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Thread: OMG! "Just For Show" (2002) is so beautiful!!! (DML fixed)

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    Unna produced a new dml after A.Stahl brought to our attention an error in the end game stats which is due to the 500g purse at the load-out screen for purchasing weapons,so depending on how much you spend or leave in your bank the difference will be added to your loot collected.

    As for the missing }, personally I can't say if this is an error by Unna or not, I just pasted&copied the dml, but I did test this dml and the end stats were correct when I tested the mission, I'll ask Jax to look into this as he understands dml's and Unna appears to be taking a break atm.

    Edit: dml edited, } added.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zappenduster View Post
    OK, I removed the old .DML file again, wasn't sure whether it would be a good idea to include them but I thought it could be an opportunity for an update like this.
    btw according to Unna it's not a good idea to include dml's in mission files as those players still using Darkloader (far too many) will load the dml into their Thief folders and although that shouldn't be an issue for one off missions it's not good practice to bung up your Thief folder with unwanted files especially as miss25 is a commonly used miss no. so those players will end up applying that dml to other missions using miss25 and could cause no end of problems for themselves down the line.

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