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Thread: Where is

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    Where is

    I can't get there! I get 'could not locate remote server'. I know many here visit them too, so are you having porblems as well?

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    ...And to answer my own question:

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    Strange, why didn't they have any announcements about it before, if they were moving to a different address?
    I thought they were just having trouble with the server.

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    I got this e-mail:

    Dear Adventure Gamer visitor,

    This is a very important announcement regarding the future of Adventure Gamer. You might have been wondering why there have been fewer updates than normal for the past months, or why the site has been down for almost a week. Well, the truth is that me and the rest of the staff have been in a very uncomfortable situation for quite some time.

    As you probably know, Adventure Gamer is part of Telefragged's hosting network. It's been a fairly peaceful coexistence for the past two years. However, the relation between the two sites changed a lot recently. This is not the place nor the time to explain our problems in detail -- perhaps I will do that some other time.

    What we wanted to do creatively with adventure Gamer was to maintain and grow a fun and informative community. So in the best interest of Adventure Gamer, the entire team behind the site has decided to leave the TeleFragged network.

    It was not an easy decision to make, as one of the consequences is that we will lose our URL. Our domain address has appeared in numerous industry-related newsgroups, sites, books, magazines and even on television, so we will have to rebuild all those connections from scratch. You can help us spread the word.

    We have got a lot of ambitious plans for a brand new website. It will be located at (notice the "s" at the end). I am appealing to you to bookmark our new URL and let everyone know about the new address. We need to get the word out together! Most of you discovered our site through word-of-mouth so make sure your friends check it out. Also, I know some of you read Adventure Gamer at work, so tell all your colleagues too while you're at it.

    There are some great surprises for you in store. We have been working on several amazing projects backstage that will finally get a chance to see the daylight on soon. Trust me, you're going to like it

    I'll see you on Adventure Gamers!

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