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Thread: Calendra's Legacy Mission 2: Midnight in Murkbell (questions)

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    Registered: Apr 2018
    Hello, I need help. I'm playing on Garrett difficulty. I got all the objectives done except getting the painting from the museum vault. Vault is open but some fireball is killing me and there's no way I can see around that.

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    shooot fireball with water arrow

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    Registered: Apr 2018
    Sadly it's not THAT kind of a fireball.

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    The museum vault has invisible lasers that set off the fireball trap. To avoid them, you need a special tool hidden not too far from the museum. Hint: search the street west of the museum.

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    Use the UVRLEOTS!
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    Registered: Apr 2018
    Ahhh, I restarted the whole mission just to start fresh and slow. And I indeed found the solution to the vault situation, thanks guys!

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