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Thread: Something up there (2002-09-25): from the author

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    Geez, I feel like such an amateur tonight. Just started this fan mission and I can't seem to get anywhere. Been to Eriks, knocked out all the guards. Looking for key to house and gate and safe in statue. No luck. Tried stacking boxes to jump over the gate, but no luck there either.

    Can anyone offer some help. The solution is probably right under my nose...but for the life of me, I can't find it tonight.

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    Location: The Netherlands

    I already played it ...

    Hoi Erik,

    Ik heb jouw "mission" al een tijdje geleden gespeeld.
    Leuk om die reacties allemaal te lezen.
    Als (zuid)nederlander wil ook ik je even mijn complimenten maken (als ik dat al niet eerder gedaan zou hebben).
    Leuk, die Dom en de omgeving rondom Utrecht.
    Ik heb zelf 9 jaar in Culemborg gewoond, dus Utrecht is "my town" allright.

    and for all ye taffers: this is the translation:

    Hi Erik,

    I've played your mission some time ago now.
    It's nice reading all of these comments.
    As a Dutch (down .... in the south) citizen I also want to compliment you on this game (should I've done this not earlier in another message).
    Nice, the Dom of Utrecht and the surroundings in Utrecht city...
    I lived for 9 years in Culemborg (which lies 22 km. beneath Utrecht), so Utrecht is my town allright.

    Gloria creep.

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    If you leave the apartment, go down to the corner and turn left, you'll come to a gate on the left. Look for
    a key lying on the ground beside a note, just by the gate.
    That should get you going again.

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    Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Hoi Gloria Creep!

    Ik ben waarschijnlijk erg laat met mijn antwoord, maar ik ben hier een tijdje niet geweest, vandaar...

    Wat grappig om een keer een reactie te horen van iemand die daadwerkelijk het domplein kent! Heel leuk!

    Ik ben zelf ook ZuidNederlander, want ik ben een Limburger.... hehe

    Translation (or, what it basically comes down to
    Nice to hear from somebody who actually knows the Dome Square. And: although I live in Utrecht, I am origianlly from the south as well: I am a Limburgian... (hmm, sounds like a Hammerite faction...)



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    Location: The Netherlands
    Hi Limburgian .........

    Klinkt inderdaad als een Hammerite-iets.
    Ik heb er wel om gelachen.
    Waar kom je oorspronkelijk vandaan?
    Ik uit Maastricht. Mestreech dus.
    Misschien familie ........... allebei Willems(en)?
    Al was mijn vader wel van belgische oorsprong.

    Really sounds like a Hammerite-thing ....
    I did laugh about it.
    Where do you originally come from?
    I'm from Maastricht.
    Perhaps we are related ......... since we're both called Willems?
    Although my father was from belgian offspring.

    De compleminte vaan Gloria Creep.
    (you taffers figure this one out yourself ........)

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    Location: Location: Location! 3 words


    Love dem screenshots! Grand mansions/big ornate structures are my current Thief passion. Can't wait to play it! (But I just DL Errand Boy; what to do? )
    (hehe, well I SHOULD clean my real-life kitchen, of course)

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    Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Hoi Gloria,

    Ik ben geboren en getogen in Weert.
    "Ich kal auch noch steeds plat met oos pap en oos mam...."

    Mijn vader komt uit Ospel, en mijn moeder uit Roermond. Er zijn wel nogal wat 'Willems'-en in Nederland, dus ik weet niet of de kans dat we familie zijn zo groot is...

    Misschien heb je ook een Brusselaars in de Familie? Dat zou wel heel toevallig zijn.

    Translation for you Taffers out there:

    I am glad you like my mission.


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    Hoeveel Nederlanders lopen hier wel niet rond?
    Altijd leuk om te zien dat er ook Nederlands talent te vinden is in deze community.
    Dus voor je eerste missie.

    Great FM

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    Location: NY
    I played this mission last night and I enjoyed it too. Unfortunately, I didn't think of taking a swan dive off the top of the tower. When Garrett falls or jumps from great heights, I can actually feel it in my stomach on the way down. hehe
    So, considering it was your first mission ewillems, I hate to criticize it, but I want to say a few things.

    First, I'd like to say I hope you make more more missions. In future missions I hope there's a compass, and I hope the kind of arrow you have drawn shows up on the screen. I'm also sorry to say that I found the final warrior, at the top of the tower, to be a bit of a wuss. I expected to have a hard time defeating him. You could've made that a little tougher. On the positive side, I really enjoyed the climb up there. I did a quicksave every time I got a bit higher, but surprisingly I didn't fall. I also enjoyed the story.

    So keep up the good work, and I'll play your next mission when it comes out.

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    Registered: May 2002
    Location: The Netherlands
    Hi Erik,

    Géén Brusselaars, meer de richting van Antwerpen uit ............. en ook géén familie in Weert.
    Maar in ieder geval: TWEE THIEF-GAMING-WILLEMS-NUTCASES in den lande ......!

    Leuke vertaling trouwens (ha,ha)

    Groetjes, Gloria Creep.

    Polygon, ook voor jou groetjes.
    Ik hoop toch wel dat er meer nederlands door dit forum struinen?!

    Greetings to all ye Thieving taffers,
    Gloria Creep.

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    Location: db
    Nice, interesting mission

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    Taking a break
    Registered: Apr 2002
    Location: Rampart Range
    Just played Something up there, had a blast!

    I especially enjoyed
    using the weapon in the cathedral to gun down the Mechanists!

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    Location: OldDark Detox Clinic
    OK, I admit it. I stopped working on Mixed Messages for a little bit the other day to just play an FM (NO!!!Thorin!!No!!!!Not the WHIP!!!!Look!!I'm working, really!!!)
    Anyway Erik, I just wanted to tell you that this mission was totally "playable". There was plenty to do, and it was all nicely do-able. Great rope work. Had a blast. Nice work.

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    I played this one a while ago as well. I give it a big, fun, thumbs up! You know what though? I never had to fight the guy, I snuck up behind him and wacked the shit out of him before he knew what was going on.

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    Great fun mission, ewillems!

    Here it is, two years after the previous message on this thread, and I've finally played it. I also somehow managed to do the tower and its ultimate objective, before meeting the loot objective. In fact, I did it before ever entering the Dome Church for the first time! How did I manage to do this? This won't be possible if you just, in a later version if there is one, manage to
    Make the door to the library unsmashable...4 hacks with a sword and I'm in!

    May have to do that as well with all wooden doors that are meant to be opened by key. Or, if the door(s) in question is/are just metal...

    So, that made it particularly hard to
    get back down the long, long ladder; several falls to my death before jumping on there just right! haha And tough to get down the columns of wooden posts with only one rope arrow...

    Nothing to do with the safe; I didn't try (or think to try) to reach in without opening first. I also ended up
    gassing the two mechanist guards up on the priest's walk before utilizing that cannon. Darn! So my mission ended in the excavated site gathering the larger two loot bits!

    Definitely a fun playable one...I always like exploring the unexplorable areas of the map, so a few strategically-placed slowfall potions would've been nice.

    Enjoyed it!


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    Registered: Apr 2009
    Sorry for bringing back an old thread but I just got around to playing this mission and I had a blast! Definately not for the vertigo-challenged!

    I made a short video jumping from the top of the tower, you can view it here. It was the easiest way I could find to get back down, although it never ended the way I hoped...

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    The link says "404" for me ?? Did you move the file ?

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    can we get a date put on the 1st post, ta

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    Update, you mean...

    Yes, I'd really like to play this, man. Where's a mirror?

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    I want to play it too.I get 404 error.A new link maybe would fix this

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    Thanks for the link!

    (playing it right now, just about died laughing at the guards' secret "handshake" with their swords)

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    Location: Situation's changed, Tom.
    Yeah, too bad the author isn't around here anymore, I would love to see some more places of Utrecht (but only because I know the place ).

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    Very nice visuals and of course the verticality. The story flew over my head but I will catch it next time as I added this mission to my replayable list.

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