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Thread: T2 FM "Calendra's Legacy" official release (April 1st, 2002)

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    patch for thief2 ???

    Hello Again !!!
    I read there is a patch for thief2 that might help my "crash" problem. How do I know what version I have or if I already downloaded such patch? If I don't have it --- Where can I get it? Thanks a bunch .......... The Geez
    PS --My crash occurs when the game Calendra's Legacey goes from the first part to the second section ( bedroom after his sleep).

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    Click on your T2 shortcut and when the game screen comes up, hit "alt + tab" to send it down to the bottom taskbar. then check there and it will say "Thief 2 ver. 1.18" or "Thief 2 ver. 1.07". If it's ver. 1.07, then you need to download the patch and install it. You can get it at The Circle .

    If you don't need that patch, then it's possible that your copy of the mission is corrupted. You should also make sure you go into Darkloader, install the mission, then reboot your computer before you play it. Make sure you don't have other things working in the background, because this mission is BIG and it pushes some computers right to the limit of their capabilities.

    I'm afraid that's all I can come up with. Maybe someone else will come along with more suggestions. I hope you get it working. It's a great mission.

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    Please Help.!

    I dont know what is going on with this FM, ive wanted to play it for ages now but it doesnt seem to want to work, whenever i load it up through darkloader it ends up at the thief 2 main screen but nothing seems to have changed atall, and C_L is bound to have a custom menu, then when i choose a new game it just begins at the 1st default theif 2 mission, i dont know what to do,

    Now We Are Free

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    Welcome to the forum, rAzIeL! I suspect you haven't gotten an answer, because people are just assuming you've added a CL question. I'm afraid I'm not up on technical problems, so I would suggest that you start a new thread that has something about needing Darkloader help in the title or something that indicates it's a tech problem. The only thing I can suggest is that it's possible there is something wrong with either your Darkloader set-up or with the CL file itself. Have you played other FMs or is this the first? If this is the first one, try downloading another T2 FM, any small one, and see if it will play. That should tell you if it's Darkloader's problem or a problem with CL itself.

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    d. Dec 2017
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    CL-Mission #3

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    Now I have a question about Mission #3 -
    I can see one mask waaay up on the cave walls in the south grotto, but I can't get it. Can sometime give me mountain climbing instructions?? Is there supposed to be another one? If so, where and how do I get it?
    After reading CL Q&A to see if I missed anything, I noticed ur cry for help...gulp.... Did you receive a reply or were u able 2 grab the mask? (I don't see it here). If u r still trying for that mask on the s. grotto wall, I can help. Of course your plea is over 2 yrs. old. jus checkin'

    BTW, no cute emoticons on TTLG for me, but then I have it bookmarked from a loonng time ago. Maybe I need to refresh it.

    hang dawg
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    It's really weird that the emoticons aren't there for you! An old bookmark shouldn't matter as long as it brings you to the same page. What browser do you use? Maybe that could make a difference. Here's something to try: Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the blue part that says "Forum Rules" On the right-hand side it says "HTML code is ON vB code is ON Smilies are ON [IMG] code is ON" Does yours say that? If it does, you can click on the "Smilies" word and get a list of smilies and how to add them manually to your post.

    I never have gotten that darn mask! I'm not good at the strafe/run thing, obviously. Did you find another way to get to it?

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    Originally posted by Nightwalker
    I never have gotten that darn mask! I'm not good at the strafe/run thing, obviously. Did you find another way to get to it?
    I like to pretend that I got that mask because just once I got high enough up the wall to make it highlight but wasn't fast enough with the mouse button to grab it. In a few months, I'm sure my memory will be sufficiently corrupted into thinking that I did get it.

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    Maybe I should try that! Self-delusion can be a wonderful thing, sometimes!

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    Calendra´s Legacy

    Is this FM worth downloading time? My internet connection is 56K, and this FM is +300 MB, for that it takes me a lot of time downloading.

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    Taking a break
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    Calendra's Legacy is well worth it!
    But you might want to do it the easy way and
    order Komag's FM CD's! You can find them at the

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    Yes, it is definitely worth every second of downloading.
    It is simply incredible mission pack...

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    Yes, get it somehow.

    Komag's CD's are really cheap (like the cost of the blank CD, plus shipping -- since he is not allowed to profit from this) -- and you can have a whole bunch of FMs this way to boot.

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    Location: Tampa
    yeah worth downloading, or worth the 7 dollars or whatever to buy a CD. plus you woul dget other missions on the CD if u get one from KOMAG

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    If Calendras Legacy cost you $49.95 at your local computer software store, it would be worth it. As it turns out, all it costs you is time to d/l it in 20k chunks (a day or perhaps a weekend) or $7 for the CD.

    If you're like the rest of us. the only reason you hang on to your Thief CD's is to play the outstanding FM's that have been released since the Company that made the OM's died.

    These FM's are, by several orders of magnitude, better than the the store bought original missions (OM's) anyway.

    I'm still playing 'em, and loving 'em after 4 years.


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    I downloaded CL on a dodgy 56k modem,? Took forever! And guess what I still haven’t played it! I’ve had a quick peek, but I’m saving the best for last Needless to say it’s production values are probably even beyond the original game! So my advice to you is Download it, download it now, only a fool would be disappointed in CL!

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    Registered: Apr 2002
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    I definitely agree!

    Three outstanding "missions":
    The first is a great introduction and shows what to expect in the latter ones.
    My personal favourite is the second, which is a kind of Venice in the grim Thief-world.
    The third is more of a "sleeper", because it seems rather sub standard at first but the second half is terrific.

    As RiCh E said, it's production values outclass the original missions - by far. Great textures, sounds, speech etc.

    Summary: In my opinion Looking Glass could've sold this as a mission pack. The download was worth every second of the 20 minutes it took.

    Sorry, really couldn't resist

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    Originally posted by Calibrator
    The download was worth every second of the 20 minutes it took.
    Which one of the FM-servers can manage a connection with ~ 250 KB/sec?

    Whenever I try to download a mission, I don't get much more than 35 KB/sec.

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    Which one of the FM-servers can manage a connection with ~ 250 KB/sec?
    I dl'ed it from Epitumias site. He offers them both ways: Single file and split into 17 parts. With the latter I had problems so installed a download manager (MetaProducts Download Express - free for private use) and went for the whole cake.

    I thought it would take more than an hour and after I came back from the fridge my jaw dropped to the floor!

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    Location: Houston, Tx., USA
    Keep in mind that there can be a whole lot of Internet between where I am and where you may be downloading from. I can easily max out my cable connection at 250KBps (and the packets have to go through Dallas to get fron my house to the University ten miles away) but folks in, say, Europe probably won't see that.

    It would be really great if there were a mirror in Europe. I recall that someone was setting one up but I don't remember what came of it.
    - J<

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    Calendra's Legacy is a masterpiece!

    Merry Christmas all!

    I just finished what must be the best fanmission ever made! Great work Purah and co. I especially loved the grimy city environs, with the winding streets, cracking plaster walls and creeping vines (tried to scale some of them without success, are any scalable?) And the new variations of undead were quite scary and imaginative.

    In fact, I think Legacy beats the "real" thief missions. Now I can only hope that Thief 3 will be half as good.

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    Oh yeah. CL for Christmas. Doesn't get much better than that.

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    Registered: Mar 2001
    im d/ling cl for christmas(although i wont be able to play it tonight, in fact probably not until the weekend.) in fact, i may not be able to play it at all. funny thing i had no problems with framerate in the 7th crystal and it looked to be really high in polys but im afraid c.l just may be too much for my poor computer to take. after unzipping, how many megs does it take up? around 600?

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    Bummer. I had some difficulty at times with choppyness and crashes too. Try rebooting your computer when it gets bad; and save a lot. I don't know for sure, but it seemed that I had best results when my computer was cool. After it heats the game starts to slow, then I'd give it a rest and later it would be working fine again. Hope that helps.

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    hehe I'm actually re-playing CL for Christmas here as well. Yup, that's one of the best FMs ever made...

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    Originally posted by jericho
    Yup, that's one of the best FMs ever made...
    "Midnight in Murkbell" is definitely THE BEST FM ever made!

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