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Thread: L'anniversaire de Yan help!

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    L'anniversaire de Yan help!

    I have the golden bones (2 arms/legs and the skull) what do I need to do now? Can anybody help?

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    Gone, but never forgotten
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    The mission finishes when one has the 5 gold bones

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    Thanks Lady Jo. I definately have all the bones. I first did it on the old version then downloaded the new version neither seems to end for me. Is anybody else having this problem?

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    @ ouzman

    I have played it yesterday and it ends, when you have the 5 bones. But you can only play it on normal. On hard or expert there are no objectives and the game will not end. May you have played it on hard?

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    Thanks Christine. Completed it now. I was trying on hard and expert!!!!

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