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Thread: Kleptomaniac -- Chapter Six

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    Kleptomaniac -- Chapter Six

    Chapter Six -- The Really Weird Section Of Town

    "Something's happened to him. He's not the same person since he got the sword."
    "It doesn't matter. We still don't trust him. He should be eliminated."
    "Maybe it's you who should be eliminated. Just like the mold in the bathroom."
    "Oh yeah? You couldn't clean a self-cleaning oven!"
    "Ha! That shows how much you know! Self-cleaning ovens haven't been invented yet!"
    "They will be! Just you wait until the Metal Age gets here! A lot of things will be different then!"
    "Yeah, yeah, whatever. That's just what you guys said about the Chocolate Age."

    - Excerpt from "An Account of the War Among the Keepers"

    "You never cease to amaze me," said Dugal the next day as Garrotte stood before him - holding up the magic sword.

    "Yeah, well, what can I say?" replied Garrotte. "I'm good."

    "Or maybe just incredibly lucky," said Dugal. "So, what does it do?"

    "As far as I can tell, it reverses some aspect of the person who touches it," replied Garrotte.

    "Reverses some aspect?" repeated Dugal.

    "Yeah," said Garrotte. "Like last night. Cogsdale was raving drunk, but when he touched the sword he sobered up in a hurry."

    Dugal regarded Garrotte carefully, then asked, "So, what has it done to you?"

    Garrotte flashed a satisfied smile, but said nothing.

    "Oh my head," muttered Cogsdale as he shuffled into the main room. He looked around - saw daylight streaming through the windows - and asked, "How long did I sleep?"

    "It's almost lunch time," answered Garrotte.

    Cogsdale staggered over to the table, sat down heavily, and said, "I hate hangovers."

    "Don't we all," said Dugal.

    "Maybe I could touch that sword of yours and make my headache go away," said Cogsdale.

    "Hey!" exclaimed Dugal. "That gives me an idea! Let me touch the sword."

    Garrotte held out the sword, and Dugal touched it. He felt a surge of energy pass through him. He got to his feet and discovered that his leg was no longer injured.

    "It works!" exclaimed Dugal as he took a couple of steps. "I'm healed!"

    Then Dugal took his hand away from the sword, and suddenly his leg surged with pain. He fell over in agony.

    "Oww, man, what happened?!" Dugal exclaimed as he clutched his leg and winced in pain.

    "It only reverses your condition as long as you stay in contact with it," said Garrotte. "When you let go, your leg went back to the way it was."

    "Well that's just great!" Dugal said sarcastically.

    Garrotte reached down with the sword to help Dugal off the floor. Dugal touched the sword and immediately his pain and injury went away. He got to his feet, but continued holding on to the sword.

    "Say, Garrotte, would you mind if I borrowed this sword for a while?" asked Dugal.

    "No way," replied Garrotte. "I need this sword."

    "Well, I do too," said Dugal. "I'm tired of hobbling around your apartment with an injured leg. A thief has to make a living, you know. Oh, wait, I forgot who I was talking to."

    "Very funny," said Garrotte as he took a sack from his cloak and proceeded to pour its contents on the table. "How's this for a living?"

    The sack had contained all kinds of jewelry, gold coins, gems, and valuable trinkets.

    "Woah," said Cogsdale. "Am I hallucinating?"

    "Where did you get all that?" asked Dugal in amazement.

    "I stole it," said Garrotte nonchalantly. "This morning. Before breakfast."

    "You stole it?" prompted Dugal.

    "Don't be so surprised," said Garrotte. "I'm a thief, after all."

    Dugal eyed his friend warily and said, "Garrotte, I know you. You don't steal loot. In fact, you don't steal much of anything."

    "Yeah, well, people change," replied Garrotte.

    "It's that sword, isn't it?" asked Dugal. "It's made you into a real master thief."

    "Let's just say I need the sword for … professional reasons," answered Garrotte.

    Cogsdale rose from the table and ambled over to the two men. He put his hand on the sword and let out a big sigh of relief: "Ah, that's much better."

    The three of them stood there holding on to the sword.

    "Well this is ridiculous," said Garrotte. "We all three can't go around hanging on to this sword."

    "Why not?" asked Dugal.

    "Yeah, why not?" agreed Cogsdale.

    "Alright, that does it!" proclaimed Garrotte as he pushed the two away. Cogsdale stumbled backwards and resumed his headache, while Dugal fell to the floor again in pain. Garrotte sheathed his sword, but kept his hand on the hilt.

    "You two are pathetic," he said. "Dugal, your leg isn't ever going to heal if you keep holding on to this sword. And Cogsdale …"

    "What?" asked Cogsdale - holding his aching head in his hands.

    "That's what you get for getting drunk last night when you were supposed to be my bodyguard," said Garrotte.

    Garrotte stood there a moment watching as the two men groaned in pain, then shook his head and started for the door.

    "Where are you going?" asked Dugal.

    "Out to lunch," said Garrotte. "I'll bring you two back something."

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    He's back!!!

    but he's ......... good???

    What will happen???


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    I just cut out all of Kleptomaniac and pasted it in as a word-file. It was several hundred pages long! Now that's some good reading. Now I'm gonna copy all of The Mental Age (which, sadly, seems to be over for good )

    /me for president

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    Today I learned a valuable lesson: don't read any of Kleptomaniac while it's not busy at work. All the times that i burst out laughing have warranted many strange looks from my co-workers. They just don't understand: this is some of the funniest stuff I've ever read! I've been an avid reader since Chapter 1, it's good to see that you haven't lost your touch, LC.

    Actually, you've only gotten better! If ever you publish this (self or otherwise), let me know, I'll definetely buy a copy!
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    Yay! he's back!!

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    I think that if he took any money, it would be against the copyright law.
    Just a girl wishing for the old days

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    Cool, the third Klepto thread

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    Head Linguist, Clan Foofie. We are the party!

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    Originally posted by Yametha
    I think that if he took any money, it would be against the copyright law.
    Well, IANAL (I am not a lawyer), but I undestand that parodists are allowed wide discretion. It would probably hinge upon how good LC's legal support was.

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    Yaay, LC- still smokin'
    (I mean that in the good sense)

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    LC has THE touch
    Great, clever, and funny.
    Keep it up
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    Just keeping this from sinking, when it's perfectly capable of swimming.

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    Ahhhh my rescues you from page two.

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    Looks like a rope arrow is in order....

    Guinness, it's not just for breakfast anymore!

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    what the heck are you doin' down here! Get back up there!!!!

    "There are children alive today that have never been turned into an eggplant."

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    Up we go...

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    argh.. page two!

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    Come on LC.. More!

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    More More

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    How about this: When LC posts more, he finds the thread himself. If anyone came along later, they'd find one of his posts, and then three pages of "more" and than another...
    Just a girl wishing for the old days

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    Oh, such good reading. I hope it will never stop.
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    Very very funny stuff Just bumping the post.

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