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Thread: Favourite conversations

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    Favourite conversations

    Loved when Manderley tells you off for popping into the women's toilets to check your hair

    I thoguht some of Simon's lines were pretty good, although I'm itching to know what he says In Area 51 if you fried him in the sub base but didn't finsh him off...

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    I always loved the conversations where the guard was talking to the secretary or something. Like in the secret MJ12 base. Something like

    Secretary: Is it dangerous?

    Guard: Not if you have me around.

    There was also one in UNATCO HQ in the beginning.

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    That one where the you're in Hell's Kitchen for the first time and a couple of UNATCO guards are talking about Paul giving them some gas grenades. I can't recall it exactly but it's something like:

    Guard 1: "Prolonged exposure may cause bronchial inflammation" What's the use in that?

    Guard 2: Yeah, we might as well give them cigarettes or something.

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    Mr Chimp

    When you escape from UNATCO -

    "I don't think you'll have the chance. Looks like your star pupil has come to teach his old master a lesson" - Simons

    Or something like that

    -Mr Chimp
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    Keeper Hellzon

    Originally posted by Bling:
    ...although I'm itching to know what he says In Area 51 if you fried him in the sub base but didn't finsh him off...
    HUH!!!!! Was he there? Missed him.

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    I dont have the patience to do that. I murder Simons as quickly and viciously as possible.

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    "Thanks fer gettin me in"

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    'Thanks fer getting me in.' BLAM BLAM BLAM!

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    Anybody here every play No One Lives Forever? Now *that* game had some hilarious dialogs.

    If you haven't, I recommend it, though it doesn't have the role-playing attributes of Deus Ex.

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    Nicolette DuClare (When you find her mothers computer). I love/hate it how she continually says "Oh my Lord".

    Also, I love the conversation between the two MJ12 troopers if you choose the right (the locked one) manhole cover in from the Paris Sewers. something like:

    MJ12A: Special Agent Hermann said to keep a look out for this Denton.
    MJ12B: He came all the way from America.
    MJ12A: He looks German.
    MJ12B: Who, Hermann?
    MJ12A: No, Denton

    (Love it! - if someone has/knows of a transcript, pls let me know.)

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