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Thread: OMG! "Just For Show" is so beautiful !!!

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    OMG! "Just For Show" is so beautiful !!!

    I've only just started playing it and I'm walking around in the street soaking up the atmosphere and gazing at the architecture. What a work of art!
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    I totally agree! I loved this mission when I played it the first time, then I went back and ghosted it, just to enjoy it again. It's beautiful and fun to play.

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    I played that mission a few weeks ago and that was one of the most memorable FM's I ever played. It doesn't matter that it wasn't a very big mission, it adds to the cozy atmosphere. Nice little section of the city, nice comfortable hotel - really one of the best hotels I've seen in Thief. Everyone should play this one.

    Did you guys read the journal in the second before the mission ends?

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    I agree too! It was a very nice mission, loved the city!

    Don't remember if I read the journal, sorry.
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    Originally posted by Spyrano
    Did you guys read the journal in the second before the mission ends?
    I'l make sure I do that.
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    JFS is one of The Missions. No matter what the man himself might try to say. It's one pretty baby.
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    What exactly is the "Found Secret"
    when I press the button in the travelling book salesman's room.
    I heard something move but never discovered what it was.

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    If that's the room I'm thinking of, you
    pushed a button behind a torch. Look behind the other torch to find the secret.

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    Everyone seems to have trouble with the secret in the bedroom.


    I thought it was pretty logical when I made it. Think symmetrically.

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    Musn't read ... musn't read ... musn't read .. spoilers
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    Tumbleweed, nice touch with the journal. What a great and twisted sense of humor!

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    I've just done this mission on normal and then I did it on expert. There wasnt a lot of difference between the two, because the added objectives are close and easy. This is the only critism I have of this superb mission.

    Missions like this upset me somewhat, because I'm beavering away at my own FM and all 'Just for show' does is hilight my own lack of spatial awareness, artistic ability and imagination.

    Tremendous stuff.

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    Yes, JfS is a truly beautiful mission. And well-designed. And just all-round impressive.

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    Wonderful mission tumbleweed! One of my favs! Thank you! Thank you for a great mission!

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    I finished this one not too long ago. I would have missed it, but I just happened to be looking for a small FM to play as I didn't have much time to spare. Well what do you know...I fell in love with it's seductive charms and spent almost 2 hours ghosting it.

    Thank you Tumbleweed for a good sneaker...She's a bit of a looker too I might add.

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    Yes. Very nicely designed. Good lighting and a very good use of space. And that is just the looking-around part. I'd recommend to anyone wanting a small to medium-sized high-quality thieving mission -- or to some overworked DromEditor who needs a break!

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    More secrets?


    I'm 50 loot short of Perfect Thief in Just For Show. Because the stats are messed up, I can't tell if I've found the only secret (the one in the bedroom, where you push the button in the torch inset and a panel slides open in the other torch inset), or if there are more... the stats say I have found 1 of 0 secrets.

    They also say I picked 6 of 1 pickpocket. Yeesh! It's such a beautiful looking mission with nice playability... couldn't Tumbleweed get those stats to work right?

    Are there more secrets? Also, I know it's virtually impossible to answer the question "what loot did I miss" without me somehow telling you every piece of loot I did find. But as there is no lootlist listed on CheapThief -- and using a lootlist blows the ghost anyway -- all I can do is ask whether there is any REALLY hard to spot loot here.

    I did pick the pocket of the civilian wandering around the town. All the rest of the loot I recall was pretty obvious... in a chest in a room, on a table, the Display Room loot, &c.



    P.S. Yes, I read the earwig manual.

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    Hmmm! I haven't played this in a long time but the other secret should be worth
    100g. so maybe the loot stats are off too?
    A hint for the other secret that I found:
    check the fireplaces carefully.
    I don't know if there were other secrets I never came across or not. You'd have to ask Tumbleweed what's really available, I guess, as I can't be sure.

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    Time for a look-see.

    Oh, i checked out the T2 mission, Stowaway, for the first time, i loved it. That's a must-see too if you haven't already. You start off in the Hold of a small Ship.

    EDIT: Oh, i've seen that one. Yes, it's very good.
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