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    Fedily Dreamkaster


    We had a lot of fun in Kedge on Sat. Geffin, Kelel, Lothartx (Redi), Faulk and I were the only ones to show up. I was very late, I apologize.

    We fought at the entrance and had a great time, it was a little challenging but a lot of fun. There was a raid going on deep inside and at one point we got trained and Faulk and I died But they had a high level cleric that ressed both of us at no charge Faulk actually drowned, so technically his death was my fault. Next time we go to Kedge (and hopefully there will be a next time) I will space out everyones EB so that I don't have to get everyone at the same time, just be sure to tell me as soon as it starts to wear off.

    Anyway, thanx to all that came and hopefully we can do it again with everyone and go deeper in.

    7th Keeper
    Guild Event Coordinator

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    I had a great time also. At first it was awkward fighting underwater but after a while it became second nature. What really suprised me was the exp we gained. Most of the stuff we fought was low blue with the occassional even-red piranha thrown in. I gained a little over 1/4 bub in the short time we where there. Gordon said the dungeon with the highest exp modifier is on Faydwer, not Kunark. I have to agree that Kedge is it.

    The low point I have to say was when we were fighting one of the swordfish and he beat me down to a bub of hp. I moved away from the group so I could stun but he stunned me and spun me into the zone. When you get hit underwater you get knocked back. A couple times when I was tanking, the mob knocked me out of melee range and I had to swim up a few feet to catch him.

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    Geffin Dagrifter

    Kedge was an absolute blast! I really would've liked to stay longer as the experience was flowing really well. Our biggest problem was actually getting everyone equipped and there on time. I spent almost 3 hours sitting on the rocks outside of Unrest waiting to get the party together. Once we went in, though, it went really well.

    Fighting underwater is really different, especially for a rogue. I was having a heck of a time staying behind fish that were so far above me I could barely see which way they were facing. And added to this was the complication that you cannot swim backwards. I never realized how much I relied on being able to back up into position before this.

    Kelel was doing an excellent job of taunting and stunning to keep the fish's attention on himself and away from Fedily and Lothartx. I however was having a heck of a time trying to get them to aggro on me when Kelel needed some help. I felt really bad ending the harder fights at full hit points that way, but I _was_ fighting to my maximum ability and not evading. I think the Kedge fish go into frenzy mode earlier than other mobs which makes them stick on one player.

    Just before I left, we had a red gloomwater mermaid brought to the entrance by somebody, not sure who. At the same time we were fighting swordfish and pirranha. On top of this potential massacre by mobs, the enduring breath was wearing out for everyone. I used my potion and zoned. Loth, Kelel, and Fed made it out, too, but Faulk drowned. Sorry, Faulk, I thought everyone had a backup source of breath, or I would have given you one of my potions.

    Oh well, at least Fed and Faulk got 50+ rezzes from a kind cleric on a Phin raid. All in all, a good hunt in my opinion. Next time, let's get it started closer to on-time.

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    Sorry about not showing up. I really thought (for some reason) it was next week after the language fair (did I miss that too?)

    Yes, Kedge is the best xp zone in the game, as Topy and Harnan have found

    Glad to hear everyone had fun. Just wish I could have been there. I would have also, had my alternator in my car not blown up.

    Take care all, and see you soon


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    Hmm interesting. So if Kedge is the best XP location in the game, why are so few people in Kedge? From what I understand the zone is one of the most underutilized zones in the game. Sure it's out of the way, but so is the Hole and people still go there. (or do they?).

    Is it the fact that it's a complete underwater zone?
    Heh, I know that would freak me out. That must take some real getting used to. Especially for a rogue, as Geffin pointed out.

    Btw, how is the lighting in Kedge. It would seem to me that it would be really dark in there. Not refering to the location, but more the way Everquest handles being underwater. I can't see 2 feet in front of me , usually, when I swim in any water source. (not quite that bad but it's not like being topside).

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    Geffin Dagrifter

    I think one of the reasons Kedge is less popular is that it would be difficult to just walk in and pick up a group. Without a way to breathe underwater, you cannot just walk in and shout for a group. Only casters who can cast enduring breath could really go in to look for a group, but they really need some tankage because of how hard the fish hit. Tanks will not go in without a guarantee of a group because of the breathing problems. Who wants to pay 13p for a potion just to find out that there is no group available?

    So, Kedge is left for those who organize a hunt in advance and prepare properly.

    As for the visibility, I found it to be adequate; no worse than the murky forests in the game. Of course, as a half-elf, I have infravision, and I've found that the Voodoo 3 in Glide mode seems to do better in low-light situations than Direct3D. Fedily might be able to tell you better what it would be like for you; she is a human with a Direct3D card.

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    Fedily Dreamkaster

    I could see fine


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    Heh heh Fed Direct and to the point

    Well that makes sense. 13 p for a potion is annoying. Mind you probably not too annoying at your level. Then again you did mention how your also broke so 13 pp remains annoying

    BTW.. is Kedge the type of place that you die on entry Ie: Mobs waiting the moment you zone? If not, I wouldn't mind just seeing what the inside looks like. I could probably get a Endure Breath casted on me first. How's hide and sneak in Kedge.. anything see through it? Heh don't worry I won't do it. That's the last thing I need is a underwater corpse recovery

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    Geffin Dagrifter

    Unless the entrance was trained out, the tunnel leading in should be safe.

    Hide works just fine in Kedge. Unfortunately, Sneak doesn't work at all. You get the message, "You can only sneak on dry land." Rogue stealth is completely negated in this zone.

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    Kedge was a blast. Hope to go back in the near future. also my death was in no way your fault Fed, I had the endure breath song memmed and would have played it if only i was paying better attention)

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    One reason I think kedge is so under populated is due to the fact that there is little to no loot unless you're above lvl 50. So, while it's great experience, people like to make a couple pp while they're hunting. Add to the fact the whole eb, drowing, and there are different strategies to use when fighting underwater.
    Harn and I have moved from kedge...killing fishies were getting boring. We're now killing bloodgills in Ill Omen...great exp for the two of us.

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    In my opinion,

    1. Really out of the I agree, its hard to get a pickup group.
    2. Its underwater, which is uncomfortable for lots of people.

    I know the underwater thing makes it hell to pull Phinigel Autropos.

    - Gara

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    kedge will be fun. i love places nobody goes... we should get groups together and go to many of those places Aledar has mentioned (CoM, EJ, Nurga, Droga...). paw, too, though paw is now the official home of the powerlevellers and ph4t l3wt farmers. *sigh* good xp there, though, if you can find a real group. got 1/4 bub in like 15 min in there.

    oh, btw, that was lothar as lothar, not redi as lothar, though i've always been playing on loth's machine lately, and rarely as redi. confusing, eh?


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    Faulk: Welcome to the Forum, and to the guild Faulk. I haven't had the oportunity to meet you yet. Good to have you with us

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    Thx zan

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