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Thread: FM: Run thief...RUN: Director's Cut

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    FM: Run thief...RUN: Director's Cut

    Just uploaded V1.02 of RTR if anyones interested. I fixed a couple of minor glitches and was going to leave it at that, but then I figured players deserved a chance to get even with those pesky bots. There's a new bonus run added where you can tool yourself up for some payback...You'll have to set a decent pace to reach the door in time though.

    * Director's Cut Extras *

    -New bonus run
    -Top 10 times
    -Extra music
    -Simplified maze
    -More visual markers
    -Tweaked sound

    * Top 10 Times *

    01. Andy K 3:29
    02. U-Ziq 3:33
    03. Kelly Black 3:47
    04. Peter Smith 3:55
    05. Ricknmel 3:57
    06. Dave Carter 4:05
    07. Nightwalker 4:11
    08. Meatball 4:26
    09. Shelob 4:27
    10. 1-Ski 4:29

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    Wow! I made it into the top 10! Cool! Oops! I'm in the wrong place though. My fastest time was 3 min. 34 sec. (Check here . I'll try the new version out, GumDrop, thanks. It's a fun, unique mission.
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    Wow. It's been quite a while since I've posted here...

    Anywho, I just played through and finished with 3:27.
    I'd post a screenshot, but the printscreen button didn't work and it's been so long since I've taken screenshots I've forgotten how to do it. I saved near the end, though, so I could probably get one, if you want.

    Later, taffers

    Edit: The damage was 17,16. I should also mention that the time is for the other version, not the "director's cut" (which I am downloading now!).

    Second Edit: I just finished the "director's cut." Oddly enough, I also finished this one in 3:27 with 17 points of damage (although with around 8 healed instead of 16).
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    Hmmm... so its longer than the first one? My time in the first one was 3:25, including about 4 seconds (could have been only 2) stuck on the top of the ladder.

    Grumble, grumble, my score no longer counts...

    How do I submit my time for the new one?

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    This has to be my favorite demo mission now! My favorite used to be Roller (the one that sends Garrett on a rollercoaster-type ride), then it became Creature Clash, then Creature Clash 2, and then this. I gonna du eet ageen!

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    This funny mission is so fantastic! I have never played with a so enjoyable and comic mission like this!!!


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    My record, 3.28.
    But I can't seem to get a screenshot of the stats page.
    Anyway, 3.28 on my first try.
    Going for a second time now.

    Edit: Dangit, just read that 3.28 was already set. Okay, i'll try to beat that.

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    3.17! Beat that!

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    Okay I got it down to 3.14 I think that's the best I can do. If only I could get a screenshot of the stats screen, anyone knows how?

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    Gone, but not forgotten

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    404 Error -- File Not Found
    The page you are looking for ( is not here.

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    Well, the original post is over a year old, so broken links are not really surprising. The mission is still available at my site if you don't have it.

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    Gone, but not forgotten

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    OOPS! The July 3 in 2003 and July 3 in 2002 slipped my notice. LOL. I saw the July 3 but not the Year. More fool me.

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    Oh geez me too tBM, I spoke to Gummsie tonight on ICQ, mentioned his post here. What post? Ummm.......

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    No one can beat me?

    I still don't know how to make a screenshot of the stats screen in Thief.

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    Omega, not sure, but, in game, hit Alt and F10 at the sametime. That takes screenies, I just double checked. Try it on the stats screen. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega
    Okay I got it down to 3.14 I think that's the best I can do. If only I could get a screenshot of the stats screen, anyone knows how?
    Sounds like a challenge to me!

    My first ever attempt at RTR I got 3.19, but that was messing around with guards and bumping into corners, etc.
    I also stopped running to hit quicksave a time or two, and lost about a sec just trying to get out of the water at the start. I know I can do close to 3 flat if I really tried.
    Having said that, after that first fastish time, I have yet been able to do the jump/mantle near the spiderbot again.
    I tried for like 2 hours to re-create that jump to no avail.
    I quit out of boredom after so many constant reloads. Great
    little FM imo.

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    having never played the original, I think about 5 minutes is good... but where is this bonus run? how do we get that?

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    My best time was 2:48. You had to pull some almost impossible manuvers. Somebody else did even better if I recall correctly.

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    I wish Gummie would come back, he made some of the most clever and original missions.
    Tim, where are you? If nothing else, give me those Tomb Raider missions you were working on, I'll polish them and get them released...

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    Everybody should come back.

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    didn't get an answer - bonus run? where/how?

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    If I'm not misstaken at the end where you're supposed to climb up and then fall down a vertical shaft, instead head left as you enter the area and you should find another "run".

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    there is a large steel door there, and no switch that I could find... but that is a busy area

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    Right! But thats very difficult to play, I think.

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