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Thread: Thwark's crazy mapping thread

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    Thwark's crazy mapping thread

    Thwark looks like this:

    He drinks 8 or 9 of those Dr Pepper cans a day, it helps him map.

    If you have any comments or ideas for his maps, post em here and his trainer will pass them on.

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    Ah! Ah! Typos ahoy! Needs editing.
    <font size="-2">otherwise, its ereet.</font>

    More mappas! Better relic ideas!

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    That map looks extremely impressive, it seems everything you guys do keeps the overall theme of the Thief series, and that's a very good thing, keep up the excellent work!

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    It sounds like a single player mission. How difficult is it to merge a thief-like story with a multiplayer map?

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    the article I put together paints it like a SP mission (it CAN be played as an SP mission), but there's more than enough playable-wise to allow for many players. :-)

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    Hey, uh Thwark, none of the images on the Thievery page work, man. They're all closed.

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