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Thread: Help with Darkwalker!!

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    Help with Darkwalker!!

    Okay, where is the switch that opens the metal door??? Where!!!??? WHERE!!!!???

    I'm in the main part of the castle, just after you enter.. I'm playing on normal and have already gotten well over the necessary loot count.. I've searched every room top to bottom a billion times..even using rope arrows to check around the ceilings... I know the door is there (I used a fire arrow to see it), and I hear someone behind it...and since lockpicks and keys are having no effect and are not even making a sound, I'm assuming it's activated by a button or switch...

    I actually got stuck here months ago, spent probably hours trying to find it, gave up, and now I'm trying again and am stuck in the same spot... So either this is the worst case of "little red button blindness syndrome" (as Taliesin so perfectly called it) I've ever had, or the author of this mission is very, very sadistic... I'll be quite satisfied when this one is if anyone could help, I'd appreciate it...

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    I'm not sure which door you mean. There is a metal door in the first big room (the one with the two guards patrolling around) that you can pick open. Behind it is another door that opens with the blue key that one of the patrolling guards in the room is wearing.

    There is a metal door upstairs, too that requires a key. It's also off of a room with 2 guards patrolling around it. To get that key, follow the hallway all the way to the opposite end. It's very dark, but when you get to the far end, there is a wooden door that isn't locked. Inside, on the far side of the room, there is a guard walking back and forth. He's wearing a gold key and that opens the metal door.

    Is it one of those doors or somewhere else I've forgotten? I've finished it but it was awhile ago, so if it's a different one, give me an idea of where it is and I'll go look.

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    It wasn't any of those that you mentioned. I just finally finished the mission on my own, though... The door I was talking about is a metal door on the first floor in the room with a fireplace and a tile section in the middle of the floor... (the door I couldn't get through leads to the stairs that go upstairs).. I was right, it IS opened by a switch.. The switch is in the room next to it, where it's too dark to see.. However, the switch right in the middle of the far wall and I somehow managed to miss it despite searching that room probably a couple dozen times and even using fire arrows to brighten up the room long enough to look around... D'oh... Once I got through that door, I finished the rest of the mission in like 2 minutes...heh

    Thanks for trying to help, though.. I appreciate it!

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    I played this fm for the first time today and think I know the door you mean - is it the one absolutely hidden in darkness next to the firepalce with the woman in the room?

    If so, I couldn't find the door - never mind the switch, so I came on-line for a tip. Yours was the only thread, which indicated I was missing a door somewhere - so I fired a fire arrow and spotted the door!

    The problem with the fm was probably down to the absolute darkness, hence the name...
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