, is enter via the window, plant some LAMs and gas grenades outside Paul's door, talk to Paul, and as soon as the grenades go off I run out the door, leap into the elevator shaft and fall to my 'death'.

    Why do I bother with the grenades? It clears a hole so you can get it over with that much faster. Besides, it's fun.. "JC Denton, *beep* come out *beep* with your *beep* hands *FWOOM* *FWOOM*"

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    I do something similar. Plant grenades down the hall on my way in, talk to Paul then shout 'You'll never take me alive!' and run for my grenades and a fiery death.

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