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Thread: Who Are You?

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    Re: This is the Thread That Would Never Die!

    Originally posted by Hit Deity
    beefy bean burrito smothered in onions!!
    MMM...beefy bean burrito smothered in onions -

    I don't believe I ever joined this thread so here goes...

    I'm not really Schwaa, he's more of a mascot than anything, I just couldn't think of any witty Thief name for myself when I joined the forum. So schwaa stuck.

    I was born on cinco demayo so I have a natural affinetly for Tequila, the good stuff, 100% agave. Name's Jeff. I'm tired right now too so this post will probably make me sound dumber than door nails, but it's not true, I AM smarter than doornails

    I've always had two major hobbies: Bicycles and Art, sometimes they even reflect each other. I've wanted to do computer graphics about as long as I remember, My first piece was a 2d jackolantern on an apple II (I think). It took a full symester to code orange lines into that shape...12 years later I actually got a computer and here I am. Photoshop rules!!!
    Luckily I was given the Bafford's curse demo by a friend. Since then I have been addicted to 3d modelling (with a purpose), Dromedding and just hanging at the forums when I can. TTLG is a great place to be and I consider myself very lucky to have come across such a great group of people to share my time with. I have actually become homesick for these forums at times when I have nothing to do and no internet connection. It's amazing how you can get to know people and get so used to having them around when you've never actually met them.

    I've recently found a new hobby, I bought an '85 BMW 325e. Fun little sports sedan that catches everyone off guard. I just got it up to 110 the other day, i don't do that much, just had the chance so i took it Anyway, fixing it up has taught me quite a bit about cars and has giving me an alternative to the same old hobbies I have done for so long.

    Blah, blah, blah, does he ever shut up?

    Low Poly Guild Low Poly Models for the Gaming Community
    Link should work now :)

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    FW:FW:FW: SO TRUE!!!
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    Re: Re: This is the Thread That Would Never Die!

    Originally posted by Schwaa2
    [...] ... but it's not true, I AM smarter than doornails
    But, not by much.

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    We consider ourselves fortunate to have you as well, so just don't go mixing 110 with 100% agave. Keep the cactus and the car far apart.

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    Hi. My real name is Dave (Freddy Fox is THE expert sneak-thief, but he's a cat). I'm 66 years old and retired. I've had two careers - RAF pilot for 20 years, and then computer engineer for 24. I'm married, two grown-up-and-gone kids and four cats. Hobbies are golf (currently 10 handicap) and swimming.

    One of my favourite OMs is the demo version of LOTP (fewer floors in the tower, more locations outside) - it was this one that started me taffing. Bank and Sabotage are probably my favourite regular ones. I've played forty or so FMs, and of those the favourites are OB , CL (especially No. 3 - those snow scenes!), CC, L'Arsene, Benny's Dead, Fortress and Dockland. I really don't like wall-to-wall zombies, so my least favourite OM is Bonehoard.

    Keep writing FMs, fellow taffers, they have nearly all been good, and are getting better all the time as people strive to outdo the previous ones. I have a fair amount of spare time and would be only too pleased to help out beta testing and writing walkthroughs.

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    You guys are scaring me. 86?

    Allright, allright.

    My name is Noa Groveman, and I live in Florida, in the USA. I'm 17, and I am a senior at a vocational technical high school, taking classes to be certified as a Cisco Certified Network Administrator.

    I own and maintain East's Domain, and work as a web designer for a fishing pier company in St. Petersburg.

    What else...

    pictures of me can be found on my site.

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    Re: Schwaa

    I'm changin Blackman's name to BlackJackedMan

    Originally posted by uncadonego
    We consider ourselves fortunate to have you as well, so just don't go mixing 110 with 100% agave. Keep the cactus and the car far apart.
    No no, I NEVER drink and drive, not even one beer (unless it's with a dinner). I got ran over by a drunk driver and broke my Tib/Fib. Now I have a titanium rod in that leg and it's not quite the same. I would never want to do that to anyone else. I really never go much over the speed limit either, I just had a long straight empty section of highway and have recently done alot of work on my car, so I had to...

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    All these people and I have never come across this board, people from all walks of life, in age and in places all over the world..

    My name is Scott, 36, live very close to NYC, I have 1 cat, live with my brother. I read lots of Star Trek, Fantasy books. Not really big in the computer gaming department but I have a few games. I started out on the Commodore 64 and have been through a few computers systems since then. I had built my previous computer and since then have upgraded to a faster, custom built computer. Have been playing Thief since the for Original Thief Series orginated. I like that version of Thief for the incredible interface, graphics and game play. grabbed Thief Dark Project then Thief Metal age, and found that the game just got much better as it came out. Stumbled into this place not so long ago and found something very unusual, Thief Fan Missions, started downloading them, couldnt get enough, had Komag send me a bnuch of them on CD's, now I can not stop playing them.

    I have basically started with Fan missions from the original Thief, but experience problems, probably because of my computer, since upgraded my computer to Windows XP now I can play each an everyone of them, but I am still currently working on mostly Thief 2 fan missions, since they keep coming out, I cant stop downloading them. I try to open a few of them up and play a few games at a time, which is to be much fun trying to remember the last Thief 2 Fan mission I played like 2 weeks ago. Most I have finished with a few current ones I am working on, like The Night Falcon, Ominous Bequest, Calendra's Legacy, The Seventh Crystal, COSAS, and quite a few more that I have just seen but probably will have to download. Most of the Fan missons are terrific to play, some are fun, some you really have to think about, like Ominous Bequest, Nght Falcon, Cant say I have any favorites, only because I shall be playing Thief Missions for a good long time.

    I dont usually post much, I just read the message boards, have posted a few times, but now I see that this Thief is a really large community with people of all ages and places from all over the world.

    All I can say now is to keep them Fan Missions coming out, I have no experience nor any knowledge on how to even build a fan mission, so for now I will just keep playing them.

    To all those who have put out a fan missioin, large or small, keep them coming, its so much fun playing them..

    Also to the others, who help, maintain this board, people like Nightwalker, Komag, and more all of whom are so helpful when we need it..

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    Lurkers are creepy...

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    ...and you?

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    Wow...... this is just awesome. I've been reading all the posts and am only on page 5 of the 11 but figured I better jump in now before I finishing reading them all.
    My name is Ginny, I'm a 57 year old gramma and I just want to say 'Hi' to all you great people spread all over the globe.. I live in Sonora California, which is still the ' Wild West' ...... our Christmas parade has Santa Claus riding a donkey. Our little town of Columbia is a beautifully restored Ghost Town so we get visitors from all over the world.
    My 2 favorite things to do are to play Thief or go fishing ( given up deer hunting till the grankids are older) just doesn't get any better than that.
    There are 8 of us in the family now:
    Dan ( my son)..35
    Connie ( daughter in law) ..36
    Theresa ( grandaughter) ...8
    Nancy ( my daughter)... 28
    Kelvin ( son in law)....42
    Wyatt ( grandson)...9
    Kyle (grandson)...5 and we ALL play Thief ( thank heavens we have 5 computers) We usually all play the same fm and then swap information or experiences, it's tons of fun and we alll have a great laugh. It gets to be pure mayhem around here when we are playing zombie fm's....all you hear is screaming.
    Thanks to all of you who either make fm's or post in this forum, it has filled our days with much happiness because Thief is the very best game that anyone has ever made, in fact, we take this game so serious in our family that we went out and bought 3 brand new computers just so we would be prepared for Thief 3.
    Special thanks to Nightwalker and McEve. They and their families have become my good buddies, their daily emails are as welcome as a new fm......and we all know how excited we get when a new fm gets released.

    Be meeting you all in the shadows

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    Alright, I'll throw my two cents into the pot.

    My name is Kyle, and I'm a chemist (in the American sense of the word, not the British sense). I was born and raised in South Carolina, and I still think of it as God's country despite the pseudo-hellish humidity in the summer. I'm 31 years old, and I stumbled across the Thief-DP demo many many years ago. I played it, immediately ordered Thief Gold, and have been hooked ever since. All games are now compared to Thief, and few even come close in my mind. My typical style of play is to blackjack anyone or anything that stands in between me and my objective (which apparently makes me a "blackjack whore" according to a thread I read the other day). I don't post often - only when I feel I have something of import to contribute or when I need someone's (usually Nightwalker's) guidance in a FM.

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    What's the difference between a chemist in the American sense of the word and the British sense?

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    Location: Lost in the BSP...
    American chemist: works with chemicals, usually in a lab, testing things, etc.

    British chemist: apothecary, druggist, pharmacist. As in, "I'm going to pop down to the chemist on the corner, my love, and grab some prophylactics..."

    I'm a chemist in the British sense, although I'm an American by birth. I'm a pharmacist, and I get bombarded with hundreds of health questions daily. I enjoy Thief because I can still escape into it on a regular basis and just have fun, away from the hum-drum drivel of today's pressures.

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    Ah! and a prophylactic is just a British condom! Or as they used to say in the old days (when it wasn't even proper to say "pregnant" on television), "safes"!

    "In days of old, when knights were bold,
    and safes were not invented,
    they wrapped their socks around their #$cks,
    thus children were prevented!"

    I'm serious! That's what we used to call them!

    Isn't Garrett a safe cracker?

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    Oh man, I never noticed this earlier this evening. Hit and Lonz, both of your posts are actually funny, but I'm scared my thread will get hijacked into disintegrating penis humour, and then end up getting locked by a moderator. That would make me sad because I love this thread where we sort of all get to meet each other. OK, this is a dangerous request I know (it's almost like a dare to some of you) , but please, pretty please, let's stop it there. Briefly funny then back to Who Are You material.


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    A bit off topic and no penis humour, promise, but uncadonego where can I find your mission 'A Thief Nonetheless'. Doesn't seem to be at the cheap missions site.

    Nevermind mate, just found it at Komags place. And I've already played it, I'm losing it big time!!
    Last edited by comfortably numb; 26th Oct 2003 at 08:17.

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    Originally posted by Hit Deity
    American chemist: works with chemicals, usually in a lab, testing things, etc.
    Oh, I thought it meant
    American chemist:Bathtub Crack - just kiddin'
    Originally posted by Hit Deity

    Isn't Garrett a safe cracker?
    An illegitamite (sic) father?

    OK, enough bad humor for one day. (on my part that is)

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    Well, I actually was on topic as I was explaining what I do professionally. So there.

    And schwaa miscredited me with that quote about 'safe cracker'. That was lonzboy.

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    Whoops, just copy/pasted the quote stuff, forgot to change the name, sorry HD

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    Location: staring out to sea
    Hi, I don't know why I've never contributed to this before. My names Kevan, I live in the North of England, married to my best mate Christine {not that one!} two kids Becky 10 and Cal 8. I'm the author of one slightly dodgy FM , and when not playing Thief I love kayaking and mountain biking.
    Oh and I'm another musician, see rather old photo{with Mrs madwolf}.
    Favourite FMs ? There's so many......I love Calendra's Legacy , The Seventh Crystal , The Art of Thievery, Equilibrium , The Secret Way etc etc etc....

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    When Daedalus was queried about this peculiar individual, the following appeared on the input screen, with an additional warning stating, in flashing red letters: "Information about this individual has not yet been checked and thus should be regarded as being inaccurate at best"

    - Name: "One whose name was writ in water" Shameless plagiarism aside, if your clearance is high enough, my first name is Anthony.
    - Current location: in a lost corner of France, waiting for a rescue mission. (In a remote area in the center of France. Yes, I realize the center can *not* technically be a corner.)
    - Age: Seventeen standard years. Agreed, almost 17 would be more accurate.
    - Current status: Last year at high school. I will *very* likely take English as a major at university. (Not too surprisingly)
    - Current interests: Playing Interactive Fictions, reading, talking, smiting zombies, and playing Space Empires (a game somewhat alike the better known Master of Orion). In no particular order.
    - No favourite missions as of yet, I haven't even finished the Official Missions so. And the same goes true for Fan Missions, I only played a mere few of these.

    (Edit: the sentence quoted above is from John Keats, in case anyone actually thought I was its author. I would be most honoured of course, but it is simply not the case. )
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    Skulduggerist wrote:
    blackjack anyone or anything that stands in between me and my objective (which apparently makes me a "blackjack whore"
    Not very flattering, but if the shoe fits...
    The problem is choice...

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    Who am I?

    My turn...
    My name is Wade. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
    I'm 35, I work as an Creative Director/Designer of a national magazine.
    I've been married for 8 1/2 years to my lovely wife Cher, 2 kids: boys, ages 6 and 2.
    I've been a Thief fan (addict) since TDP first came out. I played the demo and knew it was exactly my kind of game. Way later on I found out about this whole "underground" fan mission movement through an article about "mods" in ComputerGames magazine.... about 2 years ago. I was so excited!...what? There's more Thief to be played? I started downloading like a mad dog. Thief TDP had new life. I played about 60+ of the top rated Thief TDP Fan Missions and then moved onto Thief 2 fan missions. I'm still working my way through the top rated Thief 2 Fan mission. I've finished at least a dozen and am currently playing Calendra's Legacy...(I'm in mission 2...amazing). My six year old son and I play Thief together many nights. He likes to watch and help me figure out the puzzles, find the secret passages, loot, etc. etc. It's become kind of a daddy-son bonding time. He loves thief. I recently loaded up Thief TDP on our old computer to let him start playing on his own. He's starting to get the hang of it.

    Favorite fan missions? Wow. tough question. I have played so many excellent ones. I'm in awe of the skill and time spent by the many fan mission authors on this craft. Someday...I'd like to learn DromEd myself.

    Thief I FMs: Mystery Man, Lorgan's Web...+ many more
    Thief II FMs: Omnious Bequest, Rowena's Curse, The 7th Crystal....+ many many more

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    Hmm, my turn I guess. My name is Tammy I'm 22 and I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have a degree in political science and international relations as well as a journalism degree specialising in radio.

    I'm currently working as a researcher and writer for a radio training and production NGO that specialises in education and training.

    I was introduced to Thief by my brother and have been fascinated with it ever since. (I say fascinated, my family says strangely obsessed). I have just found a copy of Thief Gold and have my whole christmas vac planned

    When I'm not stuck behind a computer I do kickboxing and tae kwon do ( kind of necessary in a crime-scary city like Joeys).

    I have not played any fan missions yet but I'm sure I'll get to it once I've clocked TG.

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    Location: Norway (currently Phoenix, AZ)
    Well, perhaps it's time for me to reveal myself then!

    My name is Håvard and I'm a 23-year-old zoology student from Norway. For other than Scandinavnians I guess Norwegian geography might be a little rusty, so Flekkefjord probably won't tell you that much. It's a small town in the southern part, about 10k citizens. I was raised on a small island with only 600 inhabitants just south of here. A typical norwegian paradise, with beautiful summers and sad, grey winters. Anyway I live in Bergen now with my lovely girlfriend Tone, and enjoy life as a university student (had my exam today actually).

    Have a sister at 19 that I know would LOVE thief, and become just as addicted as myself, but she just won't play. It annoys me, because having someone close to discuss OMs and FMs with would really be fun, no offense, I love you people in here. Maybe you all should drop her a line or two in order to get her going!

    It didn't take long until the Thief-hook grabbed me. Unfortunately I was younger and more naive, and had to play through TG right from a walkthrough, spoiling all the fun. But now so many years have gone, I can barely remember the missions. So I'm starting all over again Supreme Ghosting TG and later T2, just have to finish off my exams this semester first (1 week from today).

    Well, hope this gave you some insight into my life as a Norwegian (no I'm not blonde, that's Swedes). Don't hesitate to ask me anything about Thief btw, I'm not that experienced when it comes to FMs, but might be able to answer or redirect you to those who can.

    - Klatremus (my nick is the name of a squirrel in a Norwegian fairy-tale)

    PS: Great thread!!

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