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Thread: So ya wanna be a Researcher.. of Qeynos...

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    So ya wanna be a Researcher.. of Qeynos...

    Just wanted to post this. This is the third in the Qeynos/Bloodsabre medals quest. Many thanks to Delk for his help, and brain power. Arcale got the first Medal on E'ci, and very possibly, first on all the servers. Now, I will post some of this using the new UBB spoiler text, all you need to do to read it is click and drag over it. Part of the fun of these quests is figuring it out yourself.

    You say, 'Hail, Vegalys Keldrane'
    You say, 'I wish to advance further.'
    Vegalys Keldrane says 'Interested in advancing further are you? We have gathered a great deal of information as a result of the latest series of arrests. We do require [interrogators] that are able to pry the information we require out those less then willing to talk. Also, Velarte Selire at the Temple of Life is looking for help with his [research]. You may wish to talk with him.

    Go to Velarte Selire at the Temple of Life, You know, the big, wierd UFO in North Qeynos .

    You say, 'Hail, Velarte Selire'
    Velarte Selire says 'Hello Arcale. Antonius Bayle and the council have ordered a full investigation of these folks that call themselves the Bloodsabers. I hear his plan is to eventually round up every member of this strange disease worshipping cult and bring them in to answer for their terrible crimes against our city and people. [Vegalys] Keldrane is heading up the investigation.

    You say, 'What research are you doing?'
    Velarte Selire says 'We are currently in the process of conducting research into viable ways to bring an end to this terrible plague. This suffering has gone on long enough. Being a researcher doesn't take strength or brute force, though those qualities do sometimes help. Being a researcher takes intelligence first and foremost. No offense, but not everyone has that quality. This will be no easy task. Are you still [interested] in helping us with our research?
    You say, 'Yes, I am interested'
    Velarte Selire says 'Still interested then? Very well, you look rather intelligent. As a show of your commitment to this task, please turn in your [Interrogator's Badge].

    Give Velarte your Interrogator's Badge

    Velarte Selire says 'It seems Vegalys trusts you, so I guess I can trust you as well. Take this briefing. It explains the current state of our research and it explains the test you will be conducting. If you can conduct the test successfully, the Temple of Life shall be in your debt and we shall use the findings to continue our work. However, we have a [problem] we need assistance with first.
    You say, 'What problem?'
    Velarte Selire says 'Unfortunately, those vile followers of the Plague Bringer are still attempting to foul up our plans. Several our [test animals] have been stolen from us by a gnome, a member of the Dark Reflection. These animals are very important to our research, as the briefing describes.
    You say, 'What test animals?'
    Velarte Selire says 'These animals were enchanted with a sort of anti-disease aura. It sounds crazy but we thought that perhaps we could use a sort of 'anti-epidemic' to spread a cure to this disease. However, this aura is as of yet imperfect and also quite [volatile]. We had hoped to use rats to spread the cure, much in the same way they often spread disease.
    You say, 'Why is it volatile?'
    Velarte Selire says 'Yes, the enchantment we placed on the rodents does not last long at all. It disperses its curing magic almost instantly. We fashioned several containers at great expense and they have the ability to preserve an enchantment for long periods of time. After enchanting a rat we [place them in the container] until we are ready to conduct our tests.
    You say, 'Why do you place them in the container?'
    Velarte Selire says 'Oh, I assure you it is completely humane and the rats do seem to enjoy prolonged exposure to the enchantment while in the container. In fact, it is all we can do to get them out of the containers once we put them in! In any case, those containers are dreadfully expensive to make and those rats. . . Well, we have begun to become sort of attached to them. Please find this [gnome].
    You say, 'What gnome?'
    Velarte Selire says 'Her name is Oobnopterbevny Biddilets. She was last seen high tailing it across the Plains of Karana. She infiltrated our temple and stole the containers that had our beloved rodents, which were already enchanted and prepared for our next round of tests. I shudder to think of what this monster may be doing to those poor animals. Anyway, retrieve them at any cost. You will need them for the [test] you will be conducting.
    You say, 'Which test?'
    Velarte Selire says 'The briefing explains how the test is to be conducted but first you need to find the test animals. Get the rodents first from that gnome. Then give me your Researcher's Briefing and we will start the test. Release all three rodents as directed then give me the three Empty Enchanted Jars. If you were able to cure all of the diseased rodents by properly using our enchanted rodents, we will consider this test a success and you shall be rewarded with the Researchers Badge.

    Research Briefing


    This aura is a curious thing indeed. When the aura is released, it disperses outward in four directions spreading to each rat it encounters. The aura is weak. Its range is but a few feet. Not that the aura can not cure a diseased rat unless it first encounters one that is healthy first. We are unable to account for this sympathetic effect.

    When the aura encounters a healthy rat it ricochets back in the other direction, curing each diseased rat between the originator of the aura and the healthy rat the aura encountered. The aura then disperses.

    The object of this test is to place the Enchanted Rats in such a way as to eliminate the disease from all rats involved in the test. Do this by taking a jar that contains a Live Enchanted Rat and putting it directly into a Tile.

    For safety reasons, the test must be completed within 6 standard Norrathian hours.

    The diagrams illustrate the aura’s magic flow. Give this briefing to Velarte to begin the test.

    O = Healthy Rat
    X = Diseased Rat

    Diagram 1

    O X X _

    An enchanted rat is placed on the far right Tile. The aura spreads and heals the two diseased rats.


    O O O O

    In diagram 1, if an Enchanted Rat is placed on the Tile below a diseased rat, there is no effect. The aura did not encounted a healthy rat and did not reverse its flow.


    O X X _
    _ _ _ O

    Diagram 2

    O X _
    _ _ X
    _ _ O

    An enchanted rat is placed on the top right tile. Diseased rats to the left and bottom are cured.


    O O O
    _ _ O
    _ _ O

    Return all three Empty Enchanted Jars to Velarte when finished. DO NOT drop an empty jar on a tile. It will break.

    Now, off to kill Oobopterbevny Biddilets:

    <BLOCKQUOTE><FONT size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, sans-serif">Spoiler:</font><DIV STYLE="background-color:#000080"><FONT color="#000080">

    Oobnopterbevny spawns in West Karana near the barb village/guard towers. Tracked her both times I've gone on this quest there.

    Now, Oobop is a level 40ish Necro. and She can do some damage. Hits low-mid 90's. So Geff.. yes, you will need help

    Oobnopterbevny Biddilets shouts 'What a lovely diseased filled place! Tra la la.'

    You have slain Oobnopterbevny Biddilets
    Your faction standing with DarkReflection got worse.
    Your faction standing with EldritchCollective got better.
    Your faction standing with GemChoppers got better.
    You gain experience!!
    Oobnopterbevny says 'Tra la. . . Oh . . . Rats . . .'

    (Hey look! Arc got gnome faction! )

    --You have looted a Live Enchanted Rat: Jar 1.--
    --You have looted a Live Enchanted Rat: Jar 2.--
    --You have looted a Live Enchanted Rat: Jar 3.--

    Once you get the Live Enchanted Rats go back to Qeynos.

    Give Velarte the book.

    Oddly, the puzzles appear to be random, or at least a cycle, and it's really quite unique. MAKE SURE YOU ARE HANDING THE RAT TO THE CORRECT TILE! Stand ON the tile, and look down, it's the easiest way. Once it starts, you'll know what i mean.

    Draw it out. Each rat needs to be placed on a certain tile, at a certain time. Rats you change the first time will reflect the aura of the second rat.. and so on.

    My Puzzle:


    Rat 1:


    Giving us:


    2 ways I could have done it, but I did:


    Giving us:

    And of course:




    Each tile you give the rat to gives you back an empty jar. It is also important to make sure you are giving live rats to the Tiles. Double check every time. It's worth the few seconds.

    Give Velarte back the empty jars.

    Velarte Selire says 'You did it! You have proven you have the intelligence required and you may wear this Researcher's Badge with pride! Thank you for returning the jars.
    Your faction standing with PriestsofLife got better.
    Your faction standing with KnightsofThunder got better.
    Your faction standing with GuardsofQeynos got better.
    Your faction standing with BloodSabers got worse.
    Your faction standing with AntoniusBayle got better.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive the Researcher’s Badge.
    Magic, Lore, No Drop
    AC4 Str3 Wis3 Int3 Agi3 HP15 Mana15

    One more AC than I figured on. Bonus!

    Note.. No new keywords. I assume we will talk to Vegalys again.


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    The perfect quest for me! Rats, good deeds for Rodcet and killing gnomes. Plus, a chance to show off my high INT! And a replacement for my Rat Foot Necklace which has negative CHA!

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