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Thread: Rate Thief 2 missions from best to worst

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    Is Thief like Star Trek reruns for you? I'm always like, I LOVE Star trek! Turn it on -- Oh, I hate this one!

    I LOVE Thief, but it seems like everytime the mission comes up and I see which one it is I think, Oh, I hate this one!
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    1 Ambush
    2 Life of the Party
    3 First City Bank and Trust
    4 Blackmail
    5 Trail of Blood
    6 Framed
    7 Trace the Courier
    8 Running Inteference
    9 Masks
    10 Eavesdropping
    11 Precious Cargo
    12 Casing the Joint
    13 Kidnap
    14 Sabotage at Soulforge
    15 Shipping and Receiving

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    1 - Life of the Party
    2 - Sabotage at Soulforge
    3 - Ambush
    4 - First City Bank and Trust
    5 - Framed
    6 - Shipping and Receiving
    7 - Kidnap
    8 - Precious Cargo
    9 - Blackmail
    10 - Evesdropping
    11 - Masks
    12 - Running Interference
    13 - Trace the Courier
    14 - Casing the Joint
    15 - Trail of Blood

    Top two quite easily the best in my opinion, and the bottom two are similarly a long way behind the rest. I really couldn't wait for either of them to finish by the end. Used to playing on normal, and I haven't been through the game many times either. Casing in that respect could be the worst as it forces me into a style of play I really just wouldn't normally play, but unlike Framed takes it too far to an extreme. And why you can't exit by the rear of the mansion is beyond me too. Trail of Blood was too linear, started out promisingly enough, but the T1 missions with an abundance of the tricksters minions always went down badly with me, this proves no exception. Falls below Casing because whilst I didn't like that mission either, I did appreciate the intention of it. Masks is low down largely from following on from Casing, there never really felt much of a reason for separate visits.

    LotP was fantastic for the sheer scope of the mission, with lots of stuff to do around it. And based around the thieves highway, something that would have been nice to see in other missions too, albeit on a less obvious scale. Sabotage was just a fantasic way to finish, a grand scale, and a change from the disapointing ending to the first one.

    The rest all had their good points, enough to make them enjoyable to play certainly, offering a few new ideas over the first. Courier and Interference both noticably, although both were a little too simplistic for my liking. Blackmail suffered slightly froman unconvincing layout of the house. Bank was quite irritaing at first, but it definitely grew on me. Shipping was a good one to explore, although I never could find the safe key, but on my old computer did have the one location which went unreasonably slowly, to the point of being unplayable. Cargo revealed hidden depths to it, and Kidnap certainly put a new spin on the Lost City. Actually I think I've probably put that one too low down the list.

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    1. Shipping...and receiving.
    2. LoTP
    3. Framed
    4. Ambush
    5. Precious Cargo
    6. Evesdropping
    7. Kidnap
    8. First City Bank and Trust
    9. Blackmail
    10. Running Interference
    11. Trail of Blood
    12. Trace the Courier
    13. Masks
    14. Casing the Joint
    15. Sabotage at Soulforge

    //no comments.

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    1. Blackmail
    2. Trail of Blood
    3. Eavesdropping
    4. Precious Cargo
    5. LotP
    6. Framed
    7. Running Interference
    8. Ambush
    9. Trace the Courier
    10. Bank
    11. Shipping and Receiving
    12. Masks
    13. Soulforge
    14. Casing
    15. Kidnap
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    Top 5:

    1. Between LoTP and Soulforge.
    2. Blackmail
    3. Precious Cargo
    4. Framed
    5. Trail of Blood (After seeing the Pagan Ghosts, I slaughtered the Mechanists brutally. That made the level on my top 5.)

    Bottom 5

    1. Casing the Joint
    2. Masks (OK, I loved that I was able to go on a KO spree, but still this level was not my favorite at all)
    3. FCB&T
    4. Kidnap
    5. S&R
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    I can't really think of a ranking, but here are the levels I liked:
    First City Bank and Trust

    Levels that I'm indifferent about (ie, they are fine as filler material):
    Shipping and Receiving
    Trace the Courier
    Precious Cargo
    Running Interference

    Levels that I just didn't like:
    Kidnap - Nice idea (hunt down your victim and kidnap him), but I didn't like the level even slightly.

    Life of the Party - Again, nice idea but it didn't feel at all like I was traveling along the rooftops of the City, it felt like I was traveling along a bunch of buildings built only for the purpose of getting me from Point A to Point B.

    Sabotage at Soulforge - I got bored with the level and never finished it. Too many bots compared to people.

    Trail of Blood - Started off decently but went downhill after entering the maw.

    Casing the Joint - If I wanted to play a level twice, I would reload it. Not a bad idea if it hadn't involved the same level as the very next mission. Playing in the area around the mansion would have been good. Peeking into windows to make a map/see where guards are/something else would have been good. Perhaps even climbing into one or two rooms to take advantage of an opportunity to grab a key/patrol assignments/guest map/whatever would have been good. Being forced to play a level twice is not good.

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    Life of the Party The Gold Standard.
    Blackmail huge adreneline rush by sneaking around a police station.
    Framed I dont know why I like this one so much. I just love exploring that big house.
    The Bank
    Shipping & Receiving freaking huge, and almost as good a straight sneaker as the Bank.
    Casing The Joint Better ghosting through television.
    Trail of Blood (first half) haunting and brilliant.
    Running Interference I barely count this as a mission. You cant really say anything good or bad about it.
    Precious Cargo
    Trace the Courier
    Kidnap this was like a combination of babysitting and clockwatching. Yawn.
    Trail of Blood (second half) annoyingly otherworldly and kinda silly.
    Masks Groundhog Day.
    Eavesdropping felt kinda pointless and rushed.
    Soulforge a chore.

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    Top 5 (in chronological order):

    -First City B&T: great visuals and good atmosphere, a real challenge
    -Trail of Blood: next to the Bonehoard, this level has the best atmosphere in the Thief series
    -LOTP: great story, design, environment, etc.
    -Precious Cargo: great design and atmosphere
    -Soulforge: a very fitting way to end the game

    There is no such thing as a bad Thief mission, however, some levels are just slightly more enjoyable than others. I have listed those above.
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    1.) Soulforge
    2.) Cargo
    3.) Framed
    4.) ToB
    5.) LotP
    6.) Eavesdropping
    7.) Blackmail
    8.) Ambush
    9.) Bank

    [... big separator ...]

    10.) Running Interference
    11.) CtJ
    12.) S&R
    13.) Kidnapping
    14.) Masks
    15.) Courier

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    Soulforge at number one???? Hmm. May have to think about this one. Currently (second time through) hating it like poison. But then again my first couple of times through RTC I thought it was an appalling, deliberately impossible piece of crap - and now I find the most compelling level in TDP. Maybe Soulforge is a "grower" as well.

    Current ratings:

    Life of the Party & Trail of Blood are top (doubt I'm the first to go on a Mechanist backstabbing mission after coming across that My Lai-style massacre - and having played the T2 demo so often I felt I knew the LotP map as well as my own home turf).
    Ambush I hated first time through, after taking several hours to reach home turf, but grew on me after second run when I got there in 20 minutes (liked the redone decor and cache after applying patch - also the removal of those jarring out-of-place non-police guards).
    Precious Cargo I rate, and will probably enjoy more once I find a way to deal with the guards on top of Station 1 on expert (killed all but the sub crew on hard and got slightly bored with wholesale murder). Main jarring factor is an apparently coal-fired submarine (I know somebody actually built one once, but it was limited by always having to have a funnel sticking out of the water).
    Casing was fairly awful, but Masks grew on me on my second run, mainly because I managed to get max loot(!!) without dying every five minutes. Not sure how much replayability it'll have though - main motivation was getting enough cash to stock up for Soulforge.

    Trace the Courier was fairly unenjoyable - very long version of the first part of Assassins, which didn't really take off until the zombie encounter in the cemetery.
    Kidnap was total rubbish - what is it, sixth mission in a row featuring Mechanists? They may be an appalling bunch of thugs, but killing them gets boring (this isn't Wolfenstein 3D!) and avoiding them/knocking them out on higher difficulty level will probably be so as well. Not that they're a bad enemy, but running into them so often is slightly tedious.
    Bank I loved first time, slightly less the second (although the basement remains a challenge) - yet to try the "wait eight hours" method.

    If this seems over-critical, don't worry - I love this game. And once I can get properly to grips with Soulforge without being consumed with fear (currently seems unlikely) I expect to love it as least as much as TDP.

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    1. Life of the party
    2. Shipping and Receiving
    3. First City Bank & Trust
    4. Eavesdropping
    5. Framed
    6. Blackmail
    7. Masks
    8. Casing
    9. Kidnap
    10. Cargo
    11. Running Interference
    12. Sabotage
    13. Ambush!
    14. Trail Of Blood
    15. Trace

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    1. Ambush! 5/5
    2. Blackmail 5/5
    3. Framed 5/5
    4. First City Bank & Trust 4/5
    5. Casing the joint 4/5
    6. Masks 4/5
    7. Running Interference 3/5
    8. Life of the party 3/5
    9. Eavesdropping 3/5
    10. Cargo 3/5
    11. Kidnap 3/5
    12. Trace 2/5
    13. Shipping and Receiving 2/5
    14. Trail Of Blood 1/5
    15. Sabotage 1/5

    I'm very surprised at other ratings. LOTP seems overrated, Mask and Casing quite underrated, imo.
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    For me the top five would be:

    1. Sabotage at Soulforge (15)
    2. Trail of Blood (9)
    3. Life of the Party (10)
    4. Kidnap (12)
    5. First City Bank and Trust (6)

    I think Trail of Blood is the most atmospheric and unique mission in TMA. Also liked Kidnap because the surroundings are very different than the most TMA missions and to return to The Lost City was just nice! Sabotage at Soulforge, Life of the Party, First City Bank and Trust - these are all massive and great all the way!

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    1. First City Bank and Trust
    2. Shipping... and Receiving
    3. Precious Cargo
    4. Casing the Joint
    5. Framed
    6. Masks
    7. Blackmail
    8. Life of the Party
    9. Running Interference
    10. Eavesdropping
    11. Trace the Courier
    12. Kidnap
    13. Trail of Blood
    14. Sabotage at Soulforge
    15. Ambush!

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    Blurry image, still legible enough I guess. I'm still seriously torn between Blackmail vs Bank being two contenders for the first place, but had to pick something.

    Either way this game has essentially no bad missions, and most of them keep extremely good level of quality, which is why I placed so many of them at the top. I also love the variety in their atmospheres and how coherently the transitions were executed.
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    I had a list prepared already, so I'll just paste it here.

    01. Shipping... and Receiving
    02. First City Bank and Trust
    03. Life of the Party
    04. Framed
    05. Blackmail
    06. Masks
    07. Sabotage at the Soulforge
    08. Precious Cargo
    09. Ambush!
    10. Kidnap
    11. Casing the Joint
    12. Running Interference
    13. Eavesdropping
    14. Trail of Blood
    15. Trace the Courier

    Trace isn't so bad in itself, but we have a reused map and pretty tedious objective so there's that. Trail of Blood I find more annoying and dated, but at least there was an effort on LGS part.
    Places 10-13 are very close, Kidnap has the most ambitious layout of the bunch but is also a chore, sometimes.
    I'm not the biggest fan of Mechanist stuff, especially when it goes sci fi with radiowaves and submarines, but other than that, Cargo and Soulforge are well-designed and interesting. I think the former might use more polish, but the lighthouse and pirate caves are worthy additions Metal Age's portfolio.

    Most taffers downgrade Masks for repetition, personally I'd rather punish Casing because getting the job done is more vital than the preparation... some say "you can get masks in Casing so it's a superior level" but I disagree, it's just a mistake on creator's part, we shouldn't be able to enter upper floors at all.

    Places 1-4 would make my TOP 10 list of all Thieves, these levels are damn good! "Shipping" might just be my favorite, most essential Thief OM in all games, I just love the atmosphere, the theme, hidden crates, variety of stores and loot, it's just amazing.

    Time constraints and impending doom of LGS affected some of these levels (a third?), but with more polish, TMA could possibly rival T1 Gold. We'll never know for sure though.

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    I was gonna post a list but the forum logged me out and ate it. FML.

    TLDR: Casing the Joint is the best one, Soulforge the worst and I find mechanist stuff boring (but love Hammerites). LotP is too spread-out/unfocused and overrated. Mansion-style missions with mystery and stories to tell are the best (Casing, Blackmail, Framed, Running Interference). I do not like open-world environments that are overused (like in T3) but Ambush/Trace the Courier is rare enough to be OK.

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    I'll start from the worst.

    15. Sabotage at Soulforge.
    Definitely the worst level for me. Too long, annoying and boring. Sometimes too empty, sometimes too hard. Didn't like this one at all.

    14. Kidnap.
    Cool idea, but this level has the same problems as the Soulforge. At least it's not that long.

    13. Trace the Courier.
    Short, pretty linear, not much to do. And yeah, it's just a copy of "Ambush!" level.

    12. Ambush!
    The idea of this level is interesting, but the execution is meh. Would've been more interesting if you could enter more buildings.

    11. Casing the Joint.
    I don't know why, but I didn't really like ghosting in this one. Interesting secrets (secret passages and secret room with corpses), the design is pretty good, but it feels too empty and the mission itself feels kinda useless because of the next level (Masks).

    10. Masks.
    It would've been higher on this list if it wasn't a copy of the previous level. This one doesn't feel that empty (more NPCs, more notes/scrolls etc).

    9. Precious Cargo.
    Another cool idea, but it felt like they didn't tell us a lot about the project itself. Personally, I just don't like pirate/water themed levels in games so I didn't enjoy this one that much.

    8. Trail of Blood.
    I liked it because of the story, the atmosphere was amazing and the music really tied it up together. But it was too linear and probably too easy.

    7. Eavesdropping.
    The great part about this level is the first half, after you overhear the coversation between Karras and Truart, it just turns into the "okay, I'll do it" quest which you are not really interested in.

    6. Running Interference.
    I've played this level on Normal difficulty, so I didn't really see a lot of stuff, can't really tell much about this level.

    5. Life of the Party.
    Great idea, I loved all the little rooms and houses you can sneak into while you are on your road to the Angelwatch. Plus, I liked all the little stories and interactions you encounter on this level. Angelwatch itself is not bad, but, once again, it feels empty and it's design could've been much cooler.

    4. First City Bank and Trust.
    Liked this level, but the main thing I didn't like about this level is the design. It feels too confusing and kinda random for the biggest bank of the City, especially the statues room and the corpse in the secret room. Basement feels like it's some kind of sewerage or something.

    3. Blackmail.
    Great level in all of it's aspects. Didn't really like the surrounding area of the mansion, gladly it wasn't the main part of this level.

    2. Framed.
    I really liked ghosting in this one. A lot of secrets, lots of lore/stories to discover.

    1. Shipping... and Receiving.
    Lots of interesting places to loot. Great story development in terms of lore/foreshadowing.

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    Top missions:
    Bank - its overall a fun mission(only disappointment is that there is no loot objective and the other lockers are empty)
    Party - nice to explore the city
    Soulforge - its a real challenge compared to Maw

    Running Interference - for the first mission its ok. Nothing special, but solid
    Framed - while Im not a fan of ghosting, this can be enjoyable
    Eavesdropping - I like the atmosphere of the Cathedral and the soundtrack
    Blackmail & Masks - just some classic manion missions that are enjoyable for me

    Blood - while the idea is interesting, it has annoying parts. Like loot hidden in an area only reachable when taking damage(or I havent figured out a way to do it without)
    Cargo - overall ok, but the diving was a bit annoying

    Not so good:
    Shipping - the music can get annoying and I dislike the hidden loot like spice bags, and the door system gets tiring after a while
    Ambush - just not so much fun...

    Kidnap - I already dislike Lost City, so the reaons for Kidnap are the same. Too convoluted layout and too many hidden loot.

    Strong dislike:
    Trace - its just annoying and often fails unexpected.
    Casing - while I like Masks Casing just seems unnecessary in all ways. I dont see why Garrett should bother with mapping it out before, he never did that. The ghosting restriction is annoying and the loot placement boring. Most of it are just lucky coins spread all over the mansion, showing me that the designers ran out of ideas

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    See my order and also short summaries, strictly from an end-consumer perspective.

    1. First City Bank and Trust - complex indoor map, non linear play, nice place

    2. Life of the Party - instant classic, the genre maker of thieves' highway missions

    3. Casing the Joint - not popular, but for me, the first really enormous mansion with forced ghosting is just something essential Thief

    4. Trail of Blood - unique pagan atmosphere

    5. Blackmail - nice example of a mansion mission

    6. Precious Cargo - nice example of an exotic/remote setting

    7. Framed - level designers could easily go wrong with a police station, but not with this one

    8. Running Interference - for me, this is the prototype of those quiet, calm, small mansion missions

    9. Eavesdropping - This complex is not bad, not so great either

    10. Shipping and Receiving - It is hard to make a storage room level exciting, however, it's not that bad.

    11. Masks - returning to a previous map with no really big changes is not so motivating.

    12. Ambush - I found that portion of the city boring, especially because of bluecoat overload.

    13. Kidnap - this is something that takes any mystery away from the lost city, at least how we knew it before. Not good.

    14. Trace the Courier - Following someone is a nice task, and we all know it from Assassins. This is lame.

    15. Sabotage at Soulforge - I always hated this one. The huge and boring factory building with the not so uplifting endgame is a putdown for me.
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    Having just finished Thief 2 a few days ago, I find this thread very interesting to read through.

    I definitely didn't like this game nearly as much as Thief Gold. I have three missions here which I classify as Good, though in Thief Gold, that number would be about ten (with some being Great). I think my opinions will change upon replaying the game, but here's my list for the time being.

    Life of the Party - no surprise here, great variety for exploration. A better integrated Shipping and Receiving
    Sabotage at Soulforge - love the soulless nature of "Soulforge". Karras surrounded by inventions and machines. What would Constantine have thought of this?
    Trail of Blood - good to finally see the Pagan humans, and a refreshing change from the urban settings

    Not bad:
    Framed - I love the backstory here. Good amount of doubt and worry between the members of the City Watch
    Blackmail - a good mansion level design. I expected some kind of catch in meeting the Sheriff, a good twist at the end.
    First City Bank and Trust - heaps of watchers and marble floors, truly demonstrates the challenges a Thief faces with new technology
    Shipping... and Receiving - good variety of exploration, just like LotP, but the number input system doesn't make this large map any easier to move around
    Precious Cargo - love the haunted pirate ship, but feel there should've been more ghosts, and more challenging to escape
    Masks - better off without Casing the Joint. I did like the library backstory, and finding the corpses was a real shock.

    Ambush! - nice to finally see Garrett's home, but level is sorely lacking in any other backstory or content
    Running Interference - nicely designed introductory level, but should have been better integrated into the main story
    Eavesdropping - map had great potential, but wasn't utilized well. Pleasant surprise to see Haunts again

    Trace the Courier - take the worse part of Assassins and make it into an entire mission. Why?
    Kidnap - I liked Lost City in T1, but having the same terrain and pasting on Mechanists just makes for a messy level that's awkward to traverse
    Casing the Joint - waste of a mission. Interesting that you can complete the main objective of Masks as an optional objective here
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