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Thread: Silly question...

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    Silly question...

    ... I'm sure

    But on what server(s) exactly do you people hang out?

    I'm about to reactivate EQ after a 4-month leave....

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    Registered: Dec 2000
    Location: North by Northwest
    I doubt anyone really comes by here much any more, try postin at

    Btw, we play on E'ci

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    Well then, what are _you_ doing here then ??

    hehe, thanks for the reply

    but I really should not reinstall EQ... shouldn't.... nope....

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    Registered: Dec 2000
    Location: North by Northwest
    Yeah you should! Eq is good. Although iv' really not been on much in the last few weeks.
    And im here because i got lost. Meant to click on the com chat link, but missed. Doh. Oh well, im stuck here, at least until i find that exit....

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    Registered: May 1999
    Location: Iowa State University


    We're on E'ci...

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