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Thread: Farewell, Taffers!

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    Farewell, Taffers!

    Hey all,

    Well, this isn't REALLY a farewell, since I'll still be floating around the Thief forums. But I just wanted to let you guys know that my time with the Thief series has officially ended. It was a great run, and I had a blast, but in the end I decided it was time for a change.

    I'm now at Bethesda, working as a designer on the Elder Scrolls series (you know, Morrowind-type goodness). I've always loved Bethesda's games, and have always wanted to help make them. Now's my chance.

    Rest assured, Thief 3 is in great hands! I like to think I did some good work on the project before I left, and you can be sure that everyone else is producing great stuff as well.

    Well, anyway, stay Thiefy, and I'll see you in the Bethesda forums!

    Emil Pagliarulo
    Elder Scrolls "Stuff"

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    Thanks for everything, Emil, and the best of luck at Bethesda.

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    Good luck, Emil. I'm sure Thief 3 will still turn out great, but we'll miss your missions. Unless, of course, you already finished them... and presumably you couldn't tell us whether you did or not... I have no point.

    I hope Bethesda knows how lucky they are. How's work coming on Life of the Dunmer Raiding Party?

    And, I hope you start trolling our Morrowind forums as well.
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    Thanks for everything, and good luck

    <small>This means you'll be haunting these forums a bit more than you have, right?</small>

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    It's a real shame you're leaving, Emil. Your Thief 2 missions were among the best (if not the best), and it's real sad to see you "go".

    I hope that you enjoy working at Bethesda (TES 4 couldn't be in better hands!!)

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    It's a shame you're leaving, but fortunately for us, you've already contributed a hell of a lot! Thanks.

    Good luck in the future.

    Damned media to divulge any interesting tidbits on Thief 3 now you're no longer working on it?

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    Thanks for everything, good luck and congratulations Bethesda is probably the best, now...(Well, TTLG WAS better)

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    Congratulations! I hope you visit our TTLG Morrowind forums now that you are part of one of the best game series ever created!!!

    Oh, and don't forget to learn as much ES Lore as you can, just so you can spill the beans to us lore fanatics

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    Choose a better thread title next time.

    You'd better work on Thief IV.

    If there is one.

    I suppose this means that Bethesda is planning something outside of just Tribunal for upcoming projects, right?

    Please use the Code Creatures engine. It's so beautiful and lovely and hyper-cool, and I wish I had it for Daggerfall Revisited.

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    Good luck in your new job Emil , thanks for some great gaming moments at LGS

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    Guess I'd better buy Morrowind ASAP! And a new computar...
    Best wishes and dark gems.

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    I want to thank you first and foremost for being just one of the most fan-interactive game developers that these forums have ever seen. You didn't have to spend the time in these forums like you did, but out of the kindness of your heart you interacted with us in here and you just may underestimate what a blessing it was to us in here.

    And I'm not just talking about with ION here.....for those who weren't on these forums when Emil was with LGS, he spent a lot of time in here then as well and that was so awesome to speak with the CREATOR of the level that you just got blown away going through.

    I thought Morrowind was flat out incredible and you will be such an asset to that team and I will look forward to seeing your posts on the Bethesda forums, and more importantly, RUNNING THROUGH YOUR WORLDS in the future.

    God Bless you Emil & I really mean that, and thanks again!
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    Wow, thanks for letting us know!

    Well ... now that you don't work for them anymore ... you couldn't perhaps ... tell us a little about Thief3?

    Ha ha, only kidding, I know you must be under an NDA or something, which means you can't.
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    p.s. I'm sorry but I gotta say it - I'm really happy for Morrowind 2 and definitely gonna be hyped until I get it but quite sad that he's not on the Thief 3 team anymore.

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    Could someone remind me which missions Emil designed?

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    Umm... Brain says Life of the Party, Precious Cargo, and that Little / Big Land bit in Sword. But like I say, could be ass-talking here. And I've probably forgotten something.

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    This made me recheck the "In Praise of Emil" post - it will bless those here who might not have seen it or know what levels, ect Emil was involved with:

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    Originally posted by Grundbegriff:

    Level Designers by Name
    It seems to me that it would be nice to know which designer was mainly responsible for each of the T-1 and T-2 levels. Being able to attribute favorite levels to the twisted, misunderstood geniuses who created them would be fun. Understanding whether there's a pattern (or a person) behind one's favorites would be good. Finally, being able to thank, by name, the misguided souls who gave us particular bits of wonderful gameplay would be fun.

    Based on the manuals and credits, this is as far as I have gotten (italicized names are additions to my original list --thanks!):

    TRAI: Randy Smith, Greg LoPiccolo, Mark Lizotte
    BAFF: Dorian Hart
    CRAG: Mike Ryan, Tim Stellmach, Ian Vogel
    BONE: Dorian Hart, Nate Wells
    ASSN: Mike Ryan, Greg LoPiccolo
    THVG: Sara Verrilli
    SWRD: Sara Verrilli, Nate Wells
    HAUN: Randy Smith, Ian Vogel
    MAGE: Rafael Brown, Sara Verrilli, Mike Chrzanowski
    LOST: Mike Ryan, Tim Stellmach, Greg LoPiccolo
    SONG: Terri Brosius
    UNDR: Dorian Hart
    RTRN: Randy Smith, Mark Lizotte
    ESCP: Randy Smith, Ian Vogel
    BEDF: Sara Verrilli
    MAWC: Mike Ryan, Sara Verrilli, Greg LoPiccolo
    SEC1: Rob Caminos, Laura Baldwin
    INTF: Tim Stellmach, Rich Carlson, Rick Ernst, Terri Brosius
    RECV: Mike Chrzanowski
    FRAM: Rich Carlson, Rob Caminos
    BUSH: Iikka Keränen, Sarah Verilli
    EAVS: Rich Carlson, Emil Pagliarulo, Sara Verrilli, Mike Chrzanowski
    BANK: Randy Smith
    BLKM: Mike Chrzanowski
    COUR: Iikka Keränen, Sarah Verilli
    BLUD: Terri Brosius
    LIFE: Emil Pagliarulo
    CARG: Emil Pagliarulo
    KDNP: Sarah Verilli, Mike Ryan
    CASE: Rafael Brown, Rich Carlson, Mike Ryan
    MASK: Rafael Brown, Rich Carlson, Mike Ryan
    SABO: Randy Smith

    The designers named in the credits are Laura Baldwin, Terri Brosius, Rob Caminos, Richard Dale Carson, Mike Chrzanowski, Iika Keranen, Rafael Jabulani Brown, Emil Pagliarulo, Randy Smith, Sara Verrilli, plus Michael Ryan and Dorian Hart.

    Would anyone at LGS, or anyone with further information, be willing to fill in the blanks, so that we fans will be able to laud and laurel appropriately, and be better informed when discussing level design in the series?


    Special thanks to mokkis, aardvark, Schechter, Andy, and EvilSpirit, and Randy for filling in the gaps as shown!



    Here's the original post just FYI:

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    Originally posted by Striker
    Congratulations! I hope you visit our TTLG Morrowind forums now that you are part of one of the best game series ever created!!!

    Oh, and don't forget to learn as much ES Lore as you can, just so you can spill the beans to us lore fanatics

    When you say "the best game series ever created" you are referring to the <i>second</i> best series, right?
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    It's a very sad news for me.

    Precious Cargo and LoTP are my favourite missions from T2. It seems Emil always has had some unusual and fresh ideas for his missions. Remeber his Little Big World addition to The Sword, incredible large city and huge Tower of Future in LoTP, old underground pirate base, mechanists with aqualungs and Cetus Amicus in Precious Cargo.

    Now only one level designer who also worked on previous thief games still works on Thief3 (Randy). Isn't it too little?

    Emil, can you tell us why you took that decision? Have you just interested too much in Morrowind Universe plus er..... let's say different compensation or there were some other reasons?
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    Originally posted by Cypher628

    When you say "the best game series ever created" you are referring to the <i>second</i> best series, right?
    That's why he said "ONE OF THE BEST", not simply "THE BEST"
    The Keep for Thief 1 and 2 FMs, Shadowdark for Thief 3 and Dark Mod FMs

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    Originally posted by Garrettwannabe
    Morrowind 2
    That's Elder Scrolls IV, fool!

    Originally posted by 242
    Now only one level designer who also worked on previous thief games still works on Thief3 (Randy).
    Well, we also have Sledge who made two incredibly good Thief 2 fan missions (The Inverted Manse and its's It Called)

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    Good for you Emil, bad for us. I have to admit it worries me to hear a senior designer leaving one of the top game development studios in the world in the midst of its developing a top rated game. Now, more than ever, I really want some Thief III news.

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    Goodbye! I didn't really know you, but I like to be friendly anyway! Enjoy your new job! Great job working with ttlg!

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    Emil - I started 4 days entrenched in The Unwelcome Guest the day after I was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart disease - it was my solace.

    Serious props dude - you're the best. Morrowind people are very lucky.

    *one small tear*

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