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Thread: Cazic Raid

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    Fedily Dreamkaster

    Cazic Raid

    I would like to hold an Event on Sat., Nov. 11th at 4:00 pacific. As most of you know Kyerwi was unable to retrieve his corpse before being sent away on business and has lost everything. Therefore I would like to get as many people as possible to go to Cazic Thule.

    We will put Keepers on every exsisting group's list and form Keeper only groups to go to rooms that are not camped. The higher level people will take the harder camps (especially the Avitar of Fear, Geffin also needs a breast plate) If we get multiple pieces I know Zanatar would also like some. What they call the Tae room (the throne room on map) is the easiest room and good for anyone in their 20's. And hopefully before the night is over we will have a Keeper in every camp, all RS pieces will go to Kyerwi (left overs to Zan, but the first BP will go to Geffin) and any other loot you obtain is yours to keep. If you are on-line earlier before the start of the event, feel free to go ahead and head to Cazic and get your name on a list. Geffin and I will try to get there early to claim the AoF camp, we will probably need one more person to do this (about our lvl).

    Not much experience will be made by our higher lvl players, but you will have the pride of knowing you helped a Keeper in need.

    (now lets hope my internet connection doesn't go down again )

    7th Keeper
    Guild Event Coordinator

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    Sounds good to me, although I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. Should be good XP for 20-35 or so.

    Also, if we should happen to kill things in the maze, and someone should happen across the potion with the elemental illusion, Redi would love one... many things are indifferent to elementals .


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    I'll definetly be there. I'll probably log on as Zan tonight ( I have Friday and Monday off ), and start heading towards Cazik.
    So at my lvl (22), I'd be safe in the TAE room? Are there anyother rooms that might be good for me? I'd like to get familiar with the zone.

    Also, Geffin, at 22, does anything in that zone see through hide/sneak?

    Looking forward to it

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    Fedily Dreamkaster

    Zan, I'm not sure about the other rooms, if we get you in a good group, with an enchanter who knows what she's doing, you could possibly do the stone room or the gator pools. I hate the sewers, it is very easy to be overrun and very difficult to escape, and I'm not sure there is any RS down there. What they call the 4c's is very popular, however there is no RS there either. The 4c's is at the bottom of the Archon pyramid, which will be an important camp for us. There is also the flame, now again I'm not sure there is any RS dropped there, but it is an area for lower lvl players.

    I'll run around the zone casting clarity where needed and helping groups get established and then if it isn't camped, I'm going to be in the AoF group with Geffin and anyone else we can get.

    Please save all Lizard Meat for me, you may want to ask your group if you can just get it all, most people just destroy it. I'm still trying to correct my faction with Clurg.

    I Look forward to seeing EVERYONE in Cazic

    7th Keeper
    Guild Event Coordinator

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    From what i remember about cazic the tae room was always looking for hgih 20s, but i dunno cuase i never got in.

    4c is awesome exp, most ppl in my gropup there where low to mid thirties, and i was 25 they only let me in cuase i was a healer, not that they ever needed healing.

    whats at the top of the pyrimad near 4c?

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    Geffin Dagrifter

    Zan, I didn't go to Cazic until my later 20s, but I have never been seen there after a successful hide.

    Here is my opinion of the various Ravenscale camps. My level estimates may be a bit off, and certainly characters lower than my recommended levels can survive and do well if supported by the rest of their group. Higher levels can also do well and not need as large a group.

    Lower Tae Room, a.k.a. Throne Room: Ravenscale Leggings from the Tae Ew Templar and Ravenscale Bracer from the Tae Ew Diviner. This room is for levels 24-29.

    Upper Tae Room: Ravenscale Coif from the Stone Golem. Level 28-33.

    Archon Pyramid: Ravenscale Arms from the Tae Ew Archon. This was one of my favorite locations, especially the times we approached it as a "crawl" up to the top of the pyramid, clearing each level as we went. Level 30-35.

    Green Gator Pool: Ravenscale Gloves from the Steel Golem. The Steel Golem hits pretty hard. Level 28-33.

    Avatar of Fear: Ravenscale Boots from Cenobite and Ravenscale Chestguard from Avatar of Fear. Level 33-38.

    For more information, the Safehouse Rogues have put together an excellent guide at

    All in all, I really liked my time in Cazic-Thule. Learn the zone. As a rogue, sneak/hide to the various camps and ask to join in person instead of over shouts. People are more likely to let you join them when you are already there and haven't brought a train to them.

    Some other roguely notes: getting to the gator pools requires a swim down a well. If you're swimming skill is high enough, you can sneak/hide swim to get in and just barely make it before drowning. You cannot however make it back out, as swimming up seems to be slower than swimming down. This usually means turning off sneak inside the well in order to pop out at the top. If you are too low a level, this will aggro the lizzies at the top of the well and you will have to make a run for it. Alternatively, you can get a magical invis or enduring breath for this.

    The AoF is also reached through the water. For a rogue, the best way to sneak in is through the long tunnel that leads to the top of his bubble, but you will just frustrate yourself trying to get out that way. To get out, you can sneak out the back door, through the sewers, and swim up a well into the main courtyard. Again, this swim is just a little too long to sneak through and you might have to make a run for it when you pop out of the well.

    <img src="" width="350" height="100">

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    From my experience (spending level 28-35 there) the areas available are:

    Tae Throne: levels 24-30 (starts greening out at 33 tho)

    Stone Room (upper Tae): levels 27-34 or so (dangerous rooms as there is wall to wall lizzies in there) (guessing on this one, as I really haven't fought there but once, and that was at level 34)

    4c: levels 25-33 or 34 (stuff starts greening out at this point)

    Archon: I haven't fought here

    BF (blue flame) (above AoF room): level 27-34 (stuff starts greening out, but there are actually higher level lizzies than in 4c or Tae)

    maze: 20-30 (really just train city, but low level groups do pull to the CY)

    gator pools: 29-35+ (I am still getting xp from these things at level 37, but the xp starts dropping after 36 and they are greening out)

    AoF: 30+ (I fought there with a group with a level 28 SK, who pulled for us, but the levels averaged without him at 34)

    Hope I didn't miss anything. These are from observation, and they may be off, but hey, no one is perfect. AoF in particular usually won't take you unless you are 33+, just from resists on the Avatar.

    I will be available I believe. I started a part-time job also, so I won't be playing very much anymore Will have to see tho.

    Take care.


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    I'll try to get there, but I've gotten this annoying habit of offering to help people kill really big mobs. But I don't think I have anything scheduled on Saturday yet, so I'll try to be there.

    Wish lists - Silver Wand and Radiant Gloves for enchanter quests.

    If I can round up Xirax and Lothar, we may just head over to the AoF room earlier in the day if it's not camped. After all, we need two of his rare drops. 3 IC's take out the AoF easy, as he has 2900 hp. In fact, now that I'm looking at it, IC will kill everything, or cause them to start fleeing, except for the Champion and Cenobite, which will require a Rend to finish off, and the Steel Golem, which is AoF strengh.

    Wow, and I remember when I was here in my late 20's a few months ago... things sure change when you get to level 49...

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    I can't make it. I have to work. I am free Friday evening, and Sunday it looks like, but not Saturday.

    I'm really sorry. Seems like I am backing out on a lot of events. Please don't take it like that tho. I really want to join you folks, just hasn't worked out yet.

    Good luck and take care


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    Count Arc in.

    I might be a little late, as ive made a pact with myself, no playing EQ while the sun is up, i figure, that way, i can get stuff done.

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    I'd definately love to join in. Couple questions tho;
    1. How are we all getting there? From my last "adventure" into CT I know the wiz port site is not, I repeat, not a friendly area hehehe. Those lizzies ate me up really quick.
    2. Are we pre-forming groups then going in en masse or in small groups and singles and working our way into the Courtyard and forming there?

    Count me in to be there unless I have a drastic change of plans between now and 4:00pm


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    pyro, invisibility is a wonderful thing, im guessing someone will cast it on everyone and see invis then cast on themselves and lead the way to whereever

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    Fedily Dreamkaster

    I'll be there early, and will be more than happy to meet you anywhere you want me to (at the wiz spires or at zone) and invis you to get you to where you need to be I'm hoping to have enough people to get at least one of us in each exsisting group and put full groups at the uncamped areas.

    Everyone Please tell me when you get to Cazic and then when I get you into groups, please be sure to tell me when you get any RS pieces.


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    Geffin Dagrifter

    I'm really sorry that Fedily's and my connection forced us to leave Cazic early. When I left, we had Keepers in the Tae, Stone, and Gator pools. I had to leave our only spot in the AoF, and I don't think we had yet moved anyone onto the Archon pyramid.

    Did we succeed in getting any RS pieces for Kyerwi? If not, I still think the plan was worthwhile, and would be willing to give it another try.

    In any case, I am currently camped in the CT courtyard, and will probably be levelling pretty slowly as I focus on getting a new RS chestguard for myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I probably will never be able to solo in there.

    <img src="" width="350" height="100">

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    I think the event went rather well. Kyerwi got legs and two bracers while in the Tae room. It was amazing, I saw about 5 tae's during the short time I was there. When I arrived Kyerwi already had the legs and bracers so the drops were being kind that night. Zan also won himself a lizardscale cloak. Besides the Tae room we had lackluster results. I left Aledar and Faulk to play ghetto cleric for 5 melees in Tae. I talked with Fiddlere after you left Geffin, and he told me he would notify me when they left. An hour or so later we realized he had left w/o telling us so me, Aledar, and Faulk all moved down to the AoF. To our surprise another group had moved in to claim the room. While we were down in AoF, a grouped moved into the pools. By this time every camp in Cazic was taken so we decided to call it a night. Even though pools, stone, and aof came up empty I'd call it a success.

    Kelel Strongarm
    Hammer of Brell

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    Fedily Dreamkaster

    I also apologize for having to leave so early, I would really like to try again soon.

    I'm going to call the cable company and get a discount, because we have had problems the last three Sat in a row

    Thursday nights always seem to be good for us, would you guys like to try again in Cazic on Thursday?


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