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Thread: I'm really worried about Qeynos.

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    Fred Chook

    I'm really worried about Qeynos.

    Level 60 aggro creatures not only in the newbie zone but in the city itself? Cros Treewind and Holly Windstalker eaten by their own animals? This is bad. What is Verant doing? Have they gone mad! They're going to destroy the city just for storyline! Ever read Witches Abroad? This had all better lead up to something! I'm not having half of Tunaria wiped out for nothing! They'd better fix it pretty damn quick!

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    Well there is something on Castersrealm about this right now, explaining this.
    And to be honest, I sortof have to side with Verant on this one.

    Well I`ll probably screw up trying to paraphrase them, so instead I`ll copy/paste what they said. Starts off with a players complaint, with Gordon`s response :

    "What is going on? Last night a "Loathsome individual" was in the qeynos hills area right in front of Black Burrow. He killed a group of 2 45's and a 42. Why is such a powerful npc in a newbie zone ? Why make him aggressive ? And he is guarding the entrance to another newbie zone. I'm only lvl 7 but he came up behind me and with one hit, killed me. I've never been killed by anything with one hit. Never even saw it. Please move this npc to a more appropriate area or make it less agressive. Qeynos Hills is no longer a newbie/lowbie area.
    Simply, there are no newbie zones, not from the standpont of the story. Sure, you normally find lower level stuff closer to the cities as a matter of gameplay, but when trying to develop a story we cannot always adhere to these rigid structures.

    Gordon`s response :

    People talk all the time about how neat it would be for cities to get invaded and taken over, but we can't necessarily have that happen if we're restricted to using level 1 to 4 NPCs because it's a "newbie zone". It wouldn't make much sense for the high-level nasties with a plan to only hang out in the sparsely populated outer areas.

    For the purpose of presenting a story, it may be necessary to have some high level critters running around a zone that's been considered relatively safe. It's part of our goal to bring the story to the players and have them participate in it. Certainly some people will be caught in the crossfire, but it's just part of the game. I hope that we can continue to please more people than we upset in the process.

    - Gordon "

    Anyhow, I have to agree with him. I realize it sucks to die by a super powerful NPC. But how else can a really good story develop. I agree with his points and that it's inevitable to have people die in the crossfire.

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    Fred Chook

    Story's fine, but there's a difference between a few high levels in a newbie zone and an entire city being destroyed. They've wiped Qeynos off the maps, which means Odus and Vellious are gone too. They'd better fix this, pretty damn soon.

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    Wiped off the map?

    All the NPCs are dead?

    - Garamor

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    Fred Chook

    Dead or dying.

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    I hate to disagree here, but I went to Qeynos yesterday with Sinn to do some banking and look at the new loathsome individuals (to see if I could get some xp off them) Qeynos was fine from my reckoning, as I didn't see anything out of place, altho I did see a couple new NPCs on tracking (I love tracking now)

    I might have to disagree here Zan. I agree that they do need to do some of this, but don't make them aggro to every newbie that comes along. That is unfair, especially if they can kill them in one hit. And having them that close to BB. I witnessed higher level folks killing them, and running to BB to zone, which trained those higher level mobs to the zone, which in turned slaughtered newbies by the dozen on its way back to its spawn point. Very uncool.

    They could have put that on the other side of the zone, opposite BB, and would have been just as good. That part of the zone isn't used either. Why cram everything in one small section of the zone?

    Just my two cents.


    PS I know life is unfair, but you have to give newbies a chance, don't you?

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    I have been to Qeynos Hills recently as well. Tolas and I were in Permafrost the night before I saw the new mobs being spotted instead of the rude npc's. They were dropping some ok magic weapons so we went over to check them out. The casters are brutal. I saw a 48th druid survive with half a bubble of hps and a 52 druid was wiped out by one. I was killed by a caster when I was fighting a melee type mob. Tolas and I found 2 new mobs as well that run between the WK path and the path into Qeynos. One is a Bandit Runner(day) and Gnoll Runner(night). They dropped granite, accursed paint, mining picks, and some +2 cha necklaces. The Loathsome Individuals are not hard to avoid at all IMO. They are at camps and dont wonder that I have seen. The 2 camps I know of are by the wall inbetween WK and Qeynos Hills and infront of BB. The one in front of BB is far enough out that you will not get jumped if you follow the zone wall to BB. When we there someone did say that Loathsome's are popping in the city now and 2 of his friends had been killed by them. I think they would have gotten a lot more PC activity in stopping this if it were Freeport or Kelethin attacked. Qeynos IMO is a worhtless city. I started there way back when and was never happier to leave for Freeport and have never been back to this day except once for the stein of moggok quest item. There is simply no player interest in solving this problem, the city is lame so let it be destroyed is who people view it IMO. One last thing I would like to add is on the topic of every zone having 50+ mobs now for quests etc. This is absolutely stupid. I am pissed to this day they added those undead to Kithicor. No one hunts there due do no itemization of the undead. All it does is prohibit or slow travel. Now the stupidity spreads. Long rant I appologize, my 2 cents. )

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    Well I'm certainly not saying that there isn't room for improvment. They have done some stupid things in the past. If it's controled and has a developing story, then I'm all for it. If they do something like they did to Kith, where it's permanent and like paithan said, slows down travel and prevents any REAL hunting in that zone.
    That sortof thing also sickens me.

    But if it's temporary and a good story is told in the process, well I'm all for it. And I do agree that even low level newbies should be killed in the process. So what if they die. THeir xp loss is next to none. They just have to make sure they get their body back , to not lose their stuff.

    Why do I agree with this? Well I guess it comes down to my love of fantasy. Who hasn't read a fantasy epic where an innocent town (supposed to be safe) is attacked by powerful enemies and destroyed or wiped out.
    It makes for a good story. It's no different then organizing a raid where if we were powerful enough, we could go take out all the guards in Oggok or something. The only difference is, we can't attack other players.

    Anyhow, I only agrree with them if they control it, and not a permanent change, as well as having a good developing story.

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    I also have to agree with Zanatar. Remember the old days when everybody was low level and a Hill Giant was the most feared monster in Norrath? C'mon we had Griffins and Hill Giants roaming the low lvl zones of the commanlands. Its just now that everyone is high lvl that these mobs are getting wiped off the map and zones are becoming so safe. I remember running to Freeport at lvl 8 and scared out of my mind the entire way. If you know there are deadly creatures about and watch what you're doing it gives a sense on adventure. This is fun and I'm all for more of it happening

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    so you like being a ranger, eh, torim? excellent.
    being a wizzy is actually a bit more complex than i thought, in some cases.

    paithan - i like qeynos. the factions and quests there are pretty interesting. there's only one faction in qeynos that doesn't like me, and i'm working on it...

    as for the new mobs in lots and lots of zones... i don't know. a lot of people are really used to the way things are and have been for them for some time, so that's probably causing a lot of the bitching (myself included). it's disconcerting to think something is safe and then find out it's not. and if you think about it, a lot of fun from back in the day came from running from that hill giant or griffin and hoping the superpowerful guard would save you.

    of course, a lot of that excitement also came from not knowing what the HG dropped or what was over that next hill; it came from never having seen a level 30 necro camping that guard and repeatedly killing him. now a lot of that is lost.

    i think that the ubermobs show some thougthlessness on verant's part, but might not be all that bad. i think they overdid it a lot in some places (the brownies in lfay come to mind - invisible instant death). i, for one, would rather see a wandering level 60 aggro punk in SK near the aviak huts than in a nice underutilized zone for the young'uns. let those campers get some excitement in their lives...


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    Heh, I could see that as being Verant's answer to camping. LOL. Get some lvl 60-65 mob wandering near all the major camping points. LOL. hehehe.

    Well it's still fun for me, in that very same sense, since I still haven't seen alot of the game. LOL.. or should that be a SIGH?

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    Sounds to me like they are leading up to another halloween event. I remember zoning in to Kithicor as myself Chunder, Banesworth and Torim .. Torim saw something and zoned right back .. Banesworth and I blundered forward and were insta-killed by .. what we assumed . was the God Innoruk hisself ..

    Kith eventually changed back .. but the high levels of the time demanded this zone back .. for hunting .. Verant complied .. and it was eventually abandoned .. and is no more than a travelling death trap. Oddly enough even my now high level Necro never hunted there.

    I suspect Qeynos is going to be invaded .. soon. It sounds interesting to me .. how it pans out .. well who's to say. People have a way of wrecking things even when they are done for there own enjoyment. Newbies must simple be aware that they are cannon fodder during these types of events. What stays ... who knows .. with the rude indviduals and what not suddenly being camped 24/7 for exp. I don't see them disappearing after the event.

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    the high level mobs near the entrance to bb are incredibly easy to avoid, i was hunting near the entrance with swainy (4magi) and dargun (was 8war when he was doing it) and had no troubles. i would rather have them near the entrance to someplace, knowing where they are than, than having them wanddering around kill all the npcs, lowbies and guards.

    and so i agree with kelel, if u watch where u going its no problem,

    and after a while the spawns will be camped by a group of 55s or somin and everybody is safe again.

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    Heh, even wondering high level mobs I don't mind, since I make it a habbit to always con everything I see. So I do have my eyes open and I never let my guard down except in a city.

    The only thing I would find cruel, would to have invised wondering high level mobs. LOL.
    I doubt even Verant would do that

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    There's yet more eeeeeeevil stuff in Qeynos...

    I know nobody hangs out in the catacombs under the city, but, well, I like em. Good hunting, some nice low-level magical loot.

    So I was in there with my level 5 enchantress and I came across a few new mobs:
    <u>a sepsis rat</u> - level 34ish. nasty.
    <u>a rotting sentry</u> - close enough to the rat to aggro if you attack it. i think it's a similar level. it's even more bad ass from what i can tell.
    <u>a spectre</u> - yup, that's right. someone attacked the sentry and the spec and rat all got her. this is wandering and aggro, it seems.

    I saw the rat and sentry take a level 31 mage down to level 30, and all 3 frikkin mauled a level 35 necro. These things are not easy.
    They -might- all be on BloodSabers faction; I'm not sure. They were scowling to my erudite enchantress, but they didn't seem to mind a human mage, an erudite mage, or a dark elf necro. I'd wager the mages were probably agnostic (yes, I chose a diety. I like Quellious, dammit).

    Anyone remember the old Bertox guild hideout down there? Well, they used to use level 10ish skeletons as sentries near the entrance. Now there are spectres. Ouch.

    And Lothar mentioned to me that there are rumors of a new robe dropping in there, nice with 4 int or so...

    There's definitely something going down here, quite possibly for halloween.

    The Balance here is shifting dramatically. These level 30+ mobs were in an area where most things were green to my level 5, and I was hunting a few blue things. BAM, double 87s. Ouch.
    So evil may be gaining more of a foothold, and agnostics may be even more prized than before (yech). These rude individuals are overrunning Qeynos, seemingly with nobody to stop them. A well-respected tavernkeep is missing. And I've come across several illegible diary pages wich I think may help one research an even more powerful necro pet...

    Keepers, we must act. Or at the very least, observe and record.


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    Geffin Dagrifter

    I saw a spectre in the Qeynos catacombs quite a while ago when I was working on the Tarton's Wheel quest (love my Star of Eyes). Did you target the spectre Redi? The one I saw was the pet of the Necromancer guildmaster. Scared the ____ out of me, but it didn't attack.

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    Had a friend tell me that the skellie guards that stood in the alcoves in the corrider to the Necro guild are in fact spectres now. Plus they wander .. so beware. He said one was stationed right behind one of the "invisible" wall that separates the Necro guild area from the remainder of the sewers. Big surprise. They are indifferent to my level 45 Erudite Necro (Follower of Cazic-Thule). I think they'll actually like you if you are a follower of Bertoxulous as that is what the Necro guild there is part of.

    I'm just guessing here, but I'd wager things will be popping in the Qeynos area come Halloween night and for days after. I like the sounds the spectres make. Reminds me of Thief.

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    good call, chun.

    geff, that's what i thought at first (btw, you must've been there fairly recently, since for a while specs couldn't be pets, so there was no reason to have the spectre model in that zone). but this is just "a spectre". there are 2 guarding the entrance (at least). they may or may not wander; i'm not sure if it was a 3rd that killed the nec or just one of those 2. *shrug*
    it's badass.

    wonder if the specs give the same faction hits the old skeles did...


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    Thank god. I was worried there. Not that I'll make it back to Qeynos with my Necro before Halloween, or very unlikely anyway. But I was worried since I had wanted to bring Narrok back to Qeynos and check out the necro guild there for a few spells that I'm missing. Sounds like they won't attack me, since Narrok is an Erudite Necro as well.

    But I wouldn't doubt that there maybe other high level mobs roaming down there now, that are KOS to me suddenly. Won't be fun if it's true.

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    Did some research.
    Don't hear any word of any new "good" types in the Qeynos area, though Al'Kabor apparently has some interest in the situation. Earron Huntlan is rarely seen, and Cros and Holly have been MIA for quite some time. I'm sure that's good news to some of you poachers out there

    Turns out the specs probably do have the same faction hits as the old skeles - something like BS-, CoUS-, CorQG-, PoL+, and one other positive good one. Can't recall off the top of my head, and my notes are kind of a mess right now (though they are pretty well organized on my computer, as I was preparing for the faction site that still hasn't gotten off the ground... technical difficulties on my partner's part ).


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    personally I think whoever put these new "uber" quest mobs in these zones was dropped on thier head as a child. I had Arc near Qeynoss not too horridly long ago, and almost got creamed by one of those damnable loathsome individuals. In Lesse Fay yesterday I got creamed by "a Pained Unicorn".. it was just bam. dead. Lost 36, but a 44 Cleric who was camping Happ, kindly heard my tale of woe, and gave me an exp rez.. he was soloing, so I don't think my being a mage affected him at all.. which i like.

    Course I nearly died running from the Steam Zone to the GFay zone by some stupid little brownie scout. "there is not a way to tell the story without slaughtering countless newbies, and completely shutting off a whole zone from use." a summary of Big V's feelings on the situation... Soon, the Loathsome individual's will evolve I think. the story will come to a close, but they are going to take way to long to do it. I've heard tell of it actually getting worse before it gets better though. I have found out that it's all involving the mage uber quest though.. which makes me mad as a mage, that a quest would have such an impact on the rest of the zone. I haven't heard of any of the Shaman quest spirits going and killing off a whole zone though.

    Oh well.. nothing we the players can do about it. We just have to "deal" with it. Like Kith. how many people hunt Kith in the day now? But Kith, unlike Qey Hills, has a safe period.

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    mmm, kith :P

    actually, lots of other quests involve triggered uberspawns. good way to wipe a zone. it's the permanent spawns that are the bitches...

    btw, the pained unicorn is on (i believe) Kelethin Druid faction, so it's your own damn fault ... and invis seems to work well in LFay, though hunting there certainly doesn't...


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    There was a reason for all this going on. Turns out VI snuck Rubicite back into the game via a quest involving the new NPC's. Too bad though, because now the city is deemed safe again

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    Fred Chook

    Been hearin' a lot about Qeynos, now. Seems the nasties are moving off, mostly. Poor Cros, though.

    We can't be silent, 'cause They Might Be Giants, and what are we going to do unless they are?

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    Yes I heard that as well. I wonder what the storyline was all about. See that's the part that bugs me. How is the average player or any player for that matter suppose to know if there was a story attached to this. If there was, then HOW was it deployed? Through the NPC's? Through the Server wide announcements ? (which would mean you would have to be on when the annouce it), through Web page announcements (which would be lame since only a small portion of the EQ community actually visits the Fan sites etc).

    I know that one of Verant's solutions is to have a dedication portion of their EQ home site to be about the stories and development in stories, but again it has been mentioned often before (by people like Gordon or Brad) that majority of the subsribers don't visit the EQ home page or fan site's. ) They were refering more to people posting on the message boards etc.. as that only represents a few percentage of the EQ subscribers, but I can't imagine that this percentage would be much higher for even those to browse web sites etc.

    My point? The stories that are supposedly told by these NPC actions and invasions in game are not known to the large majority of the EQ public. And that alone is the biggest problem I have with these dynamic stories. They need a way to distribute the stories to make sure everyone enjoys it and learns of what is happening.

    My two cents anyway

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