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Thread: The Many body

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    The Many body

    If i'm just entering The Many body, how much more do I have to play to finish the game? It's really scary inside of there and i'm drastically low on ammo(a few bullets for the assault rifle, shotgun shells obviously for the shotgun and some grenades) and the only exotic weapon I have is a crystal shard. Will this be enough to destroy the many and take my place along shodan and rule the universe with absolute power? anyways. . .

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    You're quite aways through the game, but you still have a couple of really nasty spots ahead of you. There is ammo to be found, but it is not plentiful. I would suggest that you be very careful about how much you use if you are that low, or you may find you run out altogether. I found that you have to use your trusty wrench as much as possible and you'll end up with lots of ammo. You'd be surprised what you can use it for. If you really get in a bind, there is a cheat that lets you manufacture ammo, but it kind of spoils the game.

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    You have no psi skills? How many nanites do you have?

    Drive sideways !

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    I have absolutely no psi skills that would be useful against The Many. I found a couple replicators in there and have bought some bullets so i'm fairly good. I guess i didn't think it would have parts of the ship stuck inside itself. I also found one of those exotic guns the viral thing(it's a pile a shite if you ask me). Well i'll have to play some more tommorrow, we'll see how far i can get.

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