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  • Topless Snake Girl

    31 15.98%
  • Lone Hero

    133 68.56%
  • Digi's City View

    17 8.76%
  • Tonúrics King View

    9 4.64%
  • None of these

    4 2.06%
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Thread: Arx Box Cover Poll Take 2

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    The Architect
    Registered: Dec 1998
    Location: Lyon

    Arx Box Cover Poll Take 2

    Hi all.

    Because Arkane and Fishtank are open to new ideas (other then the initial two) I've decided to redo the poll with four options (two of which are ideas from the community) and the option to choose "none of the above" if you're a grouch who cannot be pleased. I took the liberty of making the first two images more 'cover-like' so we all can see how they would look as a box on a shelf.

    I took a few liberties with the design. I removed the Arx logo to rid ourselves of the danger of people thinking that this is part four of a series (after all, System Shock has a logo, and it's not on the box... Ultima Underword had a logo, and it's not on the box). I added "Fortress of Fate" under the title. It was just a crazy idea I thought looked cool. Arx Fatalis means Fortress of Fate. It's not a subtitle. It's a translation. Ahem.... I also added text above the title on two of the boxes. Don't worry about what the text says... it's just there for looks. I didn't add text to the snake girl one, because, well, I added the text to take up space, and that one needed no space taken up. Ahem.

    Choice number 4 was posted up by Tonúrics and has nothing to do with me. I added it to the poll, because it's still a viable option for a box cover concept.

    Topless Snake Girl (Unfinished painting, by Denis Loubet):

    Lone Hero (by Daniel Balage):

    Digi's City View

    Tonúrics King View


    P.S. No, I have no idea what the ESRB is going to rate Arx. I'm guessing M because of the crazy blood splatters.

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    Registered: Jul 2000
    Location: Laurelindórenan
    The Lone Hero one is still the best of the bunch.

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    Registered: Apr 2000
    Location: Gonne
    Originally posted by sailoreagle
    The Lone Hero one is still the best of the bunch.
    ^What she said

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    Registered: Feb 2002
    Location: Planet of the Archbuilders

    I'd like the Lone Hero if it didn't remind me of Rune...

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    Registered: Oct 2000
    Location: Athens of the North

    This is a strange poll in one respect, as I'm sure that most people who vote won't care what sort of illustration is on the front cover - they'll just buy it. Including myself.

    If I have to give an opinion I would have to go with the 'Lone Hero' picture. It's always been my belief that you have to give something for the imagination to feed on as well as providing a pretty picture. Out of the above options, this picture doesn't say too much and will encourage people to look further.

    The only other improvements would be to add some large lettering saying "BUY ME!" and "YOU WON'T REGRET IT" to the pictures...


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    Registered: Jan 2002
    Location: Yes / No / Other
    Without the logos I personally prefer the City View, but the inevitable logos crowd the image somewhat.
    The strong image of the Lone Hero doesn't have this problem.
    Maybe if the City View is scaled down slightly there'll be more room for the logos, leaving the image unaffected...

    I have to agree with Alistair, we're probably the worst judges.

    I'd guess the Lone Hero has the widest appeal.
    Then again, something like Tonúrics King might draw the attention of D&D and Ultima players more easily.

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    Registered: Jun 1999
    Location: bourgeoisieasypeasy
    Whenever i'm offered "topless snake girl" in any context, I have to choose it.

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    I'm with Paz

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    Registered: May 1999
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    I voted for 'Lone Hero' not just because I like the design, but because I'm not walking up to the counter at my local store and asking to buy a game with a nippleless snake lady on the front.

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    New Member
    Registered: Jul 2001
    Location: Canada

    I think the "lone hero" (or whatever the hell) is the most ... hmm... fitting. Consider the title of the game, and compare it to the background...

    I have no idea what the bloddy hell I'm talking about, so disreguard anything I've said in this post...

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    Registered: Aug 2000
    Location: in my cats' stomach

    I like the 'Lone Hero' cover; I like the idea having a 'translation' near the title (adds clarification for the buyer)

    If the 'Lone Hero' box cover is going to be used, though, something needs to be put under the title, as of right now it's just kinda swimming around in a sea of blackness.
    "Treat the mice with great respect; you haven't seen their cousins yet." -Vampire Rodents

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    Registered: May 2000
    Location: The Maw of Chaos
    I like the City view. But then, I'm a sucker for a good watercolor.

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    Registered: Dec 2001
    Location: Kiwi Transfusion
    Really incredible pictures, everyone of them. I especially liked the Tonúrics King view,although I did vote for the Lone Hero because of it's strong contrast and powerful simplicity. It would really catch ones eye in the store, me thinks
    Last edited by TJKeranen; 19th Feb 2002 at 04:19.

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    Nice job with those, Digi. I can see them all as covers now. They do it sometimes with TV Guide. Why not Arx? Arx, the collector's series. Seriously, though, good presentation. I like the Lone Hero shot for the same reasons others seem to. Nice contrast, powerful and simple. The others are cool, too, but I voted for Lone Hero. Heh, I typed Love Hero at first by mistake.

    Brad S.

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    Registered: Dec 1998
    Location: Finland
    Of course I would have to go with the Lone Hero it being such a cool concept - He stands alone in at the crossroad of his life, in front of a light that lays his omnicient shadow on the ground. *chuckles* Wonder where they got the idea for that.

    ...and quick comments about the other pics...

    Snake woman, while nicely drawn and all that, lacks the drama. Any nudity, even in that form, immediately gives me a feeling of Teenager Kiss Ass idea.

    Digi's City view is too cluttered. Doesn't have one focusing point that gets your attention. If Arx was a SimUnderground, it might work better, but now it is quite confusing.

    Tonúrics King View is very nice. It has a strong feeling of justice and a good overal power, but lacks a bit of contrast.


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    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: sunshine and BUTTERFLIES
    The lone hero. The picture itself could be bigger, perhaps, to make it less... empty.

    On second thought, no. It gets attention by its sheer blackness. The dramatic figure surrounded by a deep black void, there's just something final to it. Yeah, definately the lone hero. The competition doesn't come even near in atmosphere (very nice pictures, though).

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    Heh, looks like my submission has become: "Tonúrics King".

    I think the best solution personally would be to make a purpose built image following on the lines the 'Lone Hero'; the concept art we are using here really isn't box art material, no offense to any of the artists. I wonder what 'Snake Girl' will look like once it is finished, it could have a lot of potential. It is similar to the box art for Doom 2 and Heretic in layout and execution...

    P.S. I left the ESRB off the box, because so far none of the games published by Fishtank have had it on the cover.

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    Registered: Oct 1999
    Location: Calif., USA
    I'd have to go with Topless Snakegirl as a box cover. It's the only one depicting any kind of action. Lone Hero and Tonúrics King don't really convey any sense at all of what the game is about (although they are both--Lone Hero especially-- outstanding pieces of art). Personally the city scene really appeals to me because I think exploring cities and interacting with city NPCs is really fun in a game, but in this case it all looks jumbled, cramped, and confusing. Perhaps I like snake girl because it looks like the cover of so many fantasy books and so is more familiar.

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    Registered: Jun 2000
    Location: Montreal
    LONE HERO is the best - no contest.

    Two nit-picks:

    1) Have you tried "Fortress of fate" centered?

    2) Have you tried the figure with his sword upwards? Might be more dynamic in a Ken Kelly / Frazetta pose . . .

    Good luck!

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: The land of ever sideways rain

    Judging on box cover alone, I'd have to say that the 'Lone Hero' certainly looks the most appealing to me. It's sort of an understated hint of what is to come.

    Then again, if it turns out my machine is decent enough to play Arx, I'll buy it as soon as it's out

    Maybe I should replay Underworld while I wait...
    Boing. Peng. Boom-Tschak. Peng.

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    I'll add here the comments I offered in the earlier thread, and supplement them:

    The snake image seems like a coloristic D&D knockoff of the Kabuto cover. Digi's gives the strong impression that the game is a washed-out isometric RTS or remote BG-style RPG. Overdone in the former case, and underwhelming in the latter. Meanwhile, the loneguy image (while drippingly cliché) at least has some compositional integrity, chiaroscuro, mystery, and density of information.

    The loneguy image cries out: game about a hero, a sword-bearer, who moves physically from outside to the depths of a dark inside, who moves morally at the borders between light and dark, who moves periodically between Gold's Gym and Romero's hairdresser.

    Fantasy, swords, dusty architecture, courage, mystery. The unidentifiable junk around the protagonist's feet suggests melee, inhuman opposition, and unsavory food. Unmistakeable dungeon-crawl stuff. Echoes of Elric. Ripples of Ransom. Fingerwaves of Farkus.

    Additional notes:

    Tonúrics's King is interesting but unclear and not particularly eye-catching as box-art.

    Having the loneguy raise his sword, Frazzetta style, would destroy everything that's interesting about the image.

    Edit: Oh, and action in the snake picture? Looks like a confused guy who just lost his roll for initiative and now has to listen to a longwinded explanation of why he will not be granted an audience with Oz the Magnificent.
    Last edited by Grundbegriff; 18th Feb 2002 at 18:09.

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    Location: Near Brisbane, Australia
    I'm with Trimfect; he just said it better than I was thinking it.

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    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: Bumblesee
    Originally posted by Bruny
    I'd have to go with Topless Snakegirl as a box cover. It's the only one depicting any kind of action.
    What sort of action do you want depicted?

    Frankly I think it looks goofy and Grund still SI TEH WINNAR

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    Registered: Mar 2000
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    Grundy nails it yet again. Ho hum.


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    Registered: May 1999
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    Originally posted by Trimfect
    If Arx was a SimUnderground, it might work better, but now it is quite confusing.

    That gets my vote for the next Sims game. 'Bout time we had another Dungeon Keeper.

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