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Thread: Your Last Breath (2002)

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    Your Last Breath (2002)

    I added John D's second mission, Your Last Breath, to my archive this morning. Get it while it's hot at

    Thanks to Komag for sending it to me, and (of course) to John D. for making it.
    - J<

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    Taking a break
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    Location: Rampart Range
    Great! I hope everyone likes this mission!
    I'll be the first to admit Quick Cash was
    far from perfect, being my first attempt,
    but I think you'll all enjoy Your Last Breath much better!

    I would also like to give special thanks to AsyluM for giving
    me permission to use his Hidden Agenda textures!
    I used one of his new skins in my FM.

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    I didn't have a lot of time tonight, so I only went through on Normal. It's a really good mission, John D. Lots of fun and very well planned out. I'm going to take the time tomorrow to go through it on Expert with a little more finesse, so I can appreciate it more. Thanks!

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    Another one!!

    Downloaded it and am looking forward to playing it after I finish the Shadow of Doubt series.

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    Taking a break
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    Thanks for the praise Nightwalker!
    I hope more designers will do Mechanist oriented FM's.
    I always found the Mech's to be kind of creepy with their
    cultlike chants and disregard for human rights (just look at those poor servants!)
    Have fun!

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    Yeah, I agree with that. Mechanists are cool!
    Thanks for the mission,it was great quick fun!

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    Location: The zip should tell you.

    John D. I loved it!!!

    When I found that there was a new mission to play I called my son in so he could see it with me. We both were thrilled with the opening scene. Deep water scares the bajeepers out of me. I threw a scouting orb into the water to see what was down there and as the orb slowly sank and we grasped just how far down the bottom was, my stomach twiched with butterflies.
    If there had been sharks ...
    I would be a basket case right now.

    Very nice work John. My hat is off to all you DromEd'ers.

    As for myself, I don't need perfection just do-ability. This was do-able.

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    Taking a break
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    Location: Rampart Range
    Im glad you liked it!
    Didnt find any JAWS models
    in dromed's object hierarchy
    or I would have used them hehe

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    Registered: Jan 2002
    This was a great little mission. Lots of plot. Made me want to turn them all into shark food before I left. Then I realized
    they were on their way to slaughtering a hoard of undead
    , so I spared them.

    It definitely would have been cool to have sharks. I remember the sharks in the underwater mission in No One Lives Forever. Those scared the crap out of me.
    Of course, considering the small number of all-new creatures I've seen in fan missions, I can imagine it would be very difficult to do in Dromed.

    This mission seems to be setting itself up for a sequel. It definitely deserves one.

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    Taking a break
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    The Island of Iron reference comes from a little piece of fan fiction
    I submitted to a while back. I'm toying around
    with the idea of an undead mission right now, but it may be a while before
    I finish another FM. One thing is for sure though, if I do it will be even
    bigger and better!

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    Location: Germany/Ahrensburg

    Cool Mission!

    Wow, this was a cool surprise. A cool short underwater-FM with a cool story. Thanks a lot, John D., for your efforts. Like Brian_R171 I will await a sequel, too

    The atmosphere in this FM is really overwhelming. I felt the million litre of water above my head. And I was afraid of sharks, too. Though there were none only my imagination in every shadow could lurk a shark is enough to make my heartbeat stop.

    Great (but much too short)
    "Don't dream it - be it!"

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    Yes, that mission is cool. But I have got a problem: how can I end the missions? As the objective about "Find what..." doen't tick off. I have read everything.

    Could it be possible to make a remake of the mission in where you can destroy the windows to let some water in ?

    Is there a new FM in process to get on the haunted isle?

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    Lachdanan, you need to go
    into the control center. There's a scroll sitting on the center table. The objective ticks off as soon as you pick it up.

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    Location: Rampart Range
    could it be possible to make a remake a mission so you could destroy the windows to let water in?
    I like the idea, but I have no idea how that could be implemented though

    Is there another FM in progress on the haunted isle?
    Not yet, but I am working on a new mission which takes place in the haunted
    tombs mentioned in Quick Cash, its gonna take a while, but if everything
    works out, you'll have to dodge hammers, mechs, and undead!

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    Normally I don't like mechanist missions but this one was unique and engaging enough for me to complete it.

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