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Thread: Lord Lomat's Flute

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    Lord Lomat's Flute

    Thanks to Nightwalker, I've located 727 of 992 of loot.

    Could someone please tell me where to find the rest (265)?




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    On the second floor, there are two coins on the ground between two armchairs. They're worth a total of ten... 737 is the most that I've managed to get, though.

    There are a gold basket and a gold penholder on the table in the office, worth a total of 175 gold. They can't be picked up. I don't know where the remaining 80 loot is.

    Sorry for the late reply, but this should answer other peoples' question as well.


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    You're turning into our newest and most determined loot hunter, Anarchic Fox! Thanks for letting us know when you find missing bits like this and, of course, the missing loot in CL. It's much appreciated.

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    Why, thank you.

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    I am the guilty party who created this level.

    It's awesome to think that anyone is searching out all the loot (even if it was some 11 years ago, gulp).

    I would really like to go back and improve the level. I was very proud of how a lot of it turned out, but that being said, the architecture is quite simple, the level is darker than it needs to be, and I didn't really finesse it and balance it as well as I could. I think the AI awareness multiplier of the guards was perhaps turned up a little, making it a bit more challenging to sneak past them than it should have been. But I really liked what I did with the guards out on the balconies, on the other side of the glass windows. And you can use rope arrows to access the upper stories via the overhanging wooden beams on the exterior. Although, due to my fairly simple internal geometry, and there being glass on the windows, it very difficult to actually get inside unnoticed once you're up there. I really should have had some windows with no glass on them, so you could sneak in.

    I'd love to go back now, and improve the look of the level, and add some more geometry to make the level more visually interesting and believable, as well as creating a few more alternate routes through the level, more ways to watch guards and successfully skirt around them, etc.

    The Thief games are still my favorite series I've ever played, and I'd love to work in that space more.

    But I do remember DromEd being quite a challenge to use, and there'd be a lot to remember about how it works for me to go back in and get up to speed again.

    One day! It'd be especially cool to make some taller towers, interconnected by arching bridges, and various ways to manoeuvre around the outside and inside of the towers, unnoticed, perhaps sniping or knocking out the occasional guard who's blocking your progress to the very top of the tower. I'd love to make that sort of level for Thief 2, still. (Maybe we'll be able to mod the new upcoming Thief 4!?!?)

    PS: I think there might be a coin or two in the bottom of the moat! SORRY! Someone dropped them in there, and they were lost to time and memory, just like the one ring to rule them all!

    You could go in and look for them, but beware any beasts in there, I have heard, pray tell, that some sort of beast doth live in the depths.

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    Revisiting "Lord Lomat's Flute"

    It may be over a decade too late, but I'm firing up DromEd to look around "Lord Lomat's Flute" to see where that missing loot is!

    I played through, and could only get 777/992 loot.

    The bit you're most likely to be missing to get to 777 is a little coin (or piece of jewellery) that's fallen down behind the wardrobe in the master bedroom.

    As has been pointed out, I think the golden stationary in the office upstairs must be worth money, but can't be picked up. How silly of me. But I'm still not sure if that's quite accounting for everything. So I want to see if I can improve the level a bit, for my own posterity, so the level stands as a better landmark for what I managed to achieve in the Thief 2 world.

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    OK, I've been tweaking my old level, mainly so that I can assuage my guilt over the things I should have gotten right the first time, and also so that I can make a video of it for my game design folio, and posterity's sake, and all that.

    I've edited the golden stationary items up on the office - they do indeed have loot value (by default), but can't be picked up (by default)! I never even realised that, how silly of me. I deleted the loot values off those items, and I can now get 817/817 loot in the level. (The final thing I hadn't found yet was a small sack of valuable salt in the kitchen, under one of the tables, there's also a small ring that's fallen down behind the wardrobe in the master bedroom, and some coins on the ground between the chair in the upstairs office, they're probably the hardest ones to find).

    I can now assure you, there's no other loot hidden off in the water or in some area that seems unreachable.

    I've also tweaked the guard AI so it's basically like normal guards, and added a bit more ambient lighting to make it look more realistic and match the brightness of the standard Thief levels better.

    I haven't updated the mission online yet, still working on things a bit more. But I've already fixed most of the things that I should have fixed before ever releasing it in 2001!

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    It's nice to see you come back to it after so many years! Maybe you'll be inspired to build a new one when you're done.

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    Inspiration & Updates

    Cheers Nightwalker,

    It's nice to come back to a game that's about 15 years old, and find that it's had some really nice updates! Wow.

    I've pretty much finished fixing my old level, "Lord Lomat's Flute". Now I want to snaz up the architecture a bit before re-submitting it. It was always rather bland visually.

    And yes, I have always wanted to make another new Thief 2 mission with some really tall towers, and some really cranky sort of architecture, a bit like Harry Potter meets Dr Seuss or something.

    But I'm also trying to finish off my third iOS game, which actually needs a lot of work! So I should do that first.

    But it'll be great to be able to run Thief 2 on a nice high res setting, with Lord Lomat's Flute tweaked up a bit, so I can make a video for my game design folio.

    - Murray

    Q: Any ideas who/where I submit my level update to, when it's ready?

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    I'd highly recommend getting it tested first - Once you've joined, Tannar will organise a testing forum for you, just send him a pm. Most testers are members there already but it's probably best to start a thread here asking for testers. There are so many different combinations of pcs, OSs, graphics cards, enhancements, mission loaders etc. - what works on one pc might not work on another so it's better to test as much as possible.

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    @muzboz - once it's finished testing, I can host the mission for you on and make it available to everyone here for download.

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    Awesome, thanks nickie and Brethren! Sounds great.

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    This mission opened up into another involving sneaking past hammerites and there's a code door with hints to the code. I tried using these hints but no go.

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