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Thread: TN download

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    TN download

    if you're interested here you can download TerraNova and other LG classics.
    The links work perfectly and you can download
    -only the game
    -game and speech
    -game speech and video

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    That's all in French, mind you. The games too.

    Fine if you understand it

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    I know, but it's the only site I've found for the download.

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    Now, only a link is available, which after I installed it, gave only the game and speech, no movies. I've downloaded the intro of the game somewhere, and seemed so cool, the rest of the videos surely are too. I would really want to have them. Do you know of another place with the full game in, or if anyone has made a place on the net with all the videos in(so I could put them in my videos folder, and have them play inside the game)?

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    There are three sorts of video in the game

    * intro-like scenes (the introduction, and a handful of pre-mission sequences showing characters arming up, the drop-ship taking off, and the descent to the planet... all very brief, for the most part.)

    * video briefings -- your mission objectives described by your commander with video clips illustrating points of interest.

    * story-line cut-scenes, with real people playing the parts of the game's characters.

    Of these, the first are nice but short; the second are simply functional, and nothing to get excited about; and the third... well... it was (I gather) expensive to do, but the production values for these scenes are not exactly awe-inspiring, shall we say (at least as far as TV and film go.) The acting ranges from fairly passable to really terrible. You get used to it, though, and it's all part of the game, but it isn't a *huge* loss if you can't see them...

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    thanks for telling me that. I was thinking I might be missing something without the videos, that they could be as entertaining as the wing commander videos(I thought so!).

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    I haven't seen the Wing Commander videos so I can't make a comparison...

    The videos do all add to the game (I said the video briefings were just functional, but it would be a bit drier without them I suspect), and despite the acting you kinda get used to the cutscenes :) And of course, you won't get any end-game sequences without the video clips, so you lose some of the reward for your efforts.

    So it is most definitely nice to have them, but the main thing is still the gameplay.

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    Back when the TTLG FTP was free for all to use (and when nobody cared about bandwidth usage ) I uploaded a ZIP of the entire U.S.-release CD and its patch. I still have the game, but unfortunately I'm on 56k. On top of that, the hard drive on my computer has died, so I'm forced to use a friend's system for the time being. If/when I get things up and running, and someone has the space/bandwidth to host the files, I'll be happy to send it out again.

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    Daxim has uploaded Terra Nova at this site but I cant download it. Maybe someone will have better luck.

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    apologies to Daxim for not immediately realising it was on his FTP :P

    wp m8!

    (presume you can't d/l it via his http addy)
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