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Thread: What happens if I 'accidentaly' misplaced...

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    What happens if I 'accidentaly' misplaced...

    My orders to Cais Cassius in Balmora, near the north wall. I thought I had them, but when I finally found his place, I seemed to have misplaced the orders... is it possible to get them orders again from that guy in seyda neen? or am I screwed... again? I'd say those thingas and Cais are important for whatever the main quest is? And does the main quest have any specific ending? Dont tell me the ending I wanna find out myself, just wanna know what that damned package from the emporer that Larious Varro or whatever is s'posed to give me... It's so intriguing!! And those pack Guar... is it possible to get one? I mean one of those things would sure be damned handy to have when I go looting a Dwemer ruins! AND they look cool!

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    The package to the skooma addict is important as is he. If you misplace the package you will need to find it again or use the console to make another and later on in the main quest you will find out what it says. What Varro has isn't directly connected to the main story line, which does have an ending (only a single one, with that path you cannot truly choose). You can have a certain guar follow you, but iirc you can't use it as a pack guar (someone has made a plugin that allows for this).

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    im bored

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    Theres a Mod that allows me to have a pack Guar!? Koowl can you point --> me in the right direction?

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