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Thread: Who Are You?

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    Registered: Jul 2001
    Location: The Shadows

    *Kestril emerges from a nearby shadow*

    My real name? Uh...uh...Ben I think. I can never tell. (Since more people call me Neo then my real name. Note to everyone never buy a leather trench coat. Which is weird since his isn't leather in the &*%$ing movie. Sorry, working out some aggression there) Yeah it's Ben. 20 years old as of last month. Part-time computer technician. Livin' out here in Idaho. Do a lot of stuff at the local community theater. (My computer is spending more time there than it does at home) Favorite missions huh? Uh it's all good. Except that one which I didn't like. I enjoy writing and role playing and such.
    Not quite a falcon, but close enough to be just as dangerous.
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    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Helsinki, Finland
    My name is Ville Paavolainen (that's where my user came from ), 18 years old and live in Finland (you can also see the city from my location text). Addicted to Thief since early 1999, I finally learned how to make simple FMs and now I'm trying to make one. No job at the moment, my lukio studyings (high school in English I assume) are almost over, just the final exams left. I like cats and pets generally, we had a cat which disappeared to nearby forest in age of 18 (very old for a cat). He was the catking of the street, his name was Raafael but we just called him "Raffu". We got very cute little black cat 1 1/2 years ago but it disappeared last year (sometimes I still call for it to come back).

    I'm a true Thief fan myself, I even dressed up as Garrett when we were celebrating the ending of high school two weeks ago ("penkkarit" in Finnish).

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    Registered: Dec 2002
    Location: Peoples Republic of Boulder
    My name is Jay (which is where I get the inspiration for my exceedingly clever name in the forums). I am a 27 year old nursing student (I know what your thinking and you are right....nursing IS an exceptionally manly profession) living in Boulder, CO with my wife, Becky (just celebrated our 8th anniversary!). Besides digging computer games (of which the Thief series is my all time favorite), I like pen and paper roleplaying (where I also tend to favor devious and sneaky charactes), reading, backpacking, traveling and climbing.

    I saw 'Dark Project' when it first came out and thought "gee... that seems like a really cool game," but didn't get around to playing it until recently (reformed console gamer). A few months ago I downloaded the T2 demo and was amazed at how cool a game it was. Since then I have pretty much ignored most of the other games I have. Favorite missions so far are probably Framed for T2, Bonehoard/Cragscleft for TG and a tie between Calendra's Cistern and Bloodstone Prison for FMs (really haven't played may T2 FMs yet...Trying to get most of the TG ones I want to play first).

    On a side note, I have been really impressed with the Thief community... very mature, friendly and enjoyable. Thanks everyone.

    ps Nightwalker, thanks for bumping this up to give some of us new folks a good opportunity to introduce ourselves
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    Registered: Jun 2001
    Location: England
    Who Are You?
    My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

    Eer...let me try that one again.

    My name in Tim (Timothy if I've been naughty and you are shouting at me) Murray and I'm 27 years old, unmarried (but live with my girlfriend), have a cat named Miss Sassy Furmount and a family of miniature cactus plants called Gollum, Uber Minx, Tiny Bronco, Pepeluto, Spike and Threepwood. I live in the UK and work as a landscape gardener. My true thieveing home is at the "Burrick" (Eidos), but I have been visiting these shores for quite a while now.

    I love cinema, music, clubbing, socialising, reading and PC gaming. I've been playing Thief since the day of the UK release (I remember booking a day off work and waiting outside my local computergames dealer to snap up a copy of TDP), and have managed (god knows how) to release a few meager FM offerings.

    I am currently half drunk.

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    Location: Singapore
    names Kent from singapore. age...... well lets leave that out for now

    writing and gaming IS MY LIFE.

    fave missions: life of the party

    came to knew abt thief from purely by accident. saw it, caught my eye. bought it

    sorry for the short post but thats all i can think off currently... ive been online for 13 hrs

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    Registered: Sep 2002


    I love reading this thread so I'm moving it up just to get new ones to post on it.

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    Registered: Feb 2003
    Location: attic
    Only been here a month or so, but I'll add my little bio.

    My real name is Eivind Nilssen, I just turned 29 and I live in Oslo, Norway. (Oh, and I'm male for those unfamiliar with scandinavian names).

    I used to work as an internet consultant/coder/etc, but got fed up and quit last summer. I now try to sustain myself by doing freelance work, but the IT market is pretty slow these days, so I have quite a bit more spare time than I really want. Hence my rekindled interest in the Thief universe (big thanks to all the FM creators ).

    I'm also recovering from a nasty MMORPG addiction (played AO for almost 2 years), and is enjoying the ability to catch up on all the real life(tm) stuff I've been neglecting during that time.

    I'm somewhat of a "housewife" now for the two friends I rent this place with, and I'm an excellent cook and baker

    I loathe the undeads in the Thief universe, so naturally my favourite missions are more of the LotP and Art of Thievery variety (city/mansion types).

    - schma

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    Registered: Jun 2001
    Location: Northbay, Ont. Canada
    Hi, my name is Dan, will be 43 in about 11 days. The love of my life and I, live in North Bay, Ont. Canada .Well, I enjoy thief, commandos, command & conquer etc.. I like games that makes you think. I truly appreciate all those who creates these excellent missions.I am pretty shy,so that is why I dont write much. I use to be a driller's helper, construction worker all my life, but life throws you a curve and I being disable since 1990. Life could always be worst. I really enjoy the thief forum and I like to help others by betatesting. I surely wish, I could make fan missions, can't seem to get the knack of it. Anyway, that is all I have to say. Thanks.

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    Registered: Oct 2002
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Hey all. I'm Lachlan (you never would have guessed that, eh?), 18 years old. I study computer engineering at uni after finishing high school in 2001. I love gaming (especially on pc) and have many favourites, but the Thief series (and LGS games in general) are without a doubt some of the most immersive and amazing games ever. I think I first started visiting here regularly about september last year (when I finally bought Thief 2.) I got started with the Bafford's Mansion demo (in what, 1998?), bought System Shock 2 a bit later (loved it) then Thief Gold. Unfortunately, I
    haven't actually finished any of these games! Up to the final mission/area for all 3, but then rl and maybe a HD format or something always get in the way. Ah well, I've replayed SS2 at least 3 times now, and look forward to playing T2 on Expert.

    According to DarkLoader, (and my memory) the first FMs I played were Equilibrium and Hightowne Museum - which obviously left me needing more . I've finished about 75 since then, nearly all of which have been absolutely amazing, and am looking forward to playing many more. I have checked out Komag's dromed tutorial, but don't really have time to work on a mission.. maybe in a few years .

    Favourite OM: LOTP without a doubt. (After playing it about 5 times, I just had to buy TMA. The argument between those guards just never get old.)
    Favourite FM: Oh come on, how can I possibly choose from so many? Alright then, top ten(in no order):
    Benny's dead, Hightowne museum, Deceptive perceptions, Saturio returns home, Two fathers, Washout central, Durant, Embracing the enemy, Calendra's legacy, Hidden agenda.

    Oh, we also have a cat . About 5 years old, tonkinese. She'd be great if she didn't constantly try to get out at night to catch wildlife


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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: NeoTokyo
    I left a little bio in another thread when I first came on, but I guess I'll put something here while I'm in the neighborhood.

    My name's Cade. I'm from TX, now a law student at NYU, 26, studying international law, which means I should either be studying right now or watching CNN (as my entire field of study is apparently being rewritten each day that passes)...but I like it here so much all your interesting posts and FMs are going to give me horrible grades this semester.

    I got T1 & T2 right when they came out. Right after I got T2, I left for Asia (Japan and Korea) to teach English for something like 2 years, playing it on my laptop. I starting dabbling on Dromed almost right away (so that was like 2-3 years ago now, I guess, whenever T2 first came out). But I didn't have internet for two years I was making my own little levels. I spent so much time doing it, and the whole time I was wondering....I wonder how many other people out there are doing this, and is there any kind of community for this stuff, and jeez I could use some help here. And lo and behold, as soon as I get back to the US, here's this crowd with all the Dromeding tricks I'd been trying to figure out on my own for the last 3 years...only now I don't have any time to do it anymore!!

    Bummer too, because I just had the *best* idea for a FM...Now I only wish the day had 30 hours in it so I could make it.

    Anyway, my favorite FMs are about what everyone else's are (I lean on the aesthetic side. Good ambiance and tight 'packaging' of a story goes a long way with me)...though I'll admit, while I hated the undead in the beginning...after I got to know them and realized how much we have in common, I feel like we're all one big happy family now. I say, the more haunts the merrier! (when they asked me to *join them now*, I couldn't resist)

    I think this is a terrific group. I think it's worth making the FM I want to, not only because I find dromeding thereputic...but because I think this is such a great community to give something to. There's something Pavlonian about the way you all hunger for the next FMs to devour. You'll just have to wait a while for mine.


    *Dema retreats back into the mythological land of antitrust from whence he came*
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    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Hi--my real name is Cindy. I've skulked around the forum now for almost 3 years and just saw this thread. I've loved meeting y'all.

    I was born and raised in Chicago, lived in Dallas for a while and now live near Louisville (home of the Kentucky Derby). I was a foreign language major in college (German, with French as my secondary), but that was a different lifetime. I am (*sigh*) 41, married with 2 stepsons and 2 daughters, the youngest of which is 3 years old and my husband calls her the "devil child." I've been a housewife/mom for the last 6 years, but part of that time my husband and I owned and operated a restaurant. My interests include motorcylces, archery hunting (please no nasty notes from PETA members), genealogy, creative writing and I breed Clydesdale horses.

    I got interested in computer games as a stress-reliever, my favorite ones being Thief and the Half-Life series. SOF II is also pretty good if you just want to go kill something. My favorite missions are Assassins, Trial By Night, Equilibrium, and several others that would take forever to list. I dink with designing my own mission, but don't have a lot of time to spend on it, and DromEd drives me crazy! Hats off to folks like Thorin, Schwaa, Belboz, Frobber and others who have designed some truly high-quality missions.
    There is no try--Do, or Do Not

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    Clydesdales! Cool! I don't remember the breed, but when I was a little boy in the Maritimes, we had a big horse (well, I was little so he was big) that used to pull all nine of us to school every morning in the sleigh. We just let him loose at night, he never left. Always there every morning to pull the sleigh. He was cool.

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    Registered: Oct 2000
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    When thinking "Clydesdales" think "Budweiser"--those are the horses that appear in their commercials, only mine are black. And they are way cool!

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    Registered: Feb 2003
    Location: Stalking the Tumtum tree
    figure that my name and whatnot will be nicely hidden in all the posts like a body in a well darkened closet

    Name is Kris, 25, X - U.S. Army (12B20) now in Wisconsin US and I am an automation programmer/ journymen electrictian.

    If any of you work where there is a stainless steel tank or electric box with an A&B lable on it, chances are pretty good I either did the electrical, the programming or both. Nothing even near as difficult as game programming, but better money (in that everybody wants to program a game, but very few people program industrial). The best part is that the idea is always the same, but the situation is ALWAYS something different.

    On a personnel note, since I have started playing with DromEd, I have hit Insert in a vain attempt to Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V so many times that my boss sometimes wonders what new drug I have found.

    Jam tomorrow;
    Jam yesterday;
    Never jam today.

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    Location: California, USA, Earth
    I am a human being, well... if you ignore my ability to cast firebolts at will.

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    Don't spoil the thread with nonsense, Haunt-of-Doom. Most of us like reading it to find out more about the people who share our love of Thief. Why not join in and tell us something REAL about yourself.

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    Location: California, USA, Earth
    Umm.. ok.. i'm Human, the end. Goodbye.

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    Location: Tucson, AZ
    my real name is Patrick Hoots. i am a 20 year old college sophomore attending the university of Arizona. i am majoring in computer science and once i graduate, i will be attending UAT in phoenix for grad school so i can one day make video games. i am originally from pueblo west, colorado, one of the biggest holes in the ground on this continent. i have one brother, thomas, who is nearly a senior in high school who's thief interests only derive from observing me (he doesn't wanna play for some weird reason), though he did love calendra's cistern, especially the end (gee, i wonder why). anyways, i like computer and video games, japanese anime, college football and college hoops, sketching, writting short stories, and 4x4 driving.

    Favorite Thief Mission: Tie between Assassins and Songs of the Caverns

    Favorite Thief 2 Mission: Life of the Party (this was the very first thief mission i have ever played. once i finished the demo to this, my body actually quivered in joy for more, lol)

    Favorite FM: three way tie between Calendra's Cistern (Tom's fav too ) , Calendra's Legacy, and the 7th Crystal. these babies were loaded with unbelievable twists, story, graphic upgrades, etc
    The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his

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    Someone should start a thread on 'Why Are You?' .... *gets hit by someone* what?! It was only a suggestion... hey... did that shadow move? but... shadows don't move its impossible! omfg!!! THI- *THWACK*

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    Who Are You

    Hi everyone - my real name is Snork or Snorky Monster on account of my snoring (so I'm told) I'm 49, have a son of 24 who thinks I'm sad and a daughter 20 who is tolerant of me. My partner and I are both addicts - but he likes building - Age of Empires, Pharoah etc. We are exhibitionists!! - no I mean we build exhibition stands for a living when we're not playing games. My favourite games used to be Resident Evil series - I like puzzles. Now I just play thief. This is the first forum I came across - I'm not a surfer or at least I wasn't till I got broadband. I played Thief 1 and 2 at least 3 times each before I discovered fan missions. I always start on easy so I can play each one 3 times and prolong the pleasure! My favourite fms don't have haunts and zombies - I prefer Thief 1 and Thief 1 fms but I mainly I just love thieving. Now what does that say about me!
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    Whoa! Nice thread. Let's see...

    Name's Dennis. 18 years old. I'm still in school. I am about to get a part-time job soon.
    Discovered the greatness of Thief quite recently, but I really love everything about the game. Don't look down on neither supernatural or high-tech stuff. Love it all.

    Favourite missions:
    TDP: Return to the Cathedral, Down in the Bonehoard, Assassins, The Sword
    TMA: Life of the Party, Trail of Blood, Framed, Blackmail
    FM: Tough one...amongst others I really like 7th Crystal, Inverted Manse, Hidden Agenda and more.

    Noticed some chatter about cats and I just have to say I LOVE cats! They are sooo adorable and cute.
    I've only had one myself. But I had to put it to sleep, she was mentally ill.

    OK, words. I really love Thief and the Thief community we have here. I'm really glad I found y'all.

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    I love seeing this thread resurrected yet again. Thanks for adding your info, Kindo and nickie!

    It's nice to see yet another female, nickie! We'll outnumber the guys one of these days!

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    Location: Sulphur, Louisiana, USA

    ok my turn

    My name is Brandi, i just turned 18 on April 21st. I have 4 more school days (may 15th is my last day) and i graduate May 22.

    I wasnt too big on PC games til a friend of mine let me try it on his computer. I beat it b4 he did and he got mad I bought both TDP and TMA for myself about a year ago.

    My hobbies include getting on the WWW, playing Thief, trying to learn the guitar. I also write alot. i hope to one day have a bestseller.

    I also listen to my CD's. My favorite artists are Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, Zug Izland, and anyone under Psychopathic records. I am what's called a juggalo. You may not know what that is right now, but if all goes well you will with one of my FMs.
    just know this: a juggalo can be your best friend and loyal to a fault or your worst enemy. if you go to, i think they explain it there. right now i am short on words.

    Other non-Psychopathic bands i like: Staind, disturbed, Fuel, Puddle of Mudd, 3 Doors Down and Nickleback.

    As for Thief: My fav OMs: TDP: Undercover (i love sneaking up behind Hammers and....... lol) TMA: Sabotage At Soulforge, Kidnap, and a lot more
    In fact i think ill replay Thief 2 after i finish CoSaS GATI and Christines Lord Ashton Series

    FM: oh builder i like most of em lol. um favs : Two Fathers, Lord Ashton Series, Left 4 Dead, TTGM series, anything by John D, Karra's Diary and more. I have not played CL yet so that's y its not listed. everytime i try to DL it , it times out

    but ill get it one day. I like T2 FM better b/c the graffix are better and you have more gadgets, the people look a lot more real. and the hammerites dont look like giants as they did in TDP (there were HUGE!)

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    Registered: Oct 2002
    Location: Prague, Czech republic
    My real nameīs Klara (Claire in english) and Iīm 22 years old girl from Prague, Czech republic.

    I loved good adventures, like Atlantis, The Longest Journey, etc. and I hated all action games. I get some demo CD with some games and when I was sick and bored at home, I tryed this CD. I must confess, I didnīt play so good game like Thief II never before! Although Thief is action in some parts, I love it.

    So, in this time I try to make my own FM:-) I think, I have entertainment for many years

    I donīt play only, of course, much of my time I give to my boyfriend and our two dogs, this year we start to train Mushing

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    Registered: Oct 2002
    Location: Sulphur, Louisiana, USA
    wow! are your dogs malamutes?

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