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Thread: Hightowne Museum Feedback Thread

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    Hightowne Museum Feedback Thread

    Yes, you heard me. Feedback! Feedback!

    The truth be told, I just got myself a Soundblaster Live! card, and I forgot to put EAX settings into Hightowne. As I've decided to do a small update, I might as well fix and improve things you dislike or thought were odd. Balancing the starting equipment is already on my checklist (thanks, Tumbleweed).

    So, give me some feedback!
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    Aside from the starting equipment, I'm actually hard-pressed to find anything wrong with it. Seeing that the contest is over, why not fleshing it out a bit into a larger FM? Nothing too monumental, just a few extra rooms or something.

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    Hmm... The design doesn't really allow me to add new rooms very easily, but I'll definitely keep that in mind.

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    I thought the layout of the building and the interior architecture were beautiful.The criticism I have read elsewhere that it was the same solution as Lord Gervasius' masks is not true. Sure you could use rope arrows there, but you were supposed to turn of the floors with the colour coded rooms and their respective switches. I liked having to rope over to the treasure. I liked the exhibits, and some of the humour. The staircases were great. The Karras bot was a good addition to the variety of the mission. If you can do anything to it to flesh it out, maybe a few more guards would be good. Since it is all interior architecture, I don't know if it would be too difficult to start outside the building, like the Bank level in Thief 2, and then find your way in, maybe some outdoor guards, one of them holding the key. If you just want to flesh out the storyline more and stick to the interior, you could add a couple of "find some information on" objectives, and add some hidden cubby holes with the sought after info.
    It's hard to find suggestions for a mission that was great to begin with!
    I will repeat that so you believe me. It's hard to find suggestions for a mission that was great to begin with!

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    I voted the mission tops. The gameplay was polished, with no "get stuck" architecture, with reasonable setups and patrols such that a veteran thief could work the skillz, and the story pacing went nicely.

    I loved the "descend from rope to avoid floor" mission impossible stuff, and it served as a good "climax" to the mission.

    The injects of humor came at the right time, and were right in line with thief stuff.

    In short, this mission has good balance and polish; something only the best FMs have.

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    My gameplay video from this mission. Enjoy!

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