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Thread: Grave of Poxsellis

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    Grave of Poxsellis

    Ok...edited cus I found the 4th Orb behind a broken slab.

    But some Liches are summoned when you open the grave...and they chain cast Paralize and Chain Lightning...OH and they summon Zombies...nice eh?

    Still trying to beat them...the helmet reveals some arrows, maybe im just suposed to run?
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    Nah, the arrows are just to guide you in the dark (the torches get put out, but it's bright enough even given that; guess they wanted to show off the helmet's powers?).

    I'm there just now as well; I'm currently experimenting with levitation as a way of being outside their reach but not outside mine. If you grab the helm and hop up on the plinth at the back of the room, you can levitate to and stand on a torch post in the arrow-lined passageway. You're definitely out of claw-reach there, my only problem is after awhile they luck out and either 1) cast a gas cloud right under me and then paralyze me, or 2) paralyze me and then both lighting-blast me. Then, of course, you're also out of range for your weapon (even crouching) so you use gobs of mana. I'm gonna try making a run to town to pick up a bow and some arrows and see if that helps any. (Oh, and keep the shield of ancients for this, it does help... a little)

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    Well I did quite well the second go around. Not sure if you are past this yet...the arrows are actualy the way to open the gate, you have to follow them like a path after you beat the Liches.

    I just ran a big circle around (all the gates are open from room to room) and got one by themselves. Its basicaly impossible to take them both on at the same time. I cast Speed on myself, and just beat and run...then i just hit health over and over, lol.

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    Eh? You followed the arrows? That's the very 1st thing I tried, and the gate was closed. That's curious it worked for you though, as the arrows seemed to have an opposite effect for me; if I stepped on one, even that very last one at the exit, the gate closed. (I suspect the floor panels near the sarcophagus open it up) End result, I did something similar to yours and did a sprint down the side passages, around that one arrow, and out the gate about... oh, 5 minutes ago; I'm still a'shakin'

    (And here I hopped on TTLG thinking I'd be the 1st... )

    Btw, I stood there plinking arrows and shooting lightning at one lich from atop my torch for... oh, say 5 minutes; it didn't fall, though its zombies did when I missed. I've got a hunch they're patched up to huge HP levels.

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    well i got out of this one alive. i was stuck where u guys are. ok, the theory that the liches are invulnerable (or really high) has credibility. i tried MANY times and they didnt die. Plus that watchman said we couldnt escape alive.

    BUT it is possible to get out of the gate. you must follow the arrows to a T. put on the new helmet before you even trigger the liches. then follow them in straight lines, turn at right degree angles. Pretend they are all connected by lines and you must stay on the line. When you get to the very end, you will see an arrow pointing into a pillar. Behind the pillar is the gate to exit, it should still be up. So it looks like we're home free. Just walk around the pillar and out the gate, right? WRONG. The arrow points straight through the pillar, you cant step sideways around it or you will trigger the door to close. BUT you can see the pillar has a slight ledge at the bottom. walk straight into the pillar, step onto the ledge, and strafe aroung the pillar on its ledge. then on the other side of the pillar, you should see the last arrow pointing right out the open gate. go out it, dont delay because the liches can open that gate too.

    Oh and if you are dealing with the *minor* problem of the liches attacking you too much here are some strategies.
    -just try to stay on the line and keep going, you may escape if they dont knock u off.
    -put on stealth clothes and sneak out, you might be able to time their movements and wait it out at certain spots.
    -my method that works: use invsibility potion/spell. The hardest part is where you first step into the hallway, because the lich comes out the left door right into you. SO cast invisibility then. It will get you through the hallway, and by the time it wears off you are far enough away to make it out.
    -levitating past may work, not sure if you would need to follow the arrows still.

    OH and dont delay too much. When i was re-exploring the level 6 above it, a lich popped out of nowhere and ran at me chanting "join us." sacred the crap out of me and as far as i can figure... HE FOLLOWED ME UP! (the only other possibility is that he was released when i got the mithril leggings out of the heavy tomb... but i dont remember this happeinig. so i think he followed me. anyone now if ther eare any other liches on level 6?)

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    A couple things on this.

    First, I agree that the Liches are either invincible or close to it. At the very least they have vastly more HP than other Liches. However, I think the game should have given some feedback indicating that you aren't really dealing much damage.

    Second, the Lich you encountered on the higher level... probably different. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's very killable.

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    ok i see. i wasnt sure if it was different. the only other lich i encountered was in the temple in a secret room near the blind guy. and i killed him he was much easier than those 2. anyway i killed this lich on level 6 (the poxcellis shield level).

    im not sure if i couldhave killed him normally (i didnt try.) i found a creative way to kill him though:

    i lured him to the fire pit that had the metal trapdoor blocking the fire pit. there was a weight on the floor keeping it up. I let the lich chase me over the metal bridge above the lava. Then i removed the weight really quickly when the lich was on the metal... and the lich fell in the lava and died! awesome huh: that is a great open ended game engine. Too bad i dont think i got XP for that since *I* didnt kill him, lol.

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    FWIW, I suspect that lich is released when you pick up the shield; I heard a lot of spooky lich-like voices shortly after I got it, and when I entered the room w/ the stone coffins it ran down the central staircase.

    I beat it by running back behind the two portcullises and closing them. For some reason, he acted like there was a wall between us and didn't try using his lightning attack more than 3-4 times. His other attacks were easily evaded, and I took my time peppering him with sword-hits thru the bars.

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    Unlucky liches

    Well, my character is a mage with just a bit of extra strength (8 or 9 base value) .
    This allowed me to wear Ylside armor by using bless, after which it sticked on due to its own strength bonus. Add the Shield Of The Ancients and two general protection rings to the mix, and my magic resistance is over 100. I would have to wait this evening to check the exact values at home. My guess is that you could also increase resistance a lot by using those magic rings which boost it by 20% at the expense of the armor class, although I don't personally do so.
    The end result is that most spells barely scratch me. I fought the liches keeping my mana steal spell activated, my default against liches and Edurneum sisters. It did take a bit, but I realized there were two of them only after taking them both down, together with some mummies. Maybe five fireballs were needed for each of them? I doubt I needed more, probably fewer. In any case they graciously kept my mana reserve up, so I had no real problem.
    The only lich that was a real problem even with my hyper-armor on was in the very first level of the crypt, when I returned there after a while. He had a yellow aura on him, and appeared totally immune to magic. My melee rating is quite poor, so it took a lot. I also had to quaff a couple potions, as it sometimes damaged me of 90% at once, maybe using incinerate. In the end I even managed to drain its mana by keeping speed and mana steal on at all times.

    Anyway, I can confirm that the two poor Poxsellis' liches are quite beatable

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    Well, I found Liches pretty easy using the Turn Undead spell.

    They don't attack you once you have cast that.

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    hints, tips, and spoilers belong in the HINTS AND SPOILERS forum

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    Perhaps a moderator can move this thread there?

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