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Thread: T1: LaFrenier, real criminal boss problem 2001.03.01

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    T1: LaFrenier, real criminal boss problem 2001.03.01

    Edit. Fix for this mission here.

    Even though I try to play this mission on the easiest setting, when then game begins it gives me a normal so I cannot black jack people left and right (which is my favorite thing in the world), as a result I am a little lost about what to do. I see 2 guys entering a building and there is 1 guard patroling, and 2 just standing, what do I do since I cannot black jack them , and on the other side the gate is closed? I got into the building but the lower floor contains a servant, and the upper a guard which I cannot get around since I cannot do anything to him. What am I missing here?

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    This is an extremely frustrating and difficult mission. I did finally finish it, but not without a great deal of difficulty. It is not well set up for the sneaking you are forced to do. You can get into the house without getting spotted, but once inside, it gets even harder. Unless you have a lot of patience, I'd recommend going on to something else. Otherwise, just keep trying and you'll either get fed up or manage to make your way into and through the house.

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    I just got around to playing this mission, and while I have to agree that it isn't terribly rewarding, the level of sneaking required in the "mansion" is amazing. In a couple of spots, the timing between patrols is very tight and you have to dart out of a hiding place and get back just in time. In another place you have to do a tricky bit of distraction in order to get to a place where you can do the dirty work. Are there other missions where you have to carry out your thiefy activities so precisely?

    Also, I kind of like the idea of an assasination mission where you have to ghost in, pull the trigger, and then get out without having to play the "great secret and loot hunt". I'd like to play more of them. Unfortunately this mission provides no way to do the deed quietly. A quiet poison dart or something would be neat to have.
    - J<

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    I finished this mission recently on "expert" difficulty. I found using broadhead arrows as noise makers will distract the guards sufficiently to get in/out of any area. Fun, short mission. I didn't kill anyone in the entire mission, so it can be done with a LOT of patience.

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    Hmm, I thought I had 'em all. This FM must have flown under my radar. I just DL'd it and will play. It took me a long time to get to the point where I could sneak through whole missions. I can't do it in every mission yet, but that's my goal. Pure sneaking really adds to the play time, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your lifestyle

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    I made a fix for this mission
    Fix in the mis file: All difficulties are available now
    Fix in the dml (optional): some lights are not too bright any more (it's still very hard on expert)
    Instructions to install the dml


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    At first I had no clue how to get the kill objective to complete. After searching the entire building, the meaning of the note in the kitchen began to dawn on me. Could it be possible the guests arrive in real time after 10 and 20 minutes? So I left the game running in idle mode. Waiting. After several minutes, I heard DeNavan entering. After another long waiting period, Colman arrived. Finally. Quicksaved my progress, ran up the stairs and... Son of a bitch. Colman was stuck in the stairs! There was no way to get him to move again. So I had to reload and wait again. This time I made sure all guests had actually made it to LaFrenier's room before I saved. Shot three arrows at him and completed the mission.

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