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Thread: "popping" back and forth

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    "popping" back and forth

    The spells Mark and Recall are great, but I was wondering if there is a way to have multiple marks? Even if there was a way to "pop" back and forth between two spots.
    I have not been able to try it yet (not enough magic), but I did make a spell that casts "recall" then "mark". Will I be recalled to the original mark and will where I cast the spell have a new mark???????

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    No way to have multiple 'marks'

    I can't read your second sentance.... too early.

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    To your second question all that will happen is you will mark the place you just cast the spell, and you will recall to the place you just marked(basically you don't move).

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    kilana - he's talking about recall, THEN mark, not vice-versa. Thinking about it - that might just work.. you're casting the mark spell at the point where you cast it, which is actually before you recall... Depends how the game works, obviously, but certainly worth a try, just in case. I'd give it a 50/50 of working.

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