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Thread: Who Are You?

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    Name: Magnus
    Age: 29
    Marital status: single

    I got Thief: TDP for free together with a sound card I bought years ago. I
    played Bafford's Manor, but then I got stuck in Cragscleft Prison and quit
    for some months. Then one day I picked it up again and played through it
    day after day after day... I got really hooked and bought Thief II. Last
    year I started to download FMs and I've been playing them almost every
    day ever since. Long live the FMs!

    My favourite OMs are (among others) Down in the bonehoard, Lost city,
    Return to the haunted cathedral, Trace the courier, Blackmail, Trail of
    blood etc...

    My favourite FMs are (among others) Ominous Bequest, Rowena's curse,
    Calendras Cistern, Emilie Victor, etc...

    I don't do any FMs myself. I would like to, but I don't have the time really
    (I might come up with a story though).

    I mostly ghost the Thief-forums.

    I often dream about thief, playing it for real, nightmares at times
    (Nocturnal Prophecies - A Thief's Nightmare).

    A little more about me:
    I live in Sweden and work as a programmer at the university (some tech
    department) where I live.

    My nickname is Qolelis, which stands for "Silent Eloquence".

    Computers have been a long term interest for me (started when
    I was twelve with a VIC20), especially programming (any and all languages,
    I like trying new ones).

    I could easily be described as a geek and a loaner I am. I do have friends,
    but I mostly meet them online. I wish I could meet more people IRL. I have been
    having my share of depression and its consequences.

    I like writing, short stories, poems, etc... and, consequentually, reading.
    I like art. I like creating things, either with my computer or IRL.

    I love playing all sorts of adventure games, my two favorite series are Myst
    (Myst, Riven, Exile and as soon as I have upgraded my computer I will play
    URU too) and Thief (TDP, TMA and, at last, Thief Gold, waiting for TDS). The last
    year I've been playing only Thief (with all the FMs out there, that's all I
    needed). Lately though, I've played the demo of The Black Mirror and been
    looking at other adventure games as well (violating the first commandment ;-) ).

    It's 3:45 in the morning and I should go to bed Zzzz. What can I say, my computer
    is "a jealous God" ;-). And no, I don't believe in any god, except the one
    inside us (be it an Olde or a New one). Yes, I should really go to bed, I'm
    starting to rave, which by the way, reminds me of that underground opera guy in
    Thief Gold. Besides Benny, he must be my favourite comic act in Thief.

    Good night and sweet dreams
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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Quebec
    My real name is Mathieu, I'm from Qubec, my first language is french, I'm 22 years old.

    I know thief for only 2 months, but I've already gone trought both game, many FM and I'm trying to create one myself.

    My favorites OM are "Sabotage at Soulforge" and "First city Bank and Trust", and my fav FM are "The invertedManse" and "Warehouse51"^_^

    When I'm not dromeding or playing thief I usually read (Stephen King, Terry Pratchett and Piers Anthony are some of my favorites writers), watch sci-fi tv shows (I'm into Buffy, Andromeda, Farscape and the likes), I listen to music (Cibo Matto, Garbage, Bjork, and many many others), play video games (Half-life, Final Fantasy and Tekken mostly)

    I'm currently unemployed but I'm trying to go back to school.

    I've been with my girlfriend for six years and a half now and we still love each other.

    That's it.

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    Registered: Apr 2000
    My name is Ken. I live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts USA, where Thief 1 and 2 were designed. Im 48, been married 25 years, have a 15 year-old son, and two cats who hate the winters (in fact, that may be true for more than just the cats). These days I work in South Boston developing deep-space radios and other flight hardware for planetary research missions. Nothing launched yet.

    Besides building Thief missions, Ive built my own telescopes including grinding and polishing the main mirrors, and lately Ive started playing DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) with my son and a terrific bunch of other semi-old-timers like myself (including Shadowspawn) most Wednesday evenings.

    Sometime this month Ill be releasing another episode in my Keeper of the Prophecies series Oracle of the Prophets perhaps the most bombastically strange place you will ever experience in this game. After this I have one last mission to finish (a three-part finale called Reversing the Order). And after that I plan to retire from designing Thief missions and look for something new to occupy the 10 hours I spend every week on the train editing in DromEd with my laptop computer (and a few other places).

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    Frobber, I'm curious... You don't answer, if you don't want to. But you and Komag (Ben Ramsey) have the same surname. Are you guys family or is it just a coincidence?

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    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Houston, Tx., USA
    My understanding is that frobber's surname is Ramsley.

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    Registered: Apr 2000
    Originally posted by jericho
    Frobber, I'm curious... You don't answer, if you don't want to. But you and Komag (Ben Ramsey) have the same surname. Are you guys family or is it just a coincidence?
    ...and he is close in one other way -- geographically. For some reason yet unknown to me, he has recently moved from Utah to a place about three miles from where I live in Massachusetts (about 2,000 miles closer than he once was). Once the holiday dust settles, Shadowspawn and I have a mission to look him up. (Shadowspawn does live in Vermont, about 150 miles away, but frequently he has a reason to be staying at a place only a mile away).
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    Registered: Dec 2001
    Location: Dromed Detention Room
    Internet stalkers!! Oh my!!

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    Registered: May 2001
    Location: Australia
    My name is Natasha. I usually just just watch from the sidelines rather than posting, so this'll probably be the longest post i've ever written ) The Thief games are my favourites by far and i think that the people on his forum are fantastic, and the quality of FMs amazing. I live on the east coast of australia, just north of Sydeny (though i've lived in Syd. for most of my life and consider myself a sydneysider). I am 23 and the best thing i've done so far is a 3 month long trip through America, England, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy.

    My favourite OM would have to be The Sword and fav FM is Search for Crom's Blade.

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    New Member
    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

    My former TTLG user name was 'Equilibrium', but I went away from TTLG for several months and forgot my password, so now I go by the name 'undetected'. It's better that I dropped the name 'Equilibrium' since I feel that only the author of that fm - Conor Armstrong (SilentSleep) deserves to use that name.

    I own Thief Gold and Thief:The Metal Age. I have played over 200 fan missions. I am currently prospecting for a new computer that can handle Thief III. I salivate for this notebook
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    Registered: Dec 2002
    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Wow! A thread with a long life!

    My name is Brian, I am surprised (and pleased) by the age range of all the Thief fans. It is one of the more cerebral pursuits out there in gameland, although I must confess to previously having enjoyed non-cerebral pursuits like Duke Nukem, Doom, and Half-Life.

    I am 48, and I provide computer and network support for the US Government (worse than that, the IRS!) I have 2 kids, a girl 12 and a boy, 15. I train and coach my daughter's select soccer team, so I have less time than ever for Thief, although we are taking a couple of months off this winter (till the second session of indoor in January).

    I enjoy all of the original missions, in fact, I was much better at exploring back then. I liked it so much, I made up games like "stack up all the bodies on one couch" or "take everyone out by swordfight" or "lay down the mines, get everyone to chase you and see if you have the timing to jump over them". I liked exploring places to try to get to neat new things. I was so sorry to see the lists come out of places to go and see how many I missed!

    I really wish I could design these things myself, but I can't! So I have no favorite fan mission, I appreciate all of the efforts to bring these to life, and I find things about all of them that make them worthwhile. I have been through 3 or 4 computers since I started playing and I never moved my Darkloader folder before, so I find it hard to remember what I have played and what I haven't! I recently realized as I started up the Lord Ashton series that I played it before. I liked it, so I began to play it again. I then realized I must have only started it, (or I have a crappy memory) as I realized that I didn't play the second level! So I am currently appreciating (again) that effort...

    Thank you everyone for posting here, I am really busy, and I know that it is best to explore things myself, but I have so little time, the help that is provided here helps me to get to more missions much faster!!! (And yet, I am waaaaayyyyyy behind...)
    Welcome, DaffyTaffer.
    You last visited: 25th Jun 2004 at 13:37's been a while, glad to see this is still running strong!

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: Lost in the BSP...
    Hey! I didn't know Komag was an East-Coaster now. He never changed his info....

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    Registered: Dec 2001
    Location: Dromed Detention Room
    Oh man, it hurts bad.....Who Are You? thread withdrawal. No new posts for three weeks. Make the pain stop...please. Somebody new post here soon....aaaghh....

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    Location: The Nostromo
    I'd rather not give my real name but I am 39 (and holding) and I am in my second year of Law School. I use to be an environmental biologist. I just got divorced last summer and have two beautiful children aged 13 and 14...well, ok, they are actually cats, but I think most of you know what I mean.

    I live in Canada and its been damn cold lately. This sucks. When I finish school, I am moving to Vancouver where it will never be this cold again.

    I love all things Thief and tonight, just finished GATI...WOW! I have been playing FM's over the Xmas break; its been great. I am back at classes tomorrow and may not be able to play anything again until the end of APril. Oh well.

    I origianally registered here in Feb of 2000, but recently changed my nic, so I have actually been a regular here for quite a long time.

    I have been hanging out in ComChat since about Februaruy of last year, but prior to that, spent all my time in the Thief Forums. I am actually a girly-girl, but really enjoy blasting the hell ouf of things every now and then with a grenade launcher. Fav games besides T1 & 2 are SystemShock 2, NOLF, and Half life. Also realy like the Tombraider series.

    I have only played a half dozen or so FM's, but am working on it.

    I love this place.

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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: Hesse

    Hi my name is Holger, i played thief since it was born!
    i have no special mission i like, i love it all!

    I'm 30 yo, I worked for a long time in an advertising agency, to my illness this no more did not permit. At present i change my job again and again times, until I the correct found. I am very lucky with my girlfriend for well one year together, she hate everytime i play thief

    sometimes, i have enough time, i translate some english mission into german. Is there any author of an engl. Mission who wants a translation, ask me!

    Between Thiefplaying i play Gothic 2 and other games like this!

    My bad sites of me:
    ... and I am not criticismable and am the 100% Mimose

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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: Poznan, Poland
    My name is Jakub, I'm 23 yrs old, I live in Poznan, Poland and study law at Adam Mickiewicz University. I play Thief since T1 demo - I love games with well-crafted story and world, and Thief universe simply rocks.

    I like all FM's ;-) but recently I finished Omnious Bequest and it rocks the boat, even if it's a bit too difficult at times.

    Apart from Thief my fave games are: Master of Magic, Tie Fighter, System Shock, Deus Ex and Combat Mission.

    My family has 6 (six !) cats: Tweety, Garpi, Orrisia, Bialy Nos (white nose), Yoda and Migotka

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    Registered: Dec 2002
    Why did I miss this thread?

    Let's see, my name's Allon (original nick huh?). I'm 19 years old, live in the Netherlands and am still in school.
    I have a very annoying old cat and a very annoying old computer.

    Favorite OM: Uninvited Guest (T2 Demo)

    Favorite FM: Calendra's Cistern. (Also only FM since my computer started acting funny two days later. Once I get it fixed I'll play some more.)

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: Findlay OH USA
    I'm an 47, and I play lots of PC games. A bookcase in my computer room is almost filled and I have a CD carrying case almost full of old early DOS and windows games. I work with lots of PCs in my job so they don't scare me a bit. I have a Radio Shack PC6 that has 8k of RAM that works and I can still write basic...I think. One of my favorite games has been Thief. I bought the first and each new version. I'll get the next too. It is one of the few games I have felt totally immersed in at times.

    I have 5 CDs of FMs that you people have made and I have downloaded. Each one is great and has some part of you in it. I have played them all. The people that make games like Thief spend a lot of time and money trying to do what you do for nothing. I hope the opportunity to make FMs will continue or we will only experience the imagination of those who's goal is to make the most money the fastest. You people are setting the standards for the next installments.

    The unimportant stuff:
    Born in Washington PA USA. Lots of family around Cannonsburg.
    Moved to Ohio for Kindergarden.
    Graduated FHS in 1973. My wife did in 74.
    I married in 1984.
    Have a freshman HS daughter.
    2 cats and a dog. Cosmo cat is 18 years old.
    Flipped burgers, fixed TVs and Stereos, and built wood shipping containers for a year or so each.
    Spent 2 years in RCA Corp. semiconductor clean rooms fixing amazing stuff.
    Worked in CATV engineering since 1976.
    Smoke cigars and a pipe.
    Been known to drink till I fall over.
    I have a capped tooth from biting off beer bottle caps before they twisted off.
    Dyslexic with Tinnitus from too much loud music and open headders. 1969 Big Block drag racing. WoooHooo.
    Can't pass up a good time with friends.

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    To the person who started this thread... I hail thee without end. Quite an interesting and diverse group of fellow taffers.

    My name is Matt C., I'm 32, married & have 5 cats who like to startle me while I am sneaking around trying to avoid Haunts. I'm finishing my Ph.D. and hope to be a professor soon.

    Favorite FMs: Inverted Manse & Benny's Dead, but I've played tons of them and am consistently impressed with how good they are.

    Favorite OM: Shipping and receiving

    Favorite video game: Deus Ex, but I've got more hours playing thief by 100000%

    I play bass in a funk band on the side.

    Oh yeah, and NOBODY throws me my own sword and says "run"...nobody.

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Copenhagen.
    My name is Svend Erik Jensen, I'm 45 years old, single male and a daughter age 10 by the name of Salli. She was a little girl when I started to play Thief. She stood next to me enjoying herself from time to time. She too loved the sound and the thrill of walking through Lord Baffords manor.
    Later when Thief II came she even enjoyed it as much as I. But no matter which other game I played (Half Life, Delta Force, 007, Rayman, Outcast, Tomb Raider, NOLF) she wanted me to go back to Thief.
    For years she had listened to me talking about the Fan Missions. And only recently I was able to play them. I'm years behind in playing them and with the help from Salli I play them everyday. Our fave Fan Mission is without any doubt OMINOUS REQUEST. This is the game I only play when Salli is around. She even guides me with her wit.
    So far I have only finished 35 Fan Missions so there is loads ahead of me. I feel so fortunate to have picked a winner in my first attempt at playing a pc-game. When I was a teenager in the 70's I chose QUEEN to be my fave band. Again I picked a winner. I was and still am a big Freddie Mercury fan hence my nick SirFreddieM.

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    FW:FW:FW: SO TRUE!!!
    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: Seaside, Oregon
    Quite an international, and intellectual gathering here. I applaud you all and just wish the rest of the political world could get along together as well as this mob of degenerates (joke people).

    The only nation I don't recall seeing in the forums or this thread is Japan. But there's hope yet.

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: ohio
    Why is it that I've been a Fan Missions site visitor forever and just today discovered this thread ? Like many others, I'm impressed by the diversity of ages and backgrounds of my fellow Taffers. Thank goodness for this site, as it has gotten me through many FM's that have had me thoroughly stumped. I must thank Nightwalker for introducing me to this site and offering me countless tips on getting through rough spots in some FMs. She has always given me quick answers to my stupid questions.

    My name is David and I'm old enough to suscribe to the AARP magazine but still not old enough to be able to retire and reap the benefits ( I'm 57 ). I live in norhtern Ohio and work as the proverbial "traveling salesmen" (steel sales)within the state, but without the adventures ususally described in the jokes. I bought my first computer in '92 and told my son that "this is for learning and educational purposes"... not games. Then someone gave me Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and I was hooked. I have since played dozens ( and dozens) of adventure, strategy and even shoot-em-ups games, but still spend the majority of my gaming time with Thief FM's. I have to thank the mission creators who spend hours and hours developing these pieces of entertainment (does this sound like an Academy Award acceptance speech ?) as they provide hours of fun for me at no cost.

    I have to say that my favorites are the efforts of Christine Schneider (although I feel like I have to go on a diet after playing them due to the excessive donut usage), The 7th Crystal, The Art of Thievery. The Calendra FMs, (too many more to mention).

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    I think "Psi Yamaneko" was japanese.

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    FW:FW:FW: SO TRUE!!!
    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: Seaside, Oregon

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    Registered: Mar 2002
    Location: House of Sand and Fog
    Originally posted by theBlackman
    The only nation I don't recall seeing in the forums or this thread is Japan. But there's hope yet.
    Probably as Thief is, if rumors are to be believed, not as popular in Japan as it has been in countless other countries, and also that there are already a few Japanese Thief communities out there; so it's best to bet 'they' either like sticking with their 'countrymen' and/or can't speak (write, in this case) English very proficiently.

    And yeah, "Psi Yamaneko" could have been made up by anyone with even a fundemantal understanding of what looks right for a certain naming system (I'll also rue the day I hear of a Japanese taffer named "Psi" unless they decided to change their name and become a superhero later in life ).

    It's great Thief impacts folks from all across the board, though. Just shows how universal the themes are, and how easily anyone can get immersed in the universe .


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    Registered: Nov 2003
    I am a 56 year old female attorney living in Key West, Florida.

    I owned all the Thief games for several years before I even started to play them.

    In the six months since I did star , I have played all of the levels of the original games, plus, perhaps 40 of the FM's. My husband of thirty years is seriously worried and he is heartily sick of the guards' voices.

    Oddly enough or maybe not so oddly, my favorite level is "Two Fathers." Guess I am sentimental. However, I will never forgive the author for the first 20 minutes of the game, which ruined an entire week of my life. Just teasing, as I am eagerly awaiting the sequel, which will I am sure have no underwater sequences and no caves, or in the alternative, many breath potions and many, many protruding beams for ropes.

    Actually, all the FM's have been fun and I continue to cheerfully download more in batches. I could perhaps use a few less zombies, if any one is listening.


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