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Thread: Ramirez's Revenge v2 loot

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    Ramirez's Revenge v2 loot

    I completed the mission on expert but I am missing about 600 in loot. I found the area beneath the elevator with the zombie, searched every crypt. Is it possible to get behind the door in front of which there is like a red portal, its in the area where the light gradually receeds then reappears with the star shape in the ceiling down in the crypt? It is a very good mission though it took me a while to figure the right combination for the teleportation to the chizel. I though I reappeared in the same room, until I started slashing banners to make sure (very clever of the creator).

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    Too much Loot, but no Holy Hammer

    I've found over 2200 in loot, but can't seem to find the Holy Hammer. Could you give me a hint?
    Here are some places you may wish to check for loot (if you haven't already; also these are vague hints so as not to spoil anything. If you want more details just ask):

    1. Did you search the room with the pacing ghost?
    2. Did you get into the underground weapon shop?
    3. Did you open the prison storage area?
    4. Did you look above the chapel behind the red barrels?
    5. Did you search HIGH and low in the kitchen?

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    You need to go rope climbing VERY high to find the Hammer.

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    Yes, I have been to all those locations, but I will double search them never the less.

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