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Thread: Who Are You?

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    Registered: Apr 2002
    Location: Texas
    I am Elaine from San Antonio, but my heart belongs to Seattle I just wish the rest of me did as well, I am in Sales insurance (oh JOY! how did that happen??!?!?!) I hang out with the biker crowd but don't ride, it does make for some pretty dramatic evenings though.

    I am so addicted to Thief that once when my computer crashed I snuck up on my best friend and black jacked her with a shoe, she was not amused LOL

    I am currently playing Mystery man and am kind of stuck and came here to look for a hint or two and got distracted.

    oh and this is my first post on this forum!

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    Registered: Dec 2001
    Location: Dromed Detention Room
    Hi Myystique,
    at the bottom of the Forums page, click post new thread. put in Mytery Man in the Post Subject box, then type in your question about Mystery Man in the box underneath, then click submit. 3 to 5 odds it will be Nightwalker who knows the answer. Welcome to the forums.

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    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Pacific Northwest
    I have been reading posts in this forum for a very long time and I am a devotee of anything Thief. I have also never posted before. The reason I am posting is that I find there is a mutual respect among individuals here more than I would find in many other forums or places on the net. I am married and childfree. I am a web designer and my DH is a graphic designer/artist. I ask myself why I like Thief so much. Perhaps it's because I like to find things, sneak around, and catch people by surprise. Sometimes when I am discovered while sneaking around I figure I might as well go for it and run around like a fool scoping out the landscape before I die. I have played each OM (at least twice) and I think I have played just about every FM available. I await with bated breath the next FM that an illustrious author has taken the time to voluntarily give themselves up for. Please keep them coming. I have an insatiable appetite for them

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    Registered: May 2000
    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada

    Welcome to the forum Myystique! I hope we see you around, lots. Another Thief addict is always welcome.

    I absolutely LOVE reading this thread. It was a great idea! It's a lot of fun to read about the people who share a love of Thief, especially all these great FMs. Keep'em coming, folks!

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    Registered: Oct 2001
    Location: Minnesota, USA
    Hi, my real name is Chuck. I am 30 and have been married for 11 years. I have two kids, a daughter (12) and a son (11). When I play thief they both like to watch and cheer on the bad guy!! As you can tell from my handle, I really like to knock AI down. It took me a month of playing to realize what the Sap was for!!! I have been a thief fan for about 4 years (98). The single most influential event in my life was graduation from basic / Advanced training for infantry in the US Army and then going to the Persian Gulf a year later. I taught myself computer hardware over the last ten years or so and currently work for a large medical institution in Rochester as a PC Technician. My Favorite Thief Gold Mission is Assassins. Thief 2 is Life of the Party. I too really like the 2nd story work(I served with the 101st Airborne). Calendra's Cistern is my favorite FM, but not by much. Smugglers request gave me that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that I miss from younger days. There are so many good FM's out there. Calendra's Legacy has left me in somewhat of apathetic state, I mean after that jewel of a FM, all else just seems anti climatic. I am currently playing another game (Blasphemy, I know ) Dungeon Siege, just to pass the time until I get my zest for Thief back. To all the Moderators, and FM designers a Big Thank YOU!!

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    Registered: Apr 2002
    Location: Texas
    Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the welcome! Its nice to know that I am not the only victim of Thief fever!

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    Registered: May 2002
    Location: Germany
    Hi, my name is Christine (you guess it...), i'm 35 years old, married and I have two children, Corinna (9 years) and Lukas (6 years).

    I like playing thief and system shock 2. I can't say, which fanmission I like most, there are so many...
    My husband don't play, he allways says "Wy can't you watch TV like others?" But he help me finished my fanmission, he allways take a look, when I don't know which texture I should use and so on...

    Thank you for your nice welcome in the threat "German Taffers"
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    Registered: Jul 2001
    Location: England: Derbyshire

    You're welcome Christine
    I have the Builders patience on my side!
    Author of Thief2 Objects List v1, 2 & 3, Thief Book Wizard, Bassett's Keep, The Ring, The Game, Karras' Diary, Secret Weapon and co author Mixed Messages

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    Registered: Oct 2001
    Location: Minnesota, USA

    My Real name is Chuck

    Ok ya got me, my real name is Charles. Happy?

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    Registered: May 2002
    Location: Birmingham, Al
    Name: Jeff
    Birthdate: 9-13-75
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Height: 5'9"
    Hair: Brown
    Eye: Blue
    Location: Slidell ( right outside of New Orleans), Louisiana , USA

    I, like many of other posters on this thread, am a musician. Check out my band's website COG, I'm the one on the right, Dr. Pentatonic. I have a college degree but I don't let that stop me from having absolutely no shot at having a "real" job.

    I've noticed most fans of thief are quite intelligent ( me being the exception ). I really enjoy the SLOW pace of the game, how I can patiently wait in the shadows for that perfect moment...... wait..... ...... hold on ........ NOW !!!! (BONK) (slumps to ground )

    Favorite missions:
    7th Crystal
    Art of Thievery
    Creature Clash 2

    Anyway, my girlfriend doesn't appreciate anything I do that involves my computer. Man, why couldn't she be more like some of these women on this forum..... OH CRAP .... HERE SHE COMES! GOTTA GO NOW! ...... ( no dear, I wasn't writting anything about you .... no put down that knife ..... NOOOOOOOOOOOO..... )


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    Registered: Dec 2001
    Location: Alberta
    Oopse, uhmm let me repeat that one LOL!

    I'm jolene as u know already from my previous post and I am from canada. I have two boys Duncan (7) and Hugh (5). I'm a single mom and studying to be a nurse.

    lets see my favorite missions..... I love the 7th crystal, up sh*t creek, all though I hate zombie mission and hammerite haunts... my little ones hate zombies.. my boyfriend ross loves them

    I'm 25, yeap I'm a spring chicken BRawww Brawww !!!

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    Registered: Jul 1999
    Location: did that shadow move?
    What a great idea for a thread. And one that totally deserves a post since I am still a "newbie" even though I have registered in '99!

    Well, here it goes. My name is Daniel Kessler, I am 26 and have a B.S. in B.S. , but this august I will start medical school in Florida. I moved to the US from Germany in 1995
    and I must say it is a great country to be in.

    Favorite hobbies include Thief (naturally), piano (have played it 22 years), reading as well as the outdoors.

    although at the moment I have taken a short hiatus from FMs, I will most likely start again once I am in medical school. I am sure that I will be able to find some time there with that rigourous schedule.

    fav missions include the sword, assassins as well as LotP for T2
    (but I must confess that to this day I have not played/finished Soulforge)
    I never connected with T2 as I connected with T1. but that is a story that is better left unexplained.

    as far as FM's go: all the ones I have played deserve to be mentioned.
    I have played 85-90% l of them!

    take care

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    Registered: Dec 1999
    Location: Maryland, USA
    My real name is Nikhil but most people call me Nick. I'll be 39 years old in a couple of weeks. I'm originally from India but have been in the US for the past 33 years living in Maryland (just outside Washington, DC) for 30 of those years. I'm married with the first kid due in October. I work as a programmer.

    I used to play other computer games until Thief came along and now none of the others interest me. I've got some games that my wife bought for me which I've never even installed. Luckily my wife appreciates Thief. She doesn't play but she will sit there and watch me play. She even helps me by leaning and ducking when I'm trying to avoid AIs or trying to mantle.

    If you want to see a picture of me, check my profile.

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    Registered: May 2002
    Location: Between dreams and shadows...
    Heh, why not...

    I'm Chris, a 21-again year old hacker (read this before you jump to conclusions). I work as a sysadmin, programmer, distributed learning course support and development guy and DL technology researcher at Manchester University in the UK. I'm also the lead designer and coder in a team working to produce a rather complex single-player/multiplayer 3D space trading, exploration and combat game for Linux (because I detest Windows).

    What little free time is left over from that is used on various pursuits ranging from sensible things like hiking and hill-walking (well...) or playing Thief through to doing less-than-sane things like building robots or dabbling with dromed. I also spend quite a lot of time making other people worried about privacy issues, government corruption, corporate control of governments and other happy by-products of our less than utopian society and greedy, power-mad leaders.

    BTW, this is actually my second ID on these boards - my old one (TheWatcher - note the missing space) seems to have disappeared into the ether so I had to rejoin.
    Last edited by The Watcher; 19th Jun 2002 at 11:35.

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    Registered: May 2002
    Location: Berlin
    Hi my name is Gernot. I'm 18 years old and go to school in Berlin.

    I've been addicted to computer games since I got my first 386 (lemmings, perestroika yay!).
    Later on I played only RTSs and RPGs until I stumbled over the demo of the most innovative game since DUNE II (imho).

    After playing both games for about a year I deleted them from harddisk and lend my copies to my friends because I was tired of it, but about two months ago I found the circle and this forum and realized how much I missed about those great games: Lots of FMs, alternate playing modes and people who don't think this is a boring fps with ugly graphics. Now thief is the only game I play and my telephone charge has almost doubled.

    well then
    favourite OMs: DOWN IN THE BONEHOARD , the sword, rtc and lotp

    favourite FMs: Mysteryman, bloodstone prison, alarus extension, invman, Abendspaziergang and ranstall keep

    stay in the shadows

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    Registered: May 2001
    Location: Michigan
    I'm sure "mfeuti" will show up although I useually sign up as "Duende".

    My name is Michael Feuti, I'm now 31... married with out children.

    Introduced to Thief 1 when it was but a few months old, by some proudly acknowledged... computer geeks and gaming experts; and quickly rose to supreme Thief. In fact I was called into the division office to explain why I played computer games after hours at work. I was allowed to continue after a very detailed explaination (and brief presetation of the Thief Wolrd). What I do on my time is my own concern, right? Anyway, I have a decent computer at home now.

    I love Thief and the whle idea of watching and waiting, sneaking and tactics. I hardly use moss arrows or water arrows and I always play on EXPERT. I'm but a week or so away from purchasing Underworld Tournament(?) so I can play Thievery UT.

    RECOGNIZE "DUENDE" (or variations thereof) BECAUSE I AM COMING to MP... AND WAITING FOR THEF 3 as well!!

    I've been to other Forums and this is the best!!

    I love you ladies and gentleman of all ages. You all are terrific.

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    Registered: Aug 1999
    Location: Washington DC metro, USA
    Hi gang. Since you asked. My real name is John, and I live in Virginia, just outside Washington DC. Am probably not the oldest guy on this forum, but close to it. "Oldgeezer" has me beat by a couple of years. I'll be six oh, next month. (OK, six oh, going on twelve). Kids are all adults with lives and kids of their own, my other knickname is Grandpa, and it's just me & the Mrs. at home.

    In real life I'm an environmental engineer. Used to be one of those people you see in white suits and breathing tanks cleaning up chemical spills, and chemical waste dumpsites. Today it's more chemical process water treatment, and fuel storage tank projects.

    Hobbies are old musclecars of the '60's, computers, and thief.

    Drive a '66 Shelby Cobra replica that I built from a kit, and have had on the street now for about a year. It's a ball to drive.

    Last store bought computer was IBM PCjr in '83. Have assembled my own from components ever since.

    Played Thief1, Thief Gold, Thief II, discovered this forum 3 years ago, and have been playing Thief FM's ever since. Didn't realize how spoiled I'd become until I took my laptop on a trip with me, and replayed some Thief OM's. Thief OM's are really quite crude compared to these FM's. You folks keep making them, and I'll keep playing them.

    Have so far resisted the urge to delve into DromEd, but it might be fun. Personally, would like to see some spicer missions with Garrett and Mercedes. Think it might be time for a female Garrett to play a leading role, particularly in light of the fact that we have female FM authors making some pretty spectacular missions.

    What is so mind blowing about this forum is how global it is. Used to be mostly a USA and UK crowd with a Finn or two. Today, virtually every country on the globe with the possible exception of mainland China has members on this forum, and FM's translated from whatever language it was written in, to every other language it is played in. The common denominator today is the enjoyment of the game, and the company here. I love it.

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    Registered: Oct 2001
    Location: Minnesota, USA
    I'm bumping this up in the hope that more people will reply. I LIKE this thread!

    Me too! I think its great we get such a variety of different people from all over the world who have this passion for all things thiefy. We seemed to have a lot of new members - feel free to enter what you feel comfortable sharing. If you are new to TTLG - A Big Welcome!

    I did get my interest back for Thief, despite paying 50 USD for Morrowind. I have only played about 2 hours of the game. I mean these fm authors keep kicking out all this great content, I may never get my money's worth from Bethesda!
    The problem is choice...

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    Registered: Jun 2001
    Location: NYC
    How did I miss this thread the first time?
    Real name is Dave. I'm turning 36 in November - I studied to be an archaeologist and had fun while still in college, but when I graduated and started working for real decided I hated the job (I worked for the US government - which is probably why I hated it). Now I'm a teacher of Social Studies. I was born in NYC and have lived here my whole life - though I've spent a lot of time in Denmark and Jeg taler Dansk. I've been married a little over a year but have been together with my wife for over 7 years - no kids yet .
    I can remember licking my chops the first time I saw screen shots for Thief 1 and thinking God that looks amazing I hope it's good. I've made two fms - both for T1 since I prefer it to T2.
    Lately I've been playing The Thing, Mafia, Grand Theft Auto and my new favorite Medieval Total War.
    I guess the last thing I will say is that it's been difficult living in NYC since 9/11 - I live in Manhattan and watched the whole thing unfold. My wife and I were absolutely terrified - Just never experienced any thing like it.
    I hope more people post about themselves I really enjoyed reading everyone's bios.
    Pleas keep it going.....

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    Registered: Dec 1999
    Location: Manchester, CT

    47 and still Taffin

    47, Printing sales, 2 kids, wife, Prog music, heavy metal, ambient music, fan. Also, writer. See
    Taffer Logic

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    Registered: Jul 2001
    Location: Netherlands
    Hi, my name is Claudia, 27 years old and working at a newspaper as a technical dtp-er.
    Living in the netherlands.
    I am addicted to thief for a couple of years now and i keep coming back.
    Favorite level for thiefg is, almost everything accept the boneheard.
    Favorite level for thief2 is, lotp.

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    Registered: Aug 2002
    Location: England
    Hi, my name is Mel. I am female, 44 and married to my husband, Iain. We live in the North East of England. I have also lived in different states in the US and two towns in Germany. I spent many years just outside of Nashville, Tennessee but my favourite American city is San Francisco, California.

    Thief is my favorite game but I have also enjoyed Deus Ex and No One Lives Forever. Most other games just get too tied up in a slaughter fest. I like to sneak around and hide in the shadows. My favorite original mission was the Mage Towers in Thief Gold. I stumbled across this forum by accident just trying to find out information for Thief III.

    I have really enjoyed the FMs I have played and I am impressed by the talent around here.
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    Registered: May 2002
    Location: An island in Norway

    Re: Who Are You?

    My real name is Sissel Janneth Stava, have a boyfriend and I'm 21 years old.

    Favorite mission is definetly "The 7th Crystal".

    I live on a small island in southwestern Norway. It's pretty boring but people from Germany loves it and they keep coming every year (I wonder why!).
    I recently finished the IT Academy and have become a "webmaster".

    In my sparetime I like to play chess (big hobby, taking it seriously), go fishing, walk around in the forest, go swimming in the summer, play badminton, play Thief and work out.
    "why be normal when you're happy as crazy?"
    -->My webpage<--

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    Registered: Mar 2002
    Location: California
    My name is Spiro Halikas, I'm 18 years old and I am a part-time computer technician, part-time student (3rd year in college).

    I live in Santa Rosa, California which is about 100km north of San Fransisco. I've always loved the games in the Thief series, but I've only been playing the FMs for a relatively short amount of time. I also like online first person shooters such as Tribes2.

    Favorite TDP OM: Lord Bafford's Manor
    TDP FM: Calendra's Cistern
    T2 OM: Life of the Party
    T2 FM: Just for Show

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    New Member
    Registered: Oct 1999
    Location: Glasgow, Scotland.
    I'm Gordon, 26 from Scotland. I work for a large, boring, insurance firm sorting out motor claims.

    I play bass in a rock band but we're completely crap.

    Apart from playing Thief the only other games I play are the Command & Conquer series. Am patiently waiting for Elite 4 to surface, then i'll lock myself away from the world forever.

    Enjoy horror books; Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Herbert etc. Sometimes enjoy writing, usually sci-fi, twilight zone stuff. Also, listening to rock music.
    Bring back Grunge I say

    Used to write games for the Amiga in my teenage years. Had quite a few released by F1 Licenceware and 5D Licenceware. Glorious days

    Have a girlfriend, who cooks for me, otherwise it would be pizza, Jaffa Cakes and budweiser for every meal No kids.

    I love Jaffa Cakes. They're the best

    Spend my weekends gambling the last of my cash, watching football (Glasgow Rangers) and drinking serious amounts of alcohol with my band mates where we re-live our teenage immaturity

    Favourite T1 OM: Return To Cathedral
    Favourite T2 OM: Trail of Blood

    I have no particular favourite FM, enjoy all of them. There's always some sort of creativity that is unique to the author

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