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Thread: Who Are You?

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    Registered: Dec 2002
    Location: Near Seattle, Wa, USA
    Name's Joe, a 50yr old software consultant in Seattle area - when I have time, Thief is how I relax. My wife likes to join in for puzzle scenes, but never undead scenes !

    Lampfire Hills stole my heart as the first fan mission I ever played, so will always be my fav. Much thanks to Purah and all the other dedicated, hard working fans that have created endless adventures for the rest of us with dromed.

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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: UK
    After reading all these threads I feel as if I must be the only person who hasn't contributed!

    My name's Jane (never!) and I too am a member of the forty something brigade. I live in Cheshire, UK, have 3 girls aged 18, 13 and 9 and work as a secretary in a primary school so I'll be getting a long 5 weeks off after this one, can't guess how I'm going to pass the time! (Maybe start an FM? - no too scary for me!)

    I've got a husband who thinks I'm sad playing computer games (but then he goes fishing, say no more!) a dog, a cat, a horse (otherwise known as a second mortgage), 6 (at the last count) hamsters and a gold fish.

    I'm amazed, and pleasantly surprised,that so many of you Thief fans out there are female and over 40 as my friends think I'm off another planet! It's also nice to be referred to as a girl as in an earlier thread!

    I'm in awe of anyone who has made an FM but if I had to name a favourite it would have to be Rowena's Curse or Lord Alan's Fortress.

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    Registered: May 2000
    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    I'm amazed, and pleasantly surprised,that so many of you Thief fans out there are female and over 40 as my friends think I'm off another planet!

    I can second that one! I don't know anyone else in RL who plays these games, much less is addicted to Thief.

    Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. With my husband, it's golf! LOL!

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    Registered: May 2002
    Location: Ropley, England
    Im probably late to say this but my name is Duncan Brown, i live in a tiny village in England called New Alresford, I am 23 in august and for my occupation is making double glazed glass for a company called County Glass which pays S**TE but thats what happens when you drop out of college.
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    Location: San Juan Capistrano, Calif
    Hi, guess I might as well get mine in here. My name is Bill and I'm 42 years old. I live in good old sunny Southern California with my 'significant other' and my 13 year old daughter. I'm a Trucker, Cowboy, Computer Nerd who rides a Harley.

    I have found a few old Thief related files on my harddrive dating back to 1998, so I've been into it for awhile. I too am also amazed at wide age group of our fellow taffers here. Although I have followed TTLG community for a few years and have gotten to know a lot you through your posts, I have not really made too many post myself.

    I have been in the process of building my first full fledge FM for sometime now. I am just amazed of how long it takes to complete so little, But I promise I won't let it die before it's completion. As for favorites, OM - "Return to the Cathedral" and "Life of the Party". As for FM's there is just too many to list and it wouldn't be fair to the authors to list some and not the others. Anyway, thats just a little insight as to who I am....
    When things go bump in the night... Oh, it's just a Blackjack in my hand...
    reinstated FM: A Night to Remember - Completion Date: ???

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    Location: tampere,finland

    Hi, i'm Paavo and i'm webaholic.. i'm 21 years old and i was clean for maybe 14 first years of my life
    i got my first touch on the harder stuff with thief 1 demo
    for years, i played thief1 to the second last level, after which i had concidered the game going to shit (i still hate those damn trickster henchmen)
    soon after i fell in theif 2, completing it with not thinking much of it, either, back then
    years later i went on a hunt to find them again, only having to buy physical copies this time, as no copy could be found anywhere (and damn happily so in retrospect)
    i didn't remember they were so damn good, and was swallowed whole

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Noticing a lot of taffers from Finland. I wonder how many there actually are.....

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    Location: Oakland

    It's all about me

    Hi, I'm just following a bit late on this thread. I'm 31, formerly an IT troubleshooter who is going back to school. Probably Medical School. I'm now in Boston, not Oakland. My hobbies are pretty standard (magazines- New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, working out, classwork, and looking for a cute woman/girl)

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    It's never too late to resurrect this thread! It's great finding out about other people addicted to Thief.

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    Location: Lost in the BSP...

    This is the Thread That Would Never Die!

    This thread has more staying power than a beefy bean burrito smothered in onions!!

    Uncadonego has to have set some kind of record with this one, and I still keep coming back to check it out. It is truly amazing and inspirational to see just what varying kinds of people are drawn to one cause such as Thief like this.

    I heard a discouraging word about golf!! I think I would live on a golf course if it weren't for the damn heat here. And as long as I could play with my Dad; he's never let the game get to him, and is always enjoying just being out there. I have to admit I play it more for the comraderie than the actual game, because I am terrible, with a capital 'T'.

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    Location: Grand Rapids MI

    Who Are You?

    Hi everyone. I must say, I am really surprised at how far this thread has gone and how much attention it has recieved by so many from people everywhere! I hope this thread never dies because it's like shaking hands with really nice people.
    As for myself, I am 42, married since 1982 with 2 beautiful teenagers. My hobbies include fishing, metal detecting, playing drums, collecting classic rock n roll music and
    of course playing Thief. When I got married I had to give up "taking long walks off short piers, taking flying F**Ks from Galloping Geese and putting eggs in my shoes and beat it" as my father has always prescribed for me.
    Life's been good to me so far and growing old beats the heck out of the alternative.
    It's really nice to meet all you Taffers everywhere!

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: RMK, Finlandia
    Hello to ye all.
    I be called Aslak Tolonen as my real name, but I mostly use A. Tolonen or just A.T. nowadays. I'm from Finlandia - the land of the thousand lakes and a couple of swamps too. I'm into music - both listening and making (making folkloric acoustic & ambient at the moment), visual artwork, coding (Java mostly), etc.

    Thief (both of them, and hopefully III too) ranks in my all time top list of games ever. It's actually the only "first person" game that has kept me interested in it for a longer period of time than just a couple of weeks. It's quite hard to think of my fave OM's or FM's so fast, but I'll give some I remember enjoying:

    -OMs: Cragscleft, Assassins, RTC, Shipping and Receiving, LOTP, etc.
    -FMs: Calendra's Legacy, Crom's Blade, Equilibrium, BloodStone Prison, Rowena's Curse, 7th Crystal, etc. but there are many more I forgot now.

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    Location: Padded Cell

    The more the merrier

    I don't remember if I ever posted in this thread or not. (There is a very good chance that I haven't...)

    Name is Andrea, live in Rottenchester NY, 35 and currently employed with the big red X as a software engineer/ tech. (Went to school to get a BA in Comm Arts, was a radio DJ, decided the pay sucked.) Married with three kitties. No kids yet. Been playing thief since it came out, love the fan missions, would love to do one, but I have the patience of a gnat.

    Big fan of FPS in general, used to be in a UT clan until everyone decided that we had enough of it. Currently playing Morrowind, and Thief FMs and reading Harry Potter, the Gunslinger (Dark Tower) series and the Amber chronicals.

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: Big Piney Woods of Texas

    I keep wondering what people who are addicted to Thief have in common. Too many pages here to read, but the handful I HAVE read seem to be seeking a relief from the stresses in life. Interesting, because I started PC gaming with Myst to get my mind away from a very stressful job.

    As for my age, saying that I have 11 grandchildren should give enough of a clue. Am probably the oldest one on this forum. (who is it in this thread who was surprised to find out girls play video games? he has a LOT to learn). Since I retired, I no longer have the stress element in my life where I spend so much time with adventure games. No, no shooters for me! However, Thief I and II have been the only games I have replayed over and over out of the 100's on my shelves. Needless to say, after finally figuring out how to download (still haven't gotten the Thief DVD's to work yet) the FM's, I am spending too many hours EVERY day with Garrett again. Can't blame stress this time! I just love everything about these games and can't wait to go around that next corner to see what's there.

    Howdy to all from East Texas and many many thanks to all the FM creators. Such talent!

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    FW:FW:FW: SO TRUE!!!
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    Location: Seaside, Oregon
    Originally posted by joanieS
    As for my age, saying that I have 11 grandchildren should give enough of a clue. Am probably the oldest one on this forum.
    Perhaps, dear lady, but there are a number of us in the 60 and over group, and the oldest player I know of is 86.

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    Location: Big Piney Woods of Texas

    This is one time I am glad I didn't win the prize! Even though 70 is starting to get uncomfortably close.
    Thanks, the Blackman, for all that help you gave me so long ago with getting the FM's started. Now that I have started, I can't stop.

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    FW:FW:FW: SO TRUE!!!
    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: Seaside, Oregon
    Originally posted by joanieS
    This is one time I am glad I didn't win the prize! Even though 70 is starting to get uncomfortably close.
    Thanks, the Blackman, for all that help you gave me so long ago with getting the FM's started. Now that I have started, I can't stop.

    You are welcome, both for your thanks, and to the mob. I did drop you a PM. I thought it was you when I saw the "Handle" (for you youngsters that's CB speek).

    Glad you are back, although Eidos has lacked your input. Nightwalker will definetly keep you on track with the FM's. Her knowledge and advice is beyond reproach and much appreciated by us old farts.

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    Location: Abyssal plains

    Hello everyone,

    I find it amazing that there is such a wide diversity of people that play this fantastic game. For me, Thief represents the ideal game, where I can explore (as long as I knock out enough troublesome guards), climb, steal, solve puzzles and get wrapped up in what is sometimes a pretty realistic environment.

    My name is Alan, I'm 34 and married with 3 kids. I live in a village called Werrington in north Staffordshire in the UK. I work as a systems software tester for a local firm.

    I've been playing computer games since I had a Sinclair Spectrum for Christmas in 1983. One of my favourite games then was The Lords of Midnight (anyone remember that?).

    My favourite T1/T2 OM missions are Blackmail, RTC and the lost city.

    My very favourite FM's (and these genreally tend to be ones that build Garretts character up) are Keeper of the Prophecies series, Lord Alans Fortress (coincidence) and 7th Crystal. Unfortunately I havent played CL or Origina (I only have dialup - no broadband) but would love to try these out

    A special mention must go to Deceptive Perceptions which had me and my 7 year old daughter just out of our seats!

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    Welcome to the forum, casalor! I'm sure if you asked nicely, some nice taffer who lives over there with you would burn those big FMs and send them to you, if you covered the cost of postage. Try posting a request and see. It couldn't hurt! I'd do it but it would take longer and cost more to send from over here.

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    who am i?

    hello everyone!
    i have become addicted to just reading this thread! i was actually searching the forums for help on relic-left for dead and found this thread.
    all the people all over the world. all the different ages. it's fantastic!
    my name is meg and i live in eau claire wisconsin US. i am also mother in real life to sarik who has posted on the forums for a number of years. we are both thief addicts. his name in real life is sebastian. real life? what IS real life?
    thief is the only game i play. i wait for each new fan mission with bated breath. i check the site regularly each day hoping for new ones!
    i have become a fan of FMs over OMs by far. it's the game that never stops giving!
    it's hard to say which FM is the favorite(s).....i don't like undead games and i love city games. so many amazing FMs. i am eternally grateful to each and every FM builder.
    this is my very first time posting. i became a member of the forum this morning.
    i am very proud to be a member of this worldwide group of 'thieves'.
    oh, and i'm 36 and getting a masters degree in mental health counseling.
    ** have any of you been playing thief for such long stretches that when you close your eyes, you actually see halls and tunnels against your eyelids. the true sign of a hopeless addict.

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    Location: Seaside, Oregon

    Hello Chester. As far as "halls and tunnels" no. But I have dreamed my way to a solution to a gnarly puzzle a time or two.

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    Hi my name is Jason, Im a museum tour guide/soon to be grad student. Im 32 and live with my girlfriend in Philly, U.S. I have been a longtime Thief/T2 fan, I have to buy a new Thief 1 CD so I can start playing FMs for it but Ive been playing t2 FMs for months now and I have to say its a beautiful thing. I was at one time an avid online gamer (Team Fortress Classic) and once the name AlexDaGreat brought howls of fear and trepidation from TFCers, but now Thief is my only game. THanks to all you FM writers and designers, I paid about 10 bucks for my Thief 2 cd two years ago and I havent stopped using it since. how many dollars that would have been sunk into beer if I had not been at home at the machine frobbing stuff I can only wonder.
    BTW I was wondering if there is a discussion thread where new ideas for the game could be discussed. I have a couple of good ones (i think) and although I dont have the time to learn Dromed it would be a pleasure to see someone else use them if they thought them worthy.

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    Location: DC Metro Area

    Don't think I've posted here already

    I'm 35, father of a lovely 8 year old daughter who doesn't quite yet have the manual dexterity to play Thief (makes me sick just to see her whip the viewpoint around). I work for the Federal Government (biggest thieves of all!) and I got started with Thief, because I'd heard that it was good, and someone had received a copy in their soundcard bundle, so they gave it to me. Took me a few years before I had a machine that could play it, but I was hooked from the start. Thief II was a matter of casing the gaming store's bargain racks, but eventually it too was mine. I had gotten stuck on "Casing the Joint" (I had left the building from the upper window, so the objective wouldn't click off), so I started searching the web for a walkthrough, which lead me here. I'm mostly a lurker, which seems somehow appropriate, which is why I'm still listed as a new member.

    I never really attempted to ghost a level, because frankly, I enjoy blackjacking guards. My wife was appalled when I beat one to death in a fit of pique. Then 'Art of Thievery' came out. I said, "Hmm, it's designed to be possible, and they're optional objectives anyway." Since then, I've been going back to old missions and ghosting them as well.

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    Just moving this up in case any new taffers haven't noticed it yet.........

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    Location: Seattle
    My real name is Mike. I'm 31 years old, unemployed, and a guitarist (blues, rock, metal, nasty fusion weirdness). I hope someday soon to figure out a way to make my living with the guitar. I am an incurable escapist. I listen to music constantly, read constantly, watch movies constantly, play games constantly. Well, okay, not all at once but you get the point. I also write short stories, and hope to get something published as soon as I get over my fears of rejection.
    I got Thief 2 when I bought my presario about a year and a half ago. I was instantly hooked. I downloaded and played every T2 fanmission I could find and still wanted more, so I ordered T1 and now I'm working on all those fanmissions.

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