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Thread: New images for the incoming Hammerite Imperium Fan mission

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    The Hammerite imperium fan mission images

    Can anyone put these images into Circle of stone and shadow fan art, or just give me a link?
    To see the screenshots from the Hammerite Imperium missions and some images go to:
    or if geocities is failing go to same backup page only on brinkster:
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    Send them here,, or send them a link so they can let members know where they can check it out.

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    Getting It To Us
    Have a mission all ready to send? Send an email to Master Nightfall (Dan), ensure him that you have read this page and understood everything you have read. He will then give you the info you need to upload your mission to the FTP server. It is also very important that you inform him of the file-name you gave the mission. If you have no way to FTP the files, email will work. Email attachments in excess of 3 or 4 megs will cause his little email server to die a horrible death. If your mission is indeed larger then that, be prepared to discuss alternate methods of getting it to him.
    (Athough you will be probably asked to send them to Elenkis' e-mail box...)

    ...or contact Komag

    Oh, and the pic links are broken, you know - Geocities.

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